Ivo was a male Rutian Twi'lek living on Balmorra during the Cold War. A sympathizer of the Sith Empire, he spotted a man named Danak sneaking around the Balmorran Arms Factory and recognized him as a spy. Assuming him to be a member of Balmorran resistance, Ivo decided to turn him in to the Empire. He faked a leg injury and when Danak approached him to help, Ivo stunned the man and delivered him to Imperial Captain Bowenn, who executed him. After receiving his reward, Ivo went to his home, making precautions along the way. Nevertheless, he was followed by Danak's companions - Jedi Surro, Garault, Landai and Onok. The Jedi cornered Ivo and questioned him about circumstances of Danak's death, while Ivo made no attempt to hide his disdain for the Republic and the Resistance. After he recognized the group as the Jedi, Garault erased Ivo's memory of their encounter.


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