"Jade Squadron, let's move out."
―Commander Venisa Doza[src]

Jade Squadron was a Resistance starfighter squadron that was led by Commander Venisa Doza during the First Order/Resistance War.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Open war[edit | edit source]

The squadron was one of the more versatile Resistance cells.[1]

Blockade of Dantooine[edit | edit source]

Sometime during the Resistance's war with the First Order, Jade Squadron participated in a mission to escort transport shuttles carrying Resistance recruits from Dantooine to the Colossus. Prior to the mission, Commander Doza asked her husband, Captain Imanuel Doza, for help as their situation was dire, with only four pilots remaining in the squadron, including herself. They were assisted by three pilots, volunteered from Ace Squadron; Torra Doza, Hype Fazon, and Kazuda Xiono. They faced stiff resistance from Pyre's Star Destroyer. After returning to the Colossus, Imanuel Doza invited the squadron to remain aboard.[2]

Rescue of Tamara Ryvora[edit | edit source]

Jade Squadron later scrambled during the rescue of Tamara Ryvora to defend the Colossus. Their ion weaponry and attacks were key to taking down the Star Destroyer.[3]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Jade Squadron first appeared in the animated series Star Wars Resistance.[2]

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