"As long as the memory of Jabiim's former glory lives, we'll fight to restore it."
Nolan Gillmunn[src]

The Jabiimi Loyalists were the faction of Jabiimis under Orliss Gillmunn who opposed Alto Stratus's Nationalist faction during the Clone Wars. After Gillmunn was killed in 20 BBY, leadership passed to his son, Nolan.

Their rebellion attracted the attention of such potential offworld patrons as the Kuati, but the Loyalists were left with a bitter aftertaste of their betrayal from the Galactic Republic and vowed to liberate themselves on their own. After the end of the Clone Wars, the Loyalists continued to oppose the Nationalists, now allied with the Galactic Empire.

Finally, eight months after the Battle of Yavin, Gillmunn decided to ally with the Rebel Alliance, reasoning that while they could defeat the Nationalists on their own, they would need outside help to fend off the Empire. The ensuing battle, however, was a debacle that resulted in the mass enslavement of Jabiim's population.

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