Jacen Solo's lightsaber was a weapon constructed by Jedi Knight Jacen Solo in 22 ABY.



At the age of thirteen, Jacen began attending his uncle's Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV. There, along with the rest of his class, he constructed his lightsaber. During lightsaber training, he accidentally cut off Tenel Ka's arm.


Like the case with his grandfather almost sixty years earlier, Jacen initially continued to wield his green-bladed weapon after he joined the Sith and became Darth Caedus until his uncle assaulted him on board his flagship, the Anakin Solo. Despite heavily injuring each other, neither was able to fully subdue the other. The duel between them finally ended when Ben Skywalker, Luke's son and Caedus's would be apprentice, plunged a vibrodagger into Caedus's back. Caedus's lightsaber remained lit even after he dropped it, but as he continued to reach for it, Ben took it and tried to finish him off. However, Luke, realizing how close he and his son had come towards the Dark Side, convinced Ben to spare Caedus for the time being. As the battered Skywalkers fled the Anakin Solo, Ben gave Jacen's lightsaber to Luke.

After recovering from his battle with his uncle and cousin, Caedus later built a red-bladed lightsaber as per the usual traditions of the Sith, and wielded that weapon until his death at the hands of his sister, Jaina.[2]



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