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The JV-Z1/D butler droid was a model of butler droid produced by Serv-O-Droid, Inc. centuries prior to the height of the Galactic Civil War.


The JV-Z1/D was a humanoid domestic service droid with a short, hunched frame and a mild-mannered, subservient artificial intelligence. These droids were given etiquette programming to perform all manner of household tasks, including the supervision of other service droids. The JV-Z1/D had a chromite-plated body shell and an infrared lintscope.




Butler droids became popular among the rich and famous members of the Galactic Republic in the centuries prior to its eventual fall, though over time the JV-Z1/D fell out of fashion, to be replaced by more aesthetically-pleasing models as the BD-3000 luxury droid.

One of the last remaining JV-Z1/D droids known to be in operation following the formation of the Galactic Empire was the centuries-old ZZ-4Z, who became the property of Han Solo during his time on Nar Shaddaa. When Solo left the planet in a series of adventures that would soon lead him to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic, ZZ-4Z remained to maintain his master's apartment. The droid was still operating when Solo returned over a decade later, though was destroyed in a firefight between his master and a group of bounty hunters.

Serv-O-Droid also produced a variant of the JV-Z1/D—a mobile data repository droid designated JV-Z1/S droid.



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