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The Itani Nebula was a remote expanse of reddish-green gases and flashing electromagnetic storms.

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Like many nebulae, it was hazardous to navigate. It had once been home to a band of pirates who mysteriously vanished.

The Hydian Way (white) and the Itani Run (yellow).

The Itani Nebula was one of the many hazards along the route which Freia Kallea charted for the future Hydian Way. She blazed a line across the nebula in 3703 and 3702 BBY which was integrated into the first Hydian Way. A new line was later discovered and Kallea's first segment became the Itani Run.[1]

Darknon Station was located along the Itani Run, which skirted the edge of the nebula. A secret Imperial research station was hidden inside the nebula.

At 1 BBY, a portion of the Rebel Fleet, commanded by the Salvation, was ambushed by a Imperial unit commanded by bounty hunter Boba Fett.

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