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Ivress was a Human male Sith Lord of the reconstituted Sith Empire living during the Galactic War. He was a member of the Order of Revan and became the commander of ex-Imperial Revanite forces stationed on Rishi's Sky Ridge Island, including Colonel Raygus Mol, Lieutenant Balko and Sergeant Tarsten. Ivress was at odds with Captain Milenec who commanded the ex-Republic Revanite forces. Despite being united by a common cause, he did not believe Milenec was truly committed to Revan's goals.

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Behind the scenes[]

Ivress's fate varies greatly between light and dark side options for both sides. Imperials can fool Ivress into detaining Milenec and his men for treason or simply kill him outright. Republic players can kill him personally or have Milenec and his men take him into custody.