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Ithor was a planet[6] located in the galaxy's Mid Rim[1] that was the homeworld of the Ithorian species,[6] who spoke Ithorese.[7] The expansive jungles of Ithor were considered to be sacred, and hunting there was highly illegal. Their flora included the dense n'lor trees, the carnivorous johinuu trees, a variety of green and rust-hued bushes, and carpets of blue and pink edible fungi. Their fauna included the rare and deadly molsume, and the toscwon.[3]

The Ithorian Jho left Ithor to settle on the planet Lothal, where he operated a cantina known as Old Jho's Pit Stop.[9] At some point, an Ithorian rebel sympathizer named Momaw Nadon was forced to reveal the secrets of Ithorian agricultural technology to the Galactic Empire to save his homeworld from destruction.[10]


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