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"Fly well."
"I always do."
―Han Solo and Jagged Fel[14]

Jagged Fel, known as Jag to his friends, was a male Human ace pilot who, much like his father, General Baron Soontir Fel, was dedicated to a life of military service and later became the Head of State of the Imperial Remnant. Raised by his father and mother, Syal Antilles Fel, Jagged Fel was raised in the Unknown Regions among the strict and dutiful Chiss of the Empire of the Hand. Fel entered a Chiss military academy in his very early teens. By age eighteen, had attained the rank of colonel and commanded of three squadrons of Clawcraft. At that same age, he had also lost two of his five siblings to battle against the myriad threats of the Unknown Regions. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Fel's father sent him to aid the New Republic in holding them back. Fel served at the Battle of Ithor, where he made the acquaintance of a young pilot named Jaina Solo and met his uncle, Wedge Antilles, for the first time.

Fel was recalled to the Unknown Regions some time after the battle, but returned after the fall of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong. He helped Solo defend Hapes against a Yuuzhan Vong fleet before serving under his uncle in the defense of Borleias, where he began a romance with Solo which would grow intense as the war went on. Fel continued serving alongside her throughout the war and flew in the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, which gave the newly formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances victory in the long war. His romance with Solo did not survive the war's aftermath as she drew away from all others and Fel was recalled to Csilla in the Chiss Ascendancy, where he eventually gained a captaincy in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force.

Fel led the Chiss war against the Killik colonies, in which he was pitted against Jaina Solo. During the final battle of that conflict, Solo's mother shot him down when the Jedi attempted to stop the Chiss from unleashing a genocidal weapon against the Killiks. Fel spent two years marooned in the deadly jungles of Tenupe before he was rescued. During the war, he had guaranteed the parole of Lowbacca, a Jedi Knight who later returned to combat against the Chiss. This made Fel and his family responsible for all Lowbacca's damages, and when they could not pay, Fel was permanently exiled from the Chiss. He began tracking the last member of the Killik's Dark Nest, Alema Rar, and eventually gained Jedi support for his mission, tracking the Dark Jedi Rar in an uneasy partnership with Solo and her close friend Zekk. At long last, Fel personally killed Rar and in so doing restored his family's honor.

At the close of the Second Galactic Civil War, Fel aided the Jedi in defeating Darth Caedus. During peace negotiations, Luke Skywalker forced the Moff Council of the Imperial Remnant to accept Fel as the Remnant's Head of State so that he could keep tight control of the devious Moffs and in so doing allow a stable peace settlement.

In 44 ABY, Fel married Jaina Solo. Eventually, he became Emperor of the revived Empire, ruling as the first of the Fel dynasty.


A harsh upbringing[]

"I was raised among them, raised with them, judged by their standards. I met those standards. I exceeded those standards. I won command of my squadron. These people competed to join that squadron. They wanted to fly with me, not because I am a man or because I am an Imperial, but because I am a superior pilot and leader. And as for fighting for my freedom, I've been doing that in the Unknown Regions for all my life."
―Jagged Fel to the New Republic Advisory Council[4]

Jagged Fel was born in 7 ABY to General Baron Soontir Fel and Syal Antilles Fel, both Corellians, and named for his maternal grandfather, Jagged Antilles.[2][3] Soontir Fel had been a highly successful Imperial fighter pilot and Syal Antilles was a holodrama star, performing under the name Wynssa Starflare, when they married. After the Emperor's death, however, Soontir's faith in the Empire was shaken, and when the New Republic captured him, he defected and served alongside his brother-in-law Wedge Antilles in Rogue Squadron. In 5 ABY, he was captured by Imperial leader Ysanne Isard and handed over to Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo, better known as Thrawn. Thrawn had carved out the Empire of the Hand, an Imperialist domain in the Unknown Regions dedicated to holding back the various aggressive species and states within. When Thrawn explained this to him, Soontir became convinced that this was work that needed to be done, and became the commander of the Empire of the Hand's starfighter forces. Syal joined him, and so Jagged was born on Nirauan, the site of the Hand of Thrawn—the Empire of the Hand's headquarters—and raised among the Chiss, Thrawn's people.[3] Fel had two older brothers, Davin and Chak, as well as two younger sisters, Cherith and Wynssa. In addition, his younger brother Cem was raised as the family's shadow child, a Chiss tradition in which one child was kept secret in order to preserve the bloodline against assassination attempts.[15]

