Jag Murrock was an accomplished spacer and asteroid miner in the waning years of the Old Republic.[1]


Early travelsEdit

Jag would often been seen piloting his aging starship, the Hardly Worth Stealing. He was a well-traveled man who went on long voyages exploring unknown areas of the galaxy. On one such excursion, during the early years of the Clone Wars, he came across the Cularin asteroid belt in the Mid Rim. It was here, on several of the larger asteroids, that he discovered a large quantity of Adegan crystals. He later extracted the lodes using his profound knowledge of mining.[1]

Helping a Jedi MasterEdit

Seeing as these Adegan crystals were commonly used by Jedi in lightsaber construction, Jag agreed to supply them to the Almas Academy on Almas. He also agreed to help Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk in a training mission for a group of Jedi Knights. Qel-Bertuk sent the Jedi off to obtain the Adegan crystals on Jag's asteroid, but they were ambushed by Jag, who was posing as an independent miner. This was all part of a plan to teach the Padawan learners, who were nearby on the asteroid, how to act in difficult situations. Jag fired several warning blaster shots into the air, and accused the Jedi of stealing his claim. Being an expert in Zero-G maneuvering, Jag threatened to defend his crystals at all costs. He later accepted a hefty sum of money in return for the crystals. After the training mission had ended, Jag repaid the credits to the Jedi.[1]


Both Jag and Master Qel-Bertuk sensed something wrong with some of the crystals, and they believed that they had been somehow changed after the destruction of Oblis nearly 1000 years earlier. Later on, Jag was unhappy to discover that the Adegan crystal remains were finally depleted.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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