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The J-type diplomatic barge was a starship used by the royalty of Naboo for diplomatic transport. Designed by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps, the craft succeeded the J-type 327 Nubian royal starship as primary transport for Naboo's queen and royal entourage.


A J-type diplomatic barge.

To remedy prior design flaws, the new vessel was fitted with improved deflector shield generators and multiple backup S-6 hyperdrive generators, ensuring hyperspace ability and crew safety while retaining the high speed and sleek aerodynamics that exemplified its predecessor. The vessel was also plated in shimmering chromium, similar to other Naboo diplomatic ships.

In accordance with Naboo custom for diplomatic ships, the barge was unarmed, instead relying on its high speed, powerful shields, and fighter escort to escape enemy fire. Because of the limited range of most escort fighters, the barge was equipped with four under-wing recharge sockets for use by N-1 starfighters during long voyages.

Being a luxury vessel, the barge was equipped with many of the same amenities that marked other high-level diplomatic ships: spacious crew stations, four large luxury chambers, and six cabins for guards.

The ship also had parlor rooms, where there was one or more Dejarik boards.


The vessel was used to transport Senator Padmé Amidala to Coruscant in 22 BBY on the day of the vote of the Military Creation Act. On that gloomy day, the starship was destroyed seconds after landing by Zam Wesell, a bounty hunter, in an attempt to assassinate the senator. Zam failed, because Senator Amidala used a decoy on the barge to fool any potential assassins. The Senator survived the attempt, having disguised herself as an escort fighter pilot, but her handmaiden Cordé perished in the blast.

Behind the scenes[]

The sound effects for the engine noise were created from several fly-bys from a vintage Vickers Vimy, primarily done on the ground.[source?]



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