Ivaar Workan was a male Human Sith Lord in the Lost Tribe of Sith who served on the ruling Circle of Lords on the planet Kesh.


Circa 41.5 ABY, Workan participated in an ambush on a Damorian s18 light freighter. By 44 ABY, he had been elevated to the position of High Lord in the Circle of Lords following the death of Sarasu Taalon. In that year, as part of the Lost Tribe's plan to take over the galaxy, Workan infiltrated the galactic capital planet Coruscant in the guise of Kameron Suldar. As Suldar, he pretended to be a senator who represented the planet B'nish in the Galactic Alliance's Senate, and in this guise, he was offered to enter the Lecersen Conspiracy, but seeing the conspirators as a menace for the Sith he contributed to their downfall. On Coruscant, Workan was part of the Sith network BAMR that spread anti-Jedi propaganda. As Senator Suldar, he nominated Padnel Ovin as a candidate for Chief of State following the fragmentation of the ruling Triumvirate. Later, after Abeloth revealed herself to have infiltrated the Senate as Senator Rokari Kem and killed Grand Lord Vol, he nominated her to replace Ovin and was in turn made Chair of the Senate. Later during the Jedi re-invasion of Coruscant he fought with Luke Skywalker's team and was shot to death by Ben Skywalker.


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