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"You're not the brain, young owner, not in literal truth. The ship does think for herself, after a fashion, but she needs you while she's still young, and while she's being finished, or she gets, let's say, confused. Like a baby. You're her guardians now."
―Zonama Sekot shipbuilder Fitch, to Anakin Skywalker.[src]

The Jabitha was a starship of Sekotan design that was built for and used briefly by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Like all ships produced by the builders of Zonama Sekot, it was a melding of ordinary manufactured components such as engines, a hyperdrive, shields, navigational systems, and other such equipment with an organic body and "mind" that was bonded to those for whom it was crafted. Shortly after the vessel's birth, the world that produced it was attacked by forces of the Galactic Republic under Wilhuff Tarkin; damaged in the battle, Jabitha suffered critical damage, dying before the Jedi could make their way back to Coruscant.

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Three years after the Invasion of Naboo, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker traveled to the mysterious living world of Zonama Sekot which was rumored to be home to the fastest ships in the galaxy. These two Jedi knights discovered that not only were the Zonama Sekotan ships incredibly fast but that they were also wonderful and beautiful living craft. The Sekotans presented them with one of these ships, which Anakin named Jabitha to honor the Sekotan Magister's daughter. The Jabitha was unique because it was handcrafted by the master Sekotan shipbuilders.

The Jabitha's life began when its two future masters, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, were brought into a large chamber for a special ceremony. This chamber was filled with hundreds of small, semi-sentient spikeballs called "seed-partners". These seed partners buried the two Jedi Knights. When Anakin and Obi-Wan arose from their mounds, they were informed that 15 of these seed-partners had "chosen" the Jedi and agreed to become the sentient basis of their new vehicle. Later, the Jedi were placed inside a handcrafted starship frame, as the living ship was built around them. This resulted in a strange combination of their seed-partners with organoform circuits and mechanical components purchased from Republic ship manufacturers.

The Jabitha was one of the most outstanding Sekotan ships ever created because of the high number of seed-partners involved in her creation. She was 25 meters long with a broad 30-meter wingspan. The hull consisted of three lobes fused together underneath a green, fairly glowing skin. The Jabitha's owner-pilots soon found that it was "indeed faster than anything that had ever flown before."[3]

The living ship carried two modified HCE type-7 Silver-class light starship engines as well as an expensive hyperdrive unit. Despite her HCE hyperdrive generator technically being a Class 1, her unique nature and her connection to the young Anakin Skywalker allowed her to achieve a Class 0.4 speed, far beyond her engine's technical capabilities. In the interior, the vehicle lived and breathed with a vibrant display of moving red, green and blue lights. The controls were unmarked, but Anakin's exceptional piloting skills as they combined with his strong Force abilities and powerful connection to the seed-partners meant that he could communicate with the ship telepathically. The vehicle carried a typical shield generator but no weapons.

Shortly after the Jabitha's birth, Zonama Sekot fell under attack by the forces of Republic Commander Tarkin. The living vessel was critically damaged during the battle, which ended when the living planet revealed its massive hyperdrive system and retreated into hyperspace. Ultimately, the Jabitha would quietly die while at the outpost world of Seline. Even without injury, however, the organic ship still would have died, as the Jabitha shared the fate of all her sister vessels—destined to perish once the sentient mother-planet had willfully severed its own life-sustaining ties and fled the Gardaji sector for the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

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