"There's two things about Star Wars that are really very powerful. One is the technology, a lot of it was new; and secondly, the storytelling was based on Joseph Campbell and the structure of myth."
―Jack Klaff[src]

Jack Klaff is a South African academic, actor, director, and writer who portrayed John D. Branon in A New Hope. Born on August 6, 1951 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Klaff began his acting career with the Brook Theater in Johannesburg. By 1976, he moved to the United Kingdom. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Academy in 1978. His television and movie credits outside of Star Wars include roles in For Your Eyes Only, Space: 1999 and Red Dwarf.

For years, many fans believed that Wedge Antilles's line "That's impossible, even for a computer" during the Battle of Yavin briefing scenes was delivered by Klaff. Since Wedge was played by Denis Lawson in all other scenes, the actor and character in this sequence was sometimes referred to as "Fake Wedge." However, Pablo Hidalgo recently revealed on his weblog that Colin Higgins was in this scene, and identified Higgins as "Fake Wedge".

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