"Make a note, Izee. If it's avaliable, always take the high ground."
Falco Sang[src]

Izee, or I-Z was an assassin droid for bounty hunter Falco Sang.


―Izee's last words[src]

Izee used a built-in fusioncutter to cut an opening into Imperial Prison ISO-L8 for Sang, who was in search of information on Jedi fugitive Dass Jennir. The pair had been hired to enact revenge on Jennir and his crew for killing Dezono Qua. They killed Jennir's captured crewmate Janks before downloading Imperial information on their target. Izee and Falco then narrowly escaped security and Darth Vader, who was onboard at the time, successfully evacuating the station on Sang's starship.

The Imperial information drew the pair to the desert planet of Prine, where they discovered the missing starship of Dezono Qua. As they approached the vessel, Izee's scans detected non-human lifeforms aboard, which turned out to be a group of mynocks. Noticing footprints heading away from the ship, Izee calculated them to be fifteen days old. Sang told Izee to follow them as he hopped onto a speeder bike.

However, Jennir sensed their presence with the Force and had his own droid, H2 sweep away their tracks as they continued. Izee and Sang eventually reached a dead end. Sang decided they would rest for the night and split up the next morning. During the search, Izee discovered tracks made during the night by a group of pirates. Sang speculated that Jennir and his female companion would be with the caravan in an attempt to find civilization. Sang then asked Izee to pull up a topographical map of the region, which he used to plan an ambush.

Sang and Izee set up position ahead of the caravan, but was surpised by a spontaneous commotion that began to take place. Jennir had mounted a rescue attempt for Chankeli, who had been captured by the pirates. Due to a poor position on the low ground, however, Sang could not discern what was going on, noting to Izee to remember to always take the high ground, if avaliable. Sang later shot a pirate aiming at Jennir to Izee's surprise. Sang remarked that nobody but he was to kill the Jedi.

When the fighting died down, Jennir was about to release the chained Ember Chankeli and her new friend Maddie when Sang took a shot at the barge, causing an explosion and Chankeli to fall off, suspended her by her chained leg. When Jennir tried to help her, Sang took another shot, narrowly missing target's head. Jennir decided to flee with H2 and Maddie and return for Chankeli as Sang sped towards them.


Izee is destroyed.

Capturing her, Sang gagged Chankeli and tied her to a post and waited for Jennir to return. He had Izee lock a sniper into position over the back of her chest in the event she attempted to escape or warn the Jedi. Jennir's figure later approached to rescue her, and Sang managed to score a direct hit. However, as the cloak and hat fell to the ground, he discovered it to be H2. Jennir then surprised him from behind and disarmed Sang. As the bounty hunter revealed the reason for his pursuit, Jennir told H2 to free Chankeli. As Sang finished his story, he revealed he killed Janks, and was now going to kill Jennir's "girlfriend." Giving the signal, Izee fired a round directly into H2, penetrating its chassis and straight into Chankeli. As Jennir crouched over the woman and attempted to heal her, Sang instructed to Izee to fire a second shot, this time at the Jedi. As the bolt approached, however, Jennir drew his lightsaber and effortlessly reflected the shot without looking. The shot traveled backwards and pierced Izee through its main optics, destroying it as it emmited one final query to its master. As Sang escaped, he felt remorse for his destroyed droid.


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