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The JN-66 was a model of analysis droid produced by Cybot Galactica as a high-end utility droid as early as the Ruusan Reformations of the Galactic Republic. The Jedi Order made a large purchase of JN-66 units for use in the Jedi Temple's analysis wing.


After production began on the line, the Jedi Order purchased a large number of JN-66's to operate the analysis wing of the Jedi Temple in conjunction with several SP-4 droids. Between the two models, the JN-66's worked with most of the equipment while the SP-4's handled the menial tasks, such as direct Jedi-interface. All of the droids and their computers shared data with the Coruscant Police, making it easier to hand criminal cases over to different jurisdictions and to ensure a comprehensive database was maintained.[1] All droids at the Temple were stripped of coverings for frequent irradiation baths so as to not contaminate the analysis chamber.[2] These models not only served at the Temple, but also saw use in battlefield medical facilities during the Clone Wars such as on New Holstice.[3]


JN-66 (left) with SP-4.

The JN-66 analysis droid was a repulsorlift-equipped droid with four colored photoreceptors, with multi-wavelength imaging at extreme levels of magnification, set into its flat face. Cybot Galactica reused the chassis and many of the components found in the less-sophisticated PK-series worker droid, and the JN-66's framework also served as the basis for the company's IM-6 battlefield medical droid. They were fitted with advanced verbobrains and sensor apparatus that made the droid an expensive commodity.[2]


A JN-66 on New Holstice.


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