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"Your planet—your home—is being drowned in blood! For three thousand years we were loyal to the Republic…the Republic has ignored our cries for help—until they learned that beneath all the mud—our planet has a heart of ore!"
―Alto Stratus[5]

Jabiim (pronounced /dʒə'bi:m/), known as Gwynhes Minor during the reign of Xim, was a small, muddy, Outer Rim world. It was most notably the site of three fierce Battles of Jabiim.


Astrography and atmosphere[]

Jabiim was a terrestrial planet located in the Jabiim system,[2] a part of the Phelleem sector[3] in the The Slice portion of[1] the Outer Rim Territories.[3] The planet orbited the star Jabiim and was 10,700 kilometers in diameter.[2] It was situated on the super-hyperroute known as the Triellus Trade Route, which connected it to the Handooine and Trasemene systems as well as the Sy Myrth system[4] of the Jospro sector.[4] In particular, Jabiim was located only a short hyperspace jump away from the planet Handooine.[8]

Jabiim possessed an ionized[15] atmosphere that was well-suited for oxygen-breathing species,[5] but made high-altitude repulsorlift vehicles impossible to operate.[15] Electrically-charged atmospheric disturbances[8] hampered long-range orbital scanning[7] and limited visibility,[8] and also prevented the use of gunship air support[7] which could only land or disembark during very narrow and unpredictable windows of time.[16]

The planet had a temperate,[2] but inhospitable climate[8] that continually experienced storms[17] that could interfere with sensor devices.[5] The world also experienced torrential rain[6] with less than five days per standard year without precipitation.[8] The rain break lasted less than a standard hour according to the locals.[18] By the time of the Battle of Yavin,[19] the moisture that was left in the atmosphere had become terminally polluted, causing sporadic storms of violent electricity and deadly acid rain, which further hampered the use of repulsorlift vehicles, such as 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank and T2-B repulsor tank.[2] The air of Kalist VI was drier and cleaner than the fetid air of Jabiim.[20]


The surface of Jabiim was continually deluged by torrential rains[6] and constant drizzle,[15] and its muddy surfaces were unstable[8] and constantly shifted from the weight of the rains.[6] Any surface-based initiatives were complicated by the planet's perpetual storms.[8] These surfaces also hampered the effectiveness of the Republic AT-ATs, AT-TEs, and other armor.[7]

Jabiim was susceptible to planet-quakes,[5] and was also rich in ore.[2] By the time of the Battle of Yavin,[19] however, its valuable ores were dwindling[21] and the rain-soaked planet was becoming a desert world, while its seas and rivers ran black with ash and slag, due to the decades of Imperial strip mining. Huge digging and boring machines continued to cut ever deeper into the surface of the dying planet.[2]


Jabiim's flora included grasses, trees,[9] and bamboo.[13]


Early history[]

"But did they send aid during the Brainrot Plague? Did they react when the Trandoshans invaded? Where were the Jedi when Lythian pirates killed your parents … and mine?"
―Alto Stratus[5]

During the reign of Xim, Jabiim was known as Gwynhes Minor.

Between 25,120 BBY and 25,096 BBY, Jabiim was known as Gwynhes Minor and was situated in the Kiirium Reaches region, a part of the empire of the Tionese conqueror Xim. During that time, Xim moved his forces from the Gwynhes system to Gwynhes Minor, and additionally the Tionese military advanced through Gwynhes Minor on its way from the Gwyhnes system—which would later be known as the Handooine system—to the Taskored system—the later Taskeed system.[14] Jabiim was considered as a potential location for one of the Lost Thrones of Xim.[22]

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Jabiim system was the theater of a battle concluded with a Sith victory.[23]

Jabiim would later join the Galactic Republic[5] around 3000 BBY, millennia following the fall of Xim's Empire.[source?] During the New Sith Wars, the planet was the site of a battle won by the Brotherhood of Darkness.[14] The planet suffered from an outbreak of Brainrot Plague, which slammed the population of Jabiim. And prior to the Clone Wars, garrulous Trandoshan bandits attacked and conquered Jabiim's lands. After the bandits moved on, the Lythian pirates attacked the world, sieging small communities[6] and killing many.[5] Despite paying its due taxes to Coruscant and requesting aid, Jabiim received no help from the Republic in any of these cases.[6]

Clone Wars[]

"In a battle between those fighting for a political principle, and those fighting for the survival of their home and family, the latter usually win in the long run. They've got nothing more to lose, and it makes them terrible enemies. Like us."
―Jabiimi Nationalist commander, on the nature of fighting the Republic on Jabiim[24]

Obi-Wan Kenobi leads clone troopers into battle during their attack on Jabiim

During the Clone Wars, Jabiim was a world that the Galactic Republic ignored until it was too late.[6] Because of the lack of assistance from the Senate, the Jabiim Congress sided with Count Dooku's growing Confederacy of Independent Systems.[8] In fact, Alto Stratus had orchestrated a coup, killing most of the Loyalist members of Congress. A few of the Jabiimi Loyalists who managed to escape the purge united under Captain Orliss Gillmunn.[5]

