Ja Bardrin, a ruthless and power-hungry man, was the leader of the Bardrin Group.

In order to ensure his power he had his own daughter, Sansia Bardrin, kidnapped and later commandeered the crew of the Wild Karrde, ordering Mara Jade to rescue Sansia from Chay Praysh. In reality, Ja merely wanted Sansia's ship, the Winning Gamble, recovered so he could sell it to Praysh in return for highly-secretive weapons prototypes Praysh pirates had stolen from Uoti Corporate, Bardrin Group's largest competitor in the marketing business. During his daughters rescue, Talon Karrde came looking for his crew along with the aid of a Noghri commando on loan from Leia Organa Solo and many other members of the Smugglers' Alliance, capturing Ja in the process.

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