Jabba the Hutt: The Hunger of Princess Nampi was the second issue in the Jabba the Hutt series of one-shot comics. It was released by Dark Horse Comics on June 20, 1995.

Publisher's summary[]

Jabba has an old saying: If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em out! And that's just what he attempts to do when he encounters an unexpected nemesis on his journey through the galaxy. But he may have to part with something more personal than his precious spice if he's going to close this deal!

Plot summary[]

Jabba and his minions have left the Gaar's planet, and are flying their treasure-laden ship by the smuggler's route to Tatooine. One of the ship's crew members detects a starship ahead. Scuppa, believes it to be a Nuffin freighter. Believing the ship carries riches, Jabba has Bib Fortuna hail the freighter by impersonating a Nuffin via holo-player. The freighter's captain answers Bib's distress call and grants his request to board for fuel and medical attention.

Jabba and his men prepare to board and raid the ship. Upon boarding, they are met by several armed guards and war droids. The guards surround and capture Jabba and his crew and bring them before Princess Nampi who reveals the freighter is actually her regal stronghold and that the Nuffin who answered their distresss call was a slave who had deceived them. Nampi demands that Jabba surrender his treasure but he refuses, stating that his trove is protected by voice-code. Frustrated, Nampi has Jabba taken to a cell and demands that Scuppa give her the code.

Scuppa does not know the code but offers to extract it from Jabba in exchange for his life. Scuppa is brought to Jabba who is furious with his betrayal. Jabba does not cooperate and Scuppa is brought back to Nampi. Scuppa admits to his failure and requests a warrior's death, asking to die by his own hand. Nampi finds herself attracted to Scuppa's sense of honor and Scuppa, hoping to save himself, flatters the princess and convinces her that he shares her feelings for him. Nampi decides that Scuppa shall be her prince and has her guards outfit him with royal garments. She demands the guards leave the two alone and, in an Orooturooan mating ritual, devours Scuppa.

Nampi is left unsatisfied and has Jabba brought to her for the same purpose. Jabba convinces her to allow him to open his trove and bring her his treausure in exchange for his life. Nampi's guards escort Jabba to his ship's trove, only to be killed by his automated turrets. Jabba returns to Nampi and reveals that he had a vial of xenoboric acid secretly implanted in Scuppa's skull in the event that he betrayed him. The vial can be opened via remote control and Jabba threatens to open the vial, now in Nampi's belly, unless she fills his ship with as much treasure as it can hold. Nampi believes hims to be bluffing and Jabba activates the vial, and Nampi explodes after screaming, WUGULUGH. One of her soldiers is seen swearing saying, "MOTHER OF GURN". Jabba unloads the treasure onto his ship after releasing Bib Fortuna from his cell, telling him "you'd better wear your boots."


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