Negotiations spearheaded by the Alderaanian Diplomatic Corps were rebuffed as Jabiim geared towards war. Rather than lose Jabiim and its valuable mines to the enemy, the Republic positioned their strike force on nearby Handooine for rapid deployment from there to Jabiim at a moment's notice. When the Galactic Senate learned of the Republic Intelligence reports that the Congress had been supplied provisions, weapons, and credits to destroy the vocal loyalists by the Confederacy, they sought to extradite politically persecuted Loyalists and mineral resources that they owned.[8] Many in the Republic also believed Jabiim had been bought out by the CIS,[17] with the Senator of Ryloth Orn Free Taa believing that the "silver-tongued holocam-favorite" Alto Stratus was being deceived by the Separatists to seize more ore.[8] At one point, a HoloNet News Core Edition report on the situation on Handooine and Jabiim was transmitted from the former planet's[8] capital city, Jelwick.[25] General Obi-Wan Kenobi had been assigned as theater commander for the campaign.[7] The news report estimated that it was likely the invasion of Jabiim would occur within a standard month,[8] and the operation indeed began in 22 BBY.[26]

The Republic task force initially made significant gains and took dozen outposts,[5] including three Separatist defensive positions—Camp Aurek, Point Down, and Outpost Shear—but overextended its limited resources, and the Confederates, led by Alto Stratus[5] and Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress,[27] quickly gained the upper hand with a sudden attack on the Shelter Base, resulting in the loss of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Alpha-17.[5] At one point, a HoloNet News Core Edition report on the attack that was transmitted from the base communicated dozens of casualties and a possible loss of Obi-Wan Kenobi.[7] Suffering heavy losses and pursued by the Separatists, the remaining Republic forces retreated to the southern hemisphere of the planet.[9] Only the valiant last stand of the "Padawan Pack" prevented a total rout by tying up large Separatist forces for several days in the battle of Cobalt Station, buying the remnants of the Republic task force enough time to evacuate off the planet.[18] The battle was a disaster for the Republic—the planet was lost to the Confederacy and Anakin Skywalker chose to abandon Jabiim, leaving the Jabiimi Loyalists to their fate.[12]

Angered by what he saw as betrayal, Captain Orliss Gillmunn rallied the surviving Loyalists and continued the fight. In 21 BBY,[28][29] Orliss and Nolan Gillmunn planned an attack on the droid command center in Hyber Canyon.[10] Olriss was stabbed to death with a blade by the Jabiimi Nationalist Thorne Kraym during a massacre at High Rock Canyon. However, Nolan himself survived.[30]

During the Outer Rim Sieges, the Republic came back and attempted to take back the planet. The battle resulted in a costly Galactic Republic victory, but, along with the battles of Saleucami, Felucia, and Boz Pity, led to the fall of the Foundry of the Confederacy, an area known to house numerous Separatist industrial worlds.[31]

The Jabiimi Nationalists eventually allied themselves to the Galactic Empire; however, Jabiimi Loyalists carried the struggle for independence but didn't manage to repel the Imperial forces.[19]

Galactic Civil War[]

"We've spent last two decades fighting to win back our freedom. We're closer than we've ever been, but… we do need help. We've let the past turn us into isolationists."
―Nolan Gillmunn[19]
The Rebel Fortress

AT-ATs attacking the rebel base.

In 1 BBY,[source?] Jabiim was the target of an Imperial assault. After a failed Rebel raid on Carida, Imperial leaders decided that Jabiim was the most likely planet as a launching point of the raid. Darth Vader led an Imperial fleet to wipe out the Rebels on the planet. The attack resulted in Vader not only succeeding in taking control of the planet, but also learning the location of Kalast, a Moff who had sided with the Rebels.[13]

Years later, Jabiim's ore supplies had been diminished because of Imperial over-mining.[19] Emperor Palpatine was not willing to pull the last of his troopers off Jabiim,[21] despite the repeated harassment of the local Jabiimi rebels, which had persisted for 19 years.[19] In 0 ABY,[source?] the Alliance to Restore the Republic dispatched a task force lead by Luke Skywalker to support the Jabiimi. Though as Luke set foot on the planet, he realized that he had stepped into his father's shadow. As a Padawan, Anakin Skywalker had served on Jabiim, and the locals did not forget or forgive.[19]


Imperial forces invading Jabiim's surface.

Later, the Empire launched a second invasion of Jabiim. With superior technology, the Imperials won the battle and crushed the rebellion. However, the Empire also made a deal with a group of wealthy Jabiimi: in exchange for their own freedom, they would give the rest of the planet's population to the Imperials as slaves.[10]


Jabiimi's last stand, the Empire's final assault

What would complicate things further, was the fact that Darth Vader himself was present in orbit above the planet. Haunted by the memories of his former life, he ordered a full-scale decimation of the planet, destroying all life on its surface with the excuse that the Alliance would thus be deprived of a potential ally.[30] In the ensuing chaos, the rebel groups managed to escape and kill their Jabiimi captors, with the Jabiim faction fleeing towards the nearest mines, now their only means of escaping the planetary bombardment.[32]

Two weeks after the beginning of the bombardment, the last mine-turned-fortress would fall to an Imperial ground force led by Lieutenant Janek Sunber, and the survivors were led to an awaiting slave-transport and shipped out to Kalist VI.[20]

During the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, it was believed by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances that Jabiim would join with the Corellians.[33]



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