"You evil creature!"
―Chief Chirpa[1]

Jadru was a female enchantress of a feline species who lived on the Forest Moon of Endor. She dwelled in an elaborate lair a short distance from an Ewok settlement known as Bright Tree Village. Jadru's living quarters were at the center of the structure, where she sat on an ornate throne that controlled the entrance and pathways into her home. Besides her treasured fortress, Jadru was the owner of a magical creature known as a Quarf, which served as her pet and assistant, carrying out special tasks she entrusted to it.

By 3 ABY, Jadru had set her eyes upon the sunstar, a powerful object that had a variety of uses, including the ability to increase one's own magical talents, but which was in the hands of the Ewoks. To seize the stone, Jadru sent her Quarf to capture the Ewoks' princess, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, so that the enchantress could ransom her for possession of the sunstar. After "Silky," as the young Ewok children had named her pet, infiltrated the village, the Quarf captured Kneesaa and brought her back to Jadru's lair. However, before Jadru could ransom the young princess, Kneesaa's friend Wicket W. Warrick mounted a rescue and led Jadru on a chase throughout the tunnels of the fortress. Unfortunately for the enchantress, Wicket was able to trick her into leaving her throne and succeeded in trapping her within her own labyrinthine abode.


Early life[]

Jadru was a female member of a feline species and an inhabitant of the Forest Moon of Endor.[1] She was sensitive to the Force.[1][2] Jadru set herself up as an enchantress on the moon, creating a large dome-shaped building to be her base of operations. She resided in the very center of the lair, atop an ornate throne. Jadru even slept on the throne, as it closed up like a flower while Jadru was sleeping. It would then open when the enchantress awakened.[1]

Obtaining the sunstar[]

"I see the Ewoks have accepted my Quarf as a pet. That means the Ewoks' magical sunstar will soon belong to Jadru the enchantress."

Jadru gazes into her golden orb.

At some point, Jadru became aware of a powerful artifact that was located on the forest moon: the sunstar. The stone was an unusual object that amplified a person's magical abilities. The stone was possessed by the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, a settlement near Jadru's lair, and guarded by the tribe's warriors.[1] In 3 ABY,[3] Jadru sought to steal the compelling artifact, and sent her magical pet Quarf into the village to capture the Ewoks' princess, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, whom Jadru hoped to ransom for the sunstar.[1]

Changing form to a beautiful white horse-like creature, Jadru's pet quickly befriended Kneesaa and her companions, Teebo, Latara, and Wicket W. Warrick. "Silky," as the Ewok children dubbed the Quarf, easily earned Kneesaa's trust. His task almost accomplished, Silky sent a signal to Jadru through his magical horn, which she received through her magic golden orb, informing her to prepare for his arrival. The Quarf coaxed Kneesaa to ride on his back and then sailed into the air, speeding back to Jadru's lair.[1]

Ransom and rescue[]

"Your friends will be trapped in my maze forever!"

Jadru manipulates the levers on her throne.

As soon as Silky had brought the Ewok princess back to his mistress, Jadru immediately began to make demands of the Ewok Chief, Chirpa. Using her golden orb, Jadru demanded that the chief turn over the sunstar to her in exchange for his daughter's safety. However, as soon as the conversation ended, Jadru's pet sensed someone entering the lair. Using her ball yet again, Jadru pinpointed the intruders: Warrick and Kneesaa's pet bordok, Baga. The enchantress sent her magical ball to inform the potential rescuers that she was aware of their presence and that they would soon be trapped within the winding tunnels of her fortress.[1]

Jadru quickly went to work manipulating the levers attached to her throne, throwing switches and slamming hidden doors all throughout her lair. Believing that she had sealed off the threat, Jadru lay back content, congratulating her pet on a job well done. However, at just that moment, Wicket and Baga stumbled upon Jadru's location, having been led by Baga's keen sense of smell.[1]

Wicket charged the enchantress, demanding that Jadru release Kneesaa. Jadru was infuriated with the turn of events and sent her pet to deal with the meddling Ewok. The Quarf flew straight at Wicket, but the Ewok was able to duck out of the way after being warned by the frightened Kneesaa. As Jadru looked on, Wicket grabbed Kneesaa and fled into one of the lair's many tunnels. Jadru called to her pet and mounted him, ready to pursue her recently freed captive.[1]


"We'll trap her in her own maze!"
―Wicket W. Warrick[1]

Jadru rides her pet Quarf through her lair.

