An almost untouched world in the Koornacht Cluster, J't'p'tan (known to most simply as Doornik-628E) was settled by the H'kig, fleeing a conflict on Rishi. The planet was named after four sacred glyphs: "Jeh" (the Immanent), "Teh" (the Transcendent), "Peh" (the Eternal), and "Tan" (the Conscious Essence). Only the last of these glyphs was considered secular enough to be spelled out fully.

J't'p'tan landscape

J't'p'tan landscape, around the Temple of the Infinite Spirit

For years the H'kig shaped and moved stone to create the Temple of the Infinite Spirit, a great place of worship. In the waning days of the Empire, a Force-sensitive group, the Fallanassi, fled the world of Lucazec in the Outer Rim and arrived on J't'p'tan. When the Yevetha began to carry out their "Great Purge", the Fallanassi protected the H'kig and their temple by creating the illusion that the temple had already been destroyed, and there was nothing left to kill. When the New Republic defeated the Yevetha, the Fallanassi left the world, and J't'p'tan once again fell into anonymity.



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