"Many companies at the Jaemus shipyards hire tremendous amounts of civilian labor to produce ships and fighters for the Empire. It should be easy enough for our slicers to create dockworker permits so that your team can move around the shipyards, but beware—security is tight."
General Crix Madine[src]

The Jaemus shipyards was a shipyard affiliated with the Galactic Empire. Several companies operated at the shipyards, producing a variety of attack ships for use by the Imperials. Security was tight, and patrols of TIE/LN starfighters were known to ward off potential intruders. Santhe Security provided personal protection to private docks.

During Operation Death-Hunter, they were contracted by Moff Jesco Comark to produce modified Tech 4 Plexus Droid Vessels. Kept secret from the workers was the fact that the modified ships were being designed to carry the Death Hunter cyborg. SpecOps Colonel Dursa Conegan was tasked by General Crix Madine to investigate the project. The team assembled by Conegan was able to infiltrate the shipyards using forged dockworker permits but were found out by Santhe Security guards. The rebels escaped by blasting their way to a shuttle and outrunning a patrol of TIE fighters and a Skipray Blastboat



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