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The Royal Palace of Iziz was the home of the Royal Family of Onderon throughout the city's history, serving many regimes as the city changed hands over the millennia. Destroyed and rebuilt many times after war and strife, the Palace was always found at the center of the city upon a hill overlooking the homes and squares that made up Iziz. Although by the time of the Clone Wars, the Palace had been rebuilt as the Unifar Temple, the original structure had been restored sometime before Operation Shadow Hand.


A massive stone construct erected at the center of the walled city of Iziz, the Royal Palace was built upon a large hill overlooking the cityscape. With high walls and a central rotunda, the palace was fortified against an attack and a bastion for the Royal Family. Entrance to the palace was located on the southern wall at the top of the Sky Ramp, a massive stone and steel ramp which rose up out of the city at the starport and terminated at the palace gates. Within the top most chambers was the Royal Throne Room, a long windowed hall and the location of the throne and Council room of Onderon. The Monarch and the Iziz Council met in the chamber to debate the political and economic problems which plagued the city.[1]

Over the centuries, the palace changed drastically. Located lower on the hill, the palace became a low building, passing on height and bulking up on defenses. The Sky Ramp was heavily fortified with ray shields and automated turrets, while the throne room was located at the rear of the palace. Included within the halls was a museum recording the history of the city, and a garrison for the Onderonian military.[2]


Constructed c. 5200 BBY by the Onderonian people when the established Iziz, the Royal Palace served as the residence of the Royal Family and the political hub of the Onderonian government. During the Beast Wars, the Royal Palace was held in the thrall of the Naddist regime, a remnant of the reign of Dark Lord Freedon Nadd. Under the leadership of King Ommin and Queen Amanoa, Iziz suffered financially and the Beast Riders which resided in the jungles grew stronger. During their attack on the city, a Rider astride a drexl crashed through the palace windows during a meeting of the Royal Court. Slaughtered by Jedi Knights Tott Doneeta, Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma, the palace was once again attacked before the end of the war. Queen Amanoa would perish in the halls of the palace when Jedi Master Arca Jeth strength in the light side of the Force drove the dark side from her body.[1]

The palace fell under the control of the Naddists once again as King Ommin reemerged and abducted Master Jeth and drove King Oron Kira from the palace. Upon recapturing the palace and the death of Ommin, the city was graced with a time of peace and economic surges.[1] The palace would eventually be remodeled before the Jedi Civil War, and was home to Queen Talia and her court. When her cousin staged a coup during the Onderon Civil War, the palace was damaged but eventually restored.[2]

By the time of the Third Galactic War, the Royal Palace had been replaced with the Unifar Temple, a new palace which stood in the same location as the old. The Sky Ramp leading up to the palace was demolished and Yolahn Square built in its place, a public plaza which led into the Merchant Quarter of the city and the southern gates.[3]

Despite this, the original palace was restored sometime before Operation Shadow Hand, replacing the Unifar Temple.[4]



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