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The Ivax Nebula was a large nebula that encompassed much of Anoat sector, and created the stars of the Ison Corridor. Accompanied by the Kiax Nebula in the neighboring Yarith sector the two gas clouds are called the Twin Nebulae.


Originally forming a coherent big cloud the Twin Nebulae were separated million years ago by a supernova near present Gerrenthum. After being discovered and charted by spacefaring species the nebulae were named after two ancient Corellian trickster gods Ivax and Kiax, because navigation proved difficult within the range of the gas clouds which caused trouble for many ships.[1]

At the time of the Mandalorian Wars most of the Ivax Nebula still wasn't explored. But this fact didn't prevent brokers like those at the Metellos Exchange on Metellos 3 to sell the mining rights for promising planets within the nebula's range, including tibanna extraction on some of the region's gas giants.[2]

Thousands of years later mining pioneer Ecclessis Figg conducted several mining operations within the Twin Nebulae, starting at the planet Ione in the center of the Anoat sector. With this Figg succeeded over generations of hyperspace cartographers, blazing new trade routes to Lutrillia and Nothoiin through formerly uncharted areas of the nebula.[1]



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