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The J-type diplomatic barge, also called the Naboo Royal Cruiser[1] or simply the Naboo cruiser,[6] was a diplomatic transport used by representatives of the planet Naboo. Senator Padmé Amidala utilized a custom-built cruiser during the Separatist Crisis, which was destroyed on Coruscant in an attempt on her life. She later used another J-type during the Clone Wars, when she was targeted by the bounty hunter Aurra Sing.


A J-type barge over Coruscant

A custom-built transport constructed by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps, the J-type diplomatic barge was intended to address the shortcomings of the previous J-type 327 Nubian starship, featuring improved shield generators and paired S-6 hyperdrive generators to complement the superluminal drive. The chrome-plated hull featured two broad wings each fitted with two engines and recharge sockets for starfighters situated along the wings' leading edges, allowing it to carry up to four N-1 starfighters. The J-type was unarmed.[1]


As a diplomatic barge used by members of the Royal House of Naboo, the J-type functioned as an unarmed transport often paired with escort starfighters, and its wing-mounted recharge sockets allowed it to be used as a fighter carrier craft.[1]


Amidala's J-type explodes

The J-type diplomatic barge was introduced by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps to improve upon the earlier J-type 327 Nubian starship utilized by the Queen of Naboo.[1] As senator of the Chommell sector, Padmé Amidala made use of a diplomatic barge to reach Coruscant for the Military Creation Act vote. Escorted by three N-1 starfighters, Amidala's royal cruiser touched down on a landing platform only to be destroyed by an explosive device planted by the Clawdite assassin Zam Wesell. Amidala's decoy Cordé and other members of the Royal Naboo Security Forces were killed in the blast.[5]

During the Clone Wars, Amidala made use of another J-type transport to carry out diplomatic missions across the galaxy.[7]


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