Growing up, Fel idolized his eldest brother Davin, and likely Chak as well. He also looked up to Thrawn, a master tactician and strategist and the founder of the government his father served; Thrawn's name remained respected years after his death in 9 ABY leading the Empire against the New Republic.[7] The Empire of the Hand was left a secret to the wider galaxy as Soontir Fel and Empire of the Hand commander Admiral Voss Parck led campaigns against the various threats of the Unknown Regions.[16] Soontir taught his son to respect Chiss and their excellent military skills, and Fel was raised as if he were a Chiss, complete with their disdain for adolescence, moving into adulthood early. He was held to Chiss standards, one Human among the isolationist and demanding Chiss.[4][7] His father taught him to fly, to think critically and logically, and to master military tactics. Fel was raised by warriors to be a warrior.[17]

In 18 ABY, as Fel began reaching puberty, he approached his father and asked for a commission in the same Chiss military academy Davin had attended. Fel received it, his presence there guaranteeing Soontir's loyalty to the Chiss. There, Fel trained among his Chiss peers, the only Human there. He received blue stripes on his uniform rather than their red, marking his difference. Fel was not the most outstanding cadet, and frequently crashed his clawcraft fighter. The chief mechanic at the academy, Obersken, frequently reprimanded Fel for his crashes, which often resulted from impulsive, undisciplined acts of attempted heroism. The Chiss were not interested in heroes but in disciplined, effective soldiers. Fel consciously looked on the desire to be a hero as a childish fantasy—one he had indeed had as a child—but he had a hard time controlling his instincts to save others at all costs.[7] Fel was compared to his brother Davin, who had also had the same traits, comparisons which made Fel proud, as his hero Davin had recently died in combat.[7][17]

In 19 ABY, rumors flooded into the academy of Thrawn's return. Fel was greatly excited, and the training schedule of the academy accelerated in case the Grand Admiral were to call the cadets into service. Fel was even given his own ship, an older craft called the Blue Flame. Fel was greatly disappointed when the news proved to be false, a hoax perpetuated by an Imperial Moff using an impostor. Shortly after that news arrived, Commander Kres'ten'tarthi, the commander of Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo's Household Phalanx—an important Chiss unit of the Empire of the Hand—arrived at the base to announce the fall of the Hand of Thrawn to pirate forces. Fel was convinced, however, that Stent would not have come unless his father survived the assault. More immediately pressing, the pirates could have obtained the location of the secret academy. The cadets were to prepare for attack.[7]

Fel and the other cadets rushed to the hangar, but a damaged pirate craft crashed through the dome, killing several students and the academy's commandant, Gimald Nuruodo, and destroying their clawcraft. The pirates had arrived, and knew the academy was there. Fel deduced that they were pirates, and not New Republic forces as Stent had suspected, by examining the ship's cargo. Stent was now the senior officer present, and issued orders to Cadet Commander Shawnkyr Nuruodo to collect weapons in order to repel an attack; she took Fel and several other cadets with her. When Nuruodo discovered that her key card had been lost in the attack, Fel blasted the weapons locker open, his unorthodox methods earning surprise from his Chiss peers. Fel returned to the hangar weighted down with charrics just in time to see Stent vanish in a blast of laser fire. With Stent assumed dead, Nuruodo was in command. She ordered the cadets to assemble in the central indoor forest, where they would make a stand against the pirates. Fel was uneasy with the plan, and when the pirates began bombarding the dome in which the academy was housed, he dove for cover with Nuruodo in the mechanic's bay. This caused him to realize the cause of his misgiving: the pirates would not attack on the ground until after a heavy aerial assault to soften up the base, rendering a ground defense ineffective. He explained to the cadet commander that he would take up Blue Flame—which had survived by being in the mechanic's bay after yet another crash, instead of in the hangar with the rest of the craft—perform poorly, and so lower the enemy's expectations in hopes that they would break off the bombardment and begin a ground assault.[7]

Jagged Fel takes the Blue Flame into combat against the pirate raiders.

