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"…Honor the omnipotence of Izax, the Ultimate Devourer: father, ruler, and bringer of death to us all. His forms are infinite, but his great glory flies on serpent wings…"
―Excerpt from a Zakuulan religious text[src]

Izax the Ultimate Devourer, also referred to as the God of Death, was the name of a god worshipped by the people of Zakuul in the days before Emperor Valkorion's rise to power and his creation of the Eternal Empire. He was the chief deity of the Zakuulan pantheon, and was the husband of Scyva and the father of Tyth, Aivela, Esne, and Nahut.

Izax originated as an experimental Iokath titanic wardroid superweapon, built by an ancient, but highly advanced people. He, along with his five brothers and sisters, were tested on several unsuspecting worlds, leading to over ten trillion casualties, one of the worlds being Zakuul, which is why Izax was worshiped there.[3]

He fell in battle against a strike team, which consisted of the Outlander and Scyva and several more individuals.

One of Valkorion's titles was "Slayer of Izax". During one of Vaylin's propagandistic speeches, she derisively referred to Zakuulan rebels as "those who spit on Izax."[source?]


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