"Dec seems to care about Jo now. That doesn't seem strange to you?"
"I don't know. He cares about his kin, and J-Squadron's kind of become kin, haven't we? Even Jo?"
―Sari Nadle and Mattis Banz[2]

J-Squadron, also known as J-Squad, was a squadron of cadets training in the Resistance's Starfighter Corps. They were led by the human male Jothan Tiaan Jerjerrod. They trained for months at The Yard, before several members got involved in a struggle over reprogramming the droid AG-90. Dec Hansen triggered the base shutdown, and as a punishment, the squadron was disbanded and the team assigned to a mission on Vodran. The cadets included Mattis Banz, Lorica Demaris, Haal, J'mi, Leeson Juben, Klimo, Sari Nadle, and an Aqualish.[1] They later added Cost Niktur and Ymmoss after escaping imprisonment on Vodran.[2]

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