Flying on her pet, Jadru began to shoot fire from her fingertips at the pursuing Ewoks; however, they were one step ahead, finally losing Jadru in the complicated maze. As Jadru searched frantically for her prisoner, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Baga backtracked to the enchantress' now unoccupied throne. Wicket began to throw the levers on the chair, closing off the tunnels and slowly trapping Jadru within her own fortress. Jadru turned her pet around, making her way back to the site of her throne.[1]

Meanwhile, Chief Chirpa had decided not to bow to Jadru's demands and had brought a force of Ewok warriors to deal with the manipulative enchantress. Breaking through the stone doors of her fortress, Chirpa and his warriors found Wicket, Kneesaa, and Baga frantically fiddling with Jadru's levers. Although Chirpa was overjoyed to see his daughter safe, the Ewoks could hear Jadru rapidly approaching. Wicket motioned to the Chief to break the levers on the chair, hoping to seal off all the tunnels. Chirpa quickly used his strength to smash the majority of the wooden switches, and Wicket did the rest, effectively closing all of the doors.[1]

Jadru watched, terrified, as the gates of her tunnels all closed simultaneously, closing the Jadru and her Quarf inside. Jadru cried out, yelling for the Ewoks to stop, but her cries only reverberated off the stone walls, away from the triumphant Ewok warriors and their rescued princess.[1]

Jadru and her pet Quarf are trapped within the maze.

Aftermath and legacy[]

"My maze! Trapped in my own maze!"

Jadru and her pet were trapped within the maze as the Ewoks left the site. Chief Chirpa and his men left the way they had come with Warrick and Kneesaa, happy that she was finally safe. Chirpa gave Wicket a piece of one of Jadru's broken levers as a trophy for his Belt of Honor, something that would provide a lasting legacy to the powerful enchantress and symbolize another step on Wicket's path to becoming a full-fledged warrior.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Thanks to you, my lovely, the Ewoks' powerful sunstar will be mine!"
―Jadru, to her pet Quarf — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Jadru conjures fire from her fingertips.

Jadru was a paranoid individual, who created an elaborate lair to keep out strangers. Entry required navigation of a complex maze that Jadru could manipulate via elaborate mechanisms in the center of her lair. She even slept in the center of the base, secure from unwanted visitors. The isolation meant that Jadru's only companion was her pet Quarf, a creature with shape-shifting abilities. She lavished praise upon the pet. Jadru was delighted with her pet's actions when it first entered the Ewok village and again when it finally kidnapped the Ewok princess. Jadru used her pet as a mount as well, flying upon its back as she searched for the Ewoks within her tunnel.[1]

Jadru was an ambitious individual, desiring more power to supplement her supernatural abilities. In pursuit of that, she laid meticulous plans, involving the infiltration of the village by her pet. While she had the upper hand, Jadru could be quite magnanimous, ignoring Chief Chirpa's insults as she laid down her terms for the ransom of his daughter. However, when her plans got out of control, she quickly became furious, revealing her underlying ruthlessness. Jadru was prepared to personally kill Ewoks who stood in her way, and showed no reservations in ordering her pet to kill Warrick, despite his young age.[1]

A member of a feline species, Jadru had blue hair, yellow eyes, and greenish gray skin. She wore a diadem on her forehead.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"They'll be no match for me!"
―Jadru, after witnessing Wicket entering her lair[1]

Jadru displayed many remarkable powers, mostly through the use of her unique crystal ball. Jadru was able to control this object, levitating it in front of her face and gazing into its depths. Manipulation of the device gave her the ability to talk with people from a distance and to witness far away events. In addition to the magical ball, Jadru was able to conjure fire from her fingertips[1]—a utilization of her Force-sensitivity[1][2]—for use as a weapon. Jadru displayed the ability while chasing after the Ewoks, throwing fire at them as they ran through her tunnels.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jadru was created by Linda Woolverton as the antagonist of the fifteenth episode of the second season of the Ewoks television series, "Baga's Rival."[1] The episode first aired in November 8, 1986,[4] and did not reveal Jadru's species. In the episode, Jadru displays magical powers by shooting fire from her fingertips,[1] and the StarWars.com Hyperspace article Castaways of Endor states that all ritualistic magic shown in Star Wars: Ewoks is performed through the use of the Force.[2] This article therefore classifies Jadru as Force-sensitive.


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