"These are rare and graceful predators. The kings of Corellian wildlife."
―An employee at the Coronet Zoo[src]

A jaggalor was a species of Corellian predator animals that was virtually identical to the asharl panther and was considered to be powerful and extremely aggressive. Some specimen were kept in the Coronet Zoo. During the Battle of Corellia, a number of jaggalors escaped captivity and roamed the Axial Park district, attacking anything they came across. Imperial Lieutenant Boonan was forced to deal with the jaggalor problem.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jaggalors appear in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic as enemy creatures in the Coronet Zoo on Corellia, and are the subject of the Imperial mission "Jaggalors on the Loose." However, the jaggalors use the same character model as the asharl panther, a creature seen on Ilum.


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