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Jabba the Hutt: Betrayal was the fourth and final issue in the Jabba the Hutt series of one-shot comics. It was released by Dark Horse Comics on February 20, 1996.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Everyone hopes to get a big break someday, move up to the top seat in their line of work. But when that line of work is intergalactic crime, you've got to make your own breaks. Bib Fortuna, Jabba's loyal lieutenant, has plotted a slave revolt against the Hutt. We've seen how Jabba handles negotiations—now we'll see how he handles Betrayal.

Plot summaryEdit

Jabba the Hutt
After his explosive encounter with
Princess Nampi, Jabba the Hutt attempted
to sell the captured Nuffin freighter to
Cabrool Nuum. Nuum's treacherous children
seized the opportunity to concoct an intricate
patricidal plot, from which Jabba carefully
extricated himself by killing the entire family.

With fifteen korgs of spice added to the spoils of
their journey, Jabba and his crew finally return
home ... to Tatooine.


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