Fel fired up his silver-blue ship and blasted through the hole which had been opened in the dome. He quickly found that his single ship was up against a corvette and several X-wings. He made an erratic attack, missing with most of his laser blasts. That fire covered the launch of two proton torpedoes, though, which destroyed two enemy fighters. Fel flew through the rubble, taking damage to his hyperdrive but losing his pursuit. He fed power into the hyperdrive, overloading it and then using the clawcraft's emergency detach function to launch the unit into the path of an oncoming fighter, where it exploded. This reduced the opposing force to two fighters and the corvette. Satisfied he had done as much as he could and that it was time to fake defeat, he rode the edge of the explosion away, then plummeted toward the dome, pretending to be out of control. He switched his repulsors on at the last moment, crashing through the dome and striking the hangar floor with significant force. The Blue Flame was wrecked and Fel himself sustained a nasty cut running from his right eyebrow back along his scalp as well as a possible concussion. He stumbled out of the craft and placed a fellow student's body within it to convince the pirates he had perished, then limped to the forest.[7]

He collapsed upon finding Nuruodo, who examined him and declared him unfit for combat, but insisted he help her plan tactics. The two fighter pilots had set down and begun scouting, but the Chiss were able to ambush them. Only seven students remained capable of fighting, however; not enough to repel the numbers likely present within the corvette. A sudden idea struck Fel, who had one of the panels of mirrored transparisteel that had fallen from the dome dragged onto the forest path, where dead Chiss bodies were placed upon it. The other students suspended themselves from the trees over the path using ropes. Mirrored in the transparisteel, they too seemed to be bodies lying on the floor. When the pirate force advanced, the Chiss ambushed them, cutting them down from above as they looked for a threat on the ground. They were entirely defeated, and Fel and the Chiss were able to use the pirates' equipment to contact their superiors for assistance. In recognition of Fel's key role in tactical planning and the leadership he had provided, Nuruodo turned her position as cadet commander over to Fel.[7]

Fel developed a large scar where the gash had been, and the hair along that part of his scalp grew white, creating a distinctive streak. Fel eventually graduated the academy, and at the age of sixteen he was handed the command of his own squadron. Within two years, he was a colonel and the leader of force Spike, a three-squadron group of clawcraft, and was an ace combat pilot who abided by strict Chiss discipline; his earlier impetuosity had been controlled. Fel became well-known as a leader, and pilots competed to fly under his command.[4] Shawnkyr Nuruodo, his classmate, became his second-in-command and wingmate.[17][18] He engaged in battle against the various threats of Unknown Regions, as did Chak, Davin, and Cherith.[4][19] By 25 ABY, though, Cherith had fallen in combat in the Unknown Regions. Jagged keenly felt the pain of both her and Davin's loss in defense of a galaxy that did not even know they existed.[4]

Aiding the New Republic[]

"I came to fight a war, not to play political games. My mission is to help you maintain your freedom, not to help you gather more power to yourself, or to take it from you."
―Jagged Fel to the New Republic Advisory Council[4]

In 25 ABY, the Empire of the Hand intercepted a transmission from Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon recalling all forces to active duty in order to aid the New Republic against the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Soontir sent force Spike to aid Pellaeon's forces. Pellaeon eagerly accepted the Chiss group's aid. They accompanied his task force to Garqi, where they unexpectedly intervened to protect the extraction of Jedi Corran Horn and Jacen Solo from the Yuuzhan Vong-occupied world. Fel opened contact with Rogue Squadron and told them that the Chiss would take care of the enemy coralskippers. His force quickly eliminated the fighters, impressing the Rogues with their precise flying; for his part, Fel took satisfaction in saving the elite pilots of Rogue Squadron.[4]

