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The Jade was a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle owned and operated by the Bothan Spynet. It was active during the year 4 ABY.


Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the Alliance to Restore the Republic realized that it needed technical data on the Galactic Empire's Death Star II in order to determine its operational status and its weaknesses. They summoned help from their Bothan allies, who were masters of espionage, so the Alliance and the Bothan Spynet agreed to discuss the matter. The Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Tal'cara arrived at a secluded rendezvous point with the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty, and it deployed a delegation to negotiate with the Rebels. The shuttle Jade was chosen to transport the delegation from the Tal'cara to the Liberty, but right after launching, a massive mercenary strike force ambushed the Bothans, with one of their main targets being the passengers on the Jade. The Rebels and their Bothan allies immediately rushed to the Jade's defense, as it was ambushed Authority IRDs. Despite the heavy resistance, the Jade continued its course towards the Liberty, and it was able to land on the vessel safely.

After the Bothan Spynet agreed to send agents to the Death Star II, the Jade left the Liberty and made its way back to the Tal'cara. Once again, it was attacked by enemy forces, but the Rebels saved the delegation aboard the Jade and it managed to escape with the rest of the Bothan forces.



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