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Jaemus was a planet with Galentro Heavy Works shipyards comparable in size to Sluis Van.


During the Clone Wars, the planet was a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[2] The planet was the headquarters of Renikco, a front used by Imperial Moff Jesco Comark. At the shipyards, Renikco and Santhe employed modified Sector Plexus courier droids as transports for his Death-Hunter Cyborg assassins. The Death-Hunters themselves were created from Human subjects taken from neighboring Bescane.[3]

Jesco's daughter, Amber Comark, exposed the Death-Hunter project to the Rebel Alliance. Crix Madine ordered Dursa Conegan to put together a team to investigate.[3]

By 4 ABY, the planet had become an Imperial fortress world. Following the Battle of Endor, the planet came under the control of the Pentastar Alignment. The shipyards of Jaemus were subcontracted by Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems to produce the Enforcer-class picket cruiser, a versatile ship based on the hull of the Immobilizer 418 cruiser, for the Alignment.[2] Sienar had a large testing range at Jaemus to evaluate new ship designs.[4]



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