Horn's expedition had discovered that Yuuzhan Vong armor was allergic to the pollen of the Bafforr tree. Knowing this could be a key to winning the war, Pellaeon's forces, as well as those of Traest Kre'fey, the New Republic admiral whose forces they had aided, went to Ithor to protect the Bafforr homeworld. They prepared a joint defense, and Fel flew many simulator missions against Imperial and New Republic pilots in order to prepare for battle and get a feel for those he would fly alongside. Fel systematically worked his way down the ranks of top pilots, starting with the best, scoring kills against each. He was only killed twice in simulation, once each by retired New Republic legends Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu. He developed a respect for the other pilots, who hardly made it easy for him, but kept to himself among the rest of the Chiss contingent.[4]

Fel was pleased to meet his uncle, Wedge Antilles, for the first time at Ithor.

It was only when there was to be a reception for arriving political leaders of the New Republic and Remnant that Fel engaged with the others. One hour before the ceremony, he met his uncle Wedge Antilles for the first time. Antilles had had no news of his sister for twenty years, and eagerly embraced his family member, who gave him news of his relations in the Unknown Regions. Fel deeply regretted that Antilles would be unable ever to know Davin or Cherith. During the actual reception, Fel caused an uproar when he greeted only his host, Ithorian High Priest Relal Tawron, and his fellow military personnel with formal bows and handshakes. Antilles, however, gave Fel a bear hug. Fel was also pleased to make the acquaintance of Rogue Eleven, Jaina Solo. He had been impressed by her performance in the simulators, and told her as much. They had time for few pleasantries, however, before Antilles approached him and told him that his passing over of the New Republic politicians had offended them. Borsk Fey'lya, the New Republic's Chief of State, harangued Fel for his perceived speciesism, but he explained that he had passed them over not because of their race—he had greeted Towron and Kre'fey, both aliens—but because he disdained politicians. Fel was indignant at their accusations, and pointed out that among the Chiss, he had been the alien minority. He insisted that he had come to defend their freedom, not to take it, and that such displays were the reason he chose not to greet them.[4]

A Yuuzhan Vong ship deposited Elegos A'Kla's shuttle in the system later. When it was recovered, Fel went to watch Horn and Antilles enter the ship, which had been modified with Yuuzhan Vong coral growths. Solo was there, and he engaged her in conversation. Sixteen years old, she was surprised by his maturity and grim nature at only eighteen years of age. Fel was surprised himself by her adolescent nature, a stage of his life quickly skipped amid Chiss culture. The two chatted, with Solo developing a slight attraction to him, and discussed maturity and Chiss culture. In the shuttle, however, Horn and Antilles found A'Kla's body. The Yuuzhan Vong commander, Shedao Shai, had issued a challenge to Horn.[4]

When Shai's attack on Ithor came, Fel led his clawcraft against the invaders. The Yuuzhan Vong made landfall, but Horn was able to challenge Shai to a duel in which he staked the bones of Shai's ancestors, possession of which he had gained, against Ithor's freedom, with a one-week truce in advance of the duel so that more refugees could be evacuated. The attack was called off, and one week later the two battled on the surface of Ithor. Shai was killed, but his lieutenant, Deign Lian, did not abide by the agreement and instead unleashed a plague which wiped Ithor bare of life. It was a massive loss for the New Republic, and caused the Imperial Remnant to recall its forces to provide defense.[4]

Fel decided to send one of his squadrons back with Pellaeon to report to his father, but kept the other two in Republic space to fight alongside the Rogues and learn more about the enemy.[4] Imperial forces requested Fel's aid in liaising with the Chiss, but he preferred to remain in New Republic space and fight.[20] Fel continued to fight with the Rogues for much of the next year, growing closer to Solo, with clawcraft present as late as the Battle of Kalarba, in which Solo was wounded and put on medical leave.[3][21] By 27 ABY, however, Fel returned to the Unknown Regions, recalled when General Baron Fel decided his squadrons were not making a significant impact.[17][22]

Return to battle[]

"You will be flying straight into a maelstrom."
"This is what I was trained to do, no more."
―Soontir Fel and Jagged Fel[17]

