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J'rek de Mahdav fighting aboard the Tarnta's Fang

J'rek de Mahdav was a male Human student of the Force; a pseudo Jedi just beginning to understand his capabilities at the time he helped take down Consolidations Unlimited. He was an excellent soldier and understood the concept of mercy, and was sent on the mission to free the slaves of Consolidations Unlimited, and to quell any misunderstandings that may have arose with the revolting slaves. He was a very sensitive man, and felt the pain of his comrades acutely. While he was with them, he tried to bring Selnia Trigg and Ne Thruska out of their shells, but only achieved limited success.

Along with the aforementioned comrades, J'rek was one of the three commandos aboard the Morrt that were tasked with boarding the Tarnta's Fang, getting to the bridge, and retrieving the location of Consolidations Unlimited's base. When the ship crashed on the planet Darstell 4, the Morrt was crushed underneath it. Due to this, he and his comrades had to escape into the city of Symt, where they managed to get transport off planet and returned to the Rebel Alliance. He hoped that one day he would be able to leave the fighting behind him, and study the mysteries of the Force in peace and seclusion.

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