«What is it you want, outsider? You are not welcome here, no matter what anyone says.»
―Jaarak to Revan[src]

Jaarak was a male Wookiee living in Rwookrrorro village on Kashyyyk in 3956 BBY.


«Let a trial call me guilty. Let me be the monster, not Rorworr.»
―Jaarak to Revan.[src]

Jaarak was a protective elder Wookiee who tried to shield the younger Wookiees from harm, including the influence of the Czerka Corporation slavers who were preying on the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. Deep in the Shadowlands, Jaarak ambushed and killed Rorworr, who had been working for Czerka helping the company find and capture other Wookiees for enslavement. However, since Rorworr was seen as a hero of the village who, according to Woorwill, led hunting parties into the Shadowlands and even fought slavers, Jaarak attempted to keep the cause of Rorworr disappearance secret so as not to tarnish Rorworr's reputation and honor.

During his trip to Kashyyyk in 3956 BBY in search of the Star Map, the amnesiac Revan discovered Rorworr's body in the Shadowlands; lying next to it was a datapad which contained proof of Rorworr's duplicity with Czerka, as well as a bowcaster bolt casing. Since he had heard about Rorworr's disappearance from Woorwill, Revan took the bolt casing to the village's Holder of the Laws, Worrroznor, who identified the casing as belonging to Jaarak. Armed with this information, the Holder of the Laws was able to call Jaarak and Woorwill, along with Revan and his companions, to an inquiry into Rorworr's death. Jaarak, however, refused to defend himself, insisting that it would be better for an old Wookiee like him to die rather then expose the village hero for the fraud that he was. Revan, however, would have none of this and insisted on introducing Rorworr's datapad and its contents as evidence.

With Rorworr's treachery exposed, Jaarak was declared innocent of the crime; since the dead Wookiee had shed his honor by dealing with slavers, it was proper that he should die at the elder Wookiee's hand. Though Woorwill was much disturbed by the events of the trial and finding out that his hero was instead a traitor, both he and Jaarak were confident that things would work out in the end. Since he uncovered the crime in the first place, Revan was then given a third of Rorworr's wealth while Woorwill received the rest.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Jaarak doesn't strike me as the type to murder for no reason."
Carth Onasi[src]

Jaarak was extremely overprotective of Woorwill and, like many Wookiees at the time, was extremely distrustful of outsiders. He killed Rorworr for his dishonorable actions involving slavery knowing what was the penalty for murder. Thinking that no one would believe him if he told the truth, and even if they did, he did not want to bring disillusionment and sorrow onto the youth, he kept his actions a secret. When Jaarak's actions were exposed by Revan, he was in a great deal of fear as Revan could decide his fate and the consequences to the village. When the truth was shown he explained his motives and reasons, and when he was declared innocent he felt relieved and felt thankful to Revan for redeeming him.

Behind the scenesEdit

The light side quest ends with the player receiving four hundred credits.

If the player walks the dark side path, they can choose to ignore the evidence implicating Rorworr as a Czerka slaver, resulting in Jaarak being put to death for his crimes. This results in dark side points and one hundred credits. Alternately, the sidequest can be skipped entirely.

In the game, it was stated by Worrroznor that Woorwill had a bond with Rorworr, who had no living blood relations, however this bond is not properly explained.

According the Official Strategy Guide it was said that Rorworr was planning to sell Woorwill to Czerka and attempted to convince Jaarak to join him in his slavery activities but Jaarak refused and killed him because of this.



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