Fel wished to return to the known galaxy and aid the New Republic, rather than sit on the sidelines, but his father held him back until Coruscant, the galactic capital, fell to the Yuuzhan Vong. Once he got that news, Soontir called Jagged into his office and charged his son with a scouting mission into the galaxy to learn more of the Yuuzhan Vong and discover how to defeat them. Jagged was excited to have the opportunity to make a difference, but sobered by the news of Coruscant's conquest and the death of a Solo child—though when he asked, Soontir assuaged Jagged's immediate fear that Jaina had perished; it had been her younger brother, Anakin. Fel's scouting mission would not be in force; he took only his executive officer, Nuruodo, with him. He was unwilling to risk any more Chiss, who he felt would be needed at home.[17]

Fel traveled first to the barren orb that had been Ithor, seeking a reminder of why he fought. After visiting there, he set course for the Hapes Cluster, which had been opened to refugees. He predicted that would draw a Yuuzhan Vong attack, and planned to be there to observe—and to fight it off. Leaving hyperspace for a course reorientation, he nearly collided with a freighter, which he found to be under attack by four coralskippers. In short order, however, he and Nuruodo eliminated them, then assisted the freighter in reaching Hapes. The two clawcraft continued there as well, where Fel hoped to build a new squadron to aid him in combat and scout more effectively.[17]

On Hapes, Fel was greeted by Leia Organa Solo, Jaina's mother, and Kyp Durron, a Jedi Master he had met previously but did not particularly like. Fel informed the two that there would not be any further aid from the Empire of the Hand, but had little time to talk before the Hapan officials, informed by the freighter crew, requested the two pilots' aid in escorting Jaina Solo's captured Yuuzhan Vong craft down to the planet; they were worried it could be a trap, and the two had combat experience against the Vong. Fel accepted Durron's offer of aid, and so two clawcraft and an X-wing escorted the remnants of the Myrkr strike team down.[17]

Fel began building his Vanguard Squadron, recruiting three more pilots in addition to Durron. He trained them to work together, and sent them across the Hapes Cluster to scout various locations. One such mission was to Gallinore; just before the jump to hyperspace, however, Fel held Durron back. The two remained in orbit, where they found seven Hornet interceptors, the same fighters which had engaged Solo's craft earlier. Fel wanted to hunt down these mysterious raiders. He quickly eliminated three of the craft, as did Durron, then used himself as bait, luring the enemy pilot into firing his turbocharged cannons until they became unstable, then dropping back to destroy the ship in conjunction with Durron. Fel arranged for the ejected pilots to be picked up, then took the opportunity to ask Durron why Jaina Solo despised him; Durron revealed that he had lied to her in order to lure her into an attack on a Yuuzhan Vong worldship. The Jedi also suggested that Fel seek further answers from Solo herself by using his father's title to gain an invitation to the state dinner which would be held in the Hapan palace.[17]

Fel was indeed invited, and attended in formal uniform. He found Solo and started flirting with her until she suggested they leave the ball. He led her out by the hand, but former Queen Mother Ta'a Chume emerged to speak with Solo; Fel excused himself and departed. Ta'a Chume intended to groom Solo to marry her son, Prince Isolder, as part of her political manipulations, but desired Solo to be more experienced in matters of love first. She planned to encourage Solo in pursuing Fel, then assassinate the young man and push Solo onward to Isolder. Her conversation with Solo only subtly circled around her intentions, however. While they talked, Durron called Fel away to attend Anakin Solo's funeral. Jaina Solo arrived after her conversation with Ta'a Chume.[17]

The next morning, he sought out Solo and invited her to join Vanguard Squadron, but she declined. Fel was somewhat disappointed by her cool reaction to him, as he was becoming attracted to her. Fel returned later, seeking an apology for her attitude, but when she offered more of the same, he departed. Still not understanding her attitude, he went back the next day to try to patch up the quarrel, but she was gone, along with Durron. Fel was annoyed that she had taken one of his pilots without notifying him. Driven by curiosity to see Han Solo and see what example the bond that produced Jaina's parents could provide, Fel headed to the Hapan refugee camp, where the Solos had set up residence. As he approached their tent, however, he heard and saw what seemed to be a battle, drew his charric, and ran to provide aid. Solo punched Fel upon first entering the tent, mistaking him for an assailant. Fel stunned two of the attackers, both wearing Hapan uniforms, and threw the third off Solo, who had sustained a bad gash to the head. The third attacker escaped, and Fel had a passerby summon medical attention. While Fel was outside the tent, however, the two stunned assailants recovered and escaped. Organa Solo arrived and asked Fel for details of the attack; they could only surmise that Solo had been provoked into a fight by the arrival of Isolder's agents seeking to present Organa Solo with a dowry and ask for marriage. Organa Solo prepared to leave the planet with her husband, and had Fel round up the other Jedi to leave with them.[17]

When Jaina returned, Fel immediately went to her and brought news of her mother's departure. During the conversation, he mentioned his opinion that she should not trust Ta'a Chume as much as she did, then noticed Tenel Ka Djo, Ta'a Chume's Jedi granddaughter, storming off after having overheard the comment. Fel rushed off to apologize, but Djo revealed that she had merely wished to draw Fel off to speak with her; she trusted Ta'a Chume less than Fel did. Djo explained to him her grandmother's intrigues, and enlisted his aid in trying to stop her from exerting her influence over Solo. Fel caught up to her eventually and tried to gently advise her to keep from marrying Isolder, but Solo misinterpreted his remarks, thinking he was trying to dissuade her from pursuing him, and stormed away.[17]

Fel's clawcraft flies into battle.

As Solo began inventing tactics and devices to confuse and taunt the Yuuzhan Vong forces menacing Hapes, Vanguard Squadron flew with her to test and refine her methods. When they drove off a small approaching fleet with skillful use of gravitic decoys which mimicked the signature of Solo's captured Yuuzhan Vong ship, Fel was impressed and congratulated Solo after the battle, but Nuruodo rebuked him, feeling Solo was to undisciplined, and telling him that word was gathering of a coup that would put Solo in power. Fel realized this would mean an attack on Teneniel Djo, the current Queen Mother and Isolder's wife, and went to warn Tenel Ka Djo. On his way, he was intercepted by Hapan guards and imprisoned. Solo felt his distress in the Force and arrived with Durron to spring him from his cell inside the palace. They rushed to Teneniel Djo's chambers, but were too late. Tenel Ka Djo took the crown, placing her mother's secret war fleet under Fel's command.[17]

At that same time, the Yuuzhan Vong fleet was making a concerted attack. As Fel rushed to his fighter, Durron informed him that Solo had never intended to marry Isolder, and intimated that she was interested in Fel. He took to the skies, assuming control of the fleet as it arrived and leading it to defeat the oncoming force. After the victory, Fel reached out to Luke Skywalker, arranging a meeting to discuss the war effort.[17] That meeting, however, may have fallen through.[8]

The defense of Borleias[]

"I believe that this engagement, here on Borleias, will be the surest test of Yuuzhan Vong determination and character. Only in seeing how this campaign plays out can we provide a definitive analysis of the enemy that our people will someday face."
―Jagged Fel to Shawnkyr Nuruodo[18]

With Hapes relatively secure, Fel, Solo, Durron, the Wookiee Jedi Lowbacca, and Vanguard Squadron made their way to Borleias, where Antilles had fortified his fleet group after the fall of Coruscant, had gathered the Solos and Skywalker and several other allies, and was preparing a prolonged defensive to occupy the Yuuzhan Vong as long as possible; he knew Borleias could not stand forever. With Antilles and Skywalker, Solo broached the topic of starting her own squadron, where she could experiment with her "Trickster" tactics, playing on her association with the Yuuzhan Vong deception goddess Yun-Harla. Skywalker handed over his Twin Suns Squadron to her, and Fel petitioned to join. The thought of psychological warfare and Force-enhanced coordination techniques interested him, and he wanted to work alongside Solo to develop them. Solo and Antilles accepted, and he turned Vanguard Squadron over to Nuruodo's command. Fel would be working within the New Republic command system, with both Solo and his uncle as his superiors, but Fel had no problem taking orders. He was given the callsign Twin Suns Three and placed in a shield trio with Solo and Durron.[8]

In accordance with the Trickster deception, Solo was to be treated as if she were indeed a goddess, giving Twin Suns Squadron special privileges. Fel predicted that she would have them paint their fighters individually, and decided to paint his clawcraft black, with the claws silver and covered in blood-red splashes; he thought the design would be the most offensive to the technophobic Vong. When Solo did issue that order on a practice run, he was ready to implement it. That same practice run was their first effort in the use of Force-enhanced coordination. Solo and Durron linked their minds through the Force, attempting to strike simultaneously as possible at a variety of targets floating in space; Fel was to see how quickly he could match their target. Fel correctly predicted Solo's first target, allowing him to fire extremely quickly. Solo was mildly annoyed at his ability to anticipate her, but he predicted the second target as well. This went on, with Solo trying to become more unpredictable and Fel attempting to figure out which target she would focus on; Solo slowly grew more difficult to predict, but there remained a minuscule lag between her shots and Durron's. Fel suggested that this was due to Durron, being older, having slightly slower reflexes and advised that Solo either hesitate very slightly between deciding to fire and pulling the trigger, or let Durron choose the targets. That strategy reduced the gap to only one-hundredth of a second. Shortly after implementing that idea, however, Solo sensed something wrong in an unoccupied area of the system and led the others to investigate. There, they found an incoming Yuuzhan Vong force. They used the new tactics to deal with the three coralskippers dispatched against them, then found that the frigate analogue in the force was launching something. Closer investigation revealed they were living captives, encased in a jelly-like substance, on a trajectory to burn up in Borleias's atmosphere; a taunt from the Yuuzhan Vong. Fel immediately requested a shuttle to pick them up. While Solo and Durron attempted to use the Force to slow them down—made difficult by their very high velocity—Fel maneuvered his clawcraft in among the victims. He slowed, matched their pace, and began bumping captives as gently as he could, vectoring them into open space rather than toward Borleias. Seeing this, the others joined him, vectoring all twenty-two to safety, though four died of cold exposure. The piloting skill involved was sufficient to gather applause from the ground crew upon returning to base.[8]

The Twin Suns were assigned to Operation Starlancer, a scheme in which several "pipefighters" were escorted into formation over Borleias, with the point being to trick the Yuuzhan Vong into believing that they were a superweapon system with powerful lasers which could fire through hyperspace to strike distant targets.[8][18] Solo, meanwhile, was being tutored in psychological warfare by Wraith Squadron experts, who suggested she get a porter to maintain her goddess image. She attempted to enlist Fel in the role, but he refused, pointing out that putting Durron in the role would be far more significant. Solo was annoyed by his superior manner, but could not disagree with his logic.[8]

When the Twin Suns and other elite squadrons escorted the pipefighters up for a test-firing, they found themselves attacked by coralskippers, though the firing itself went off without a hitch. The initial resistance was weak, but kept the Twin Suns in place long enough for a pair of Yuuzhan Vong interdictors to arrive and deploy a flood of coralskippers. They were trapped, and had to fight their way out. Fel came up with an idea to clear an escape vector; he ordered Solo and Durron to launch shadow bombs—Force-guided proton torpedoes—and have them trail him as closely as possible, then blasted forward. He jinked through the coralskipper swarm, making a solo run on the interdictor cutting the squadron off from Borleias. When he neared, he opened up with laser fire, which the ship's dovin basal-generated voids caught. His fire drew the voids away from where the two shadow bombs struck. There was now a hole through which to escape, but Fel was grazed by a void during the attack, stripping his shields and pulling him off-course, back into the swarm of enemy fighters. Fel stood no chance of surviving, but insisted his comrades flee rather than die trying to save him. Solo ordered the squadron to jump back to Borleias, but neither she nor Durron could bring themselves to leave their comrade. Three against fifty, they headed into the dogfight against Antilles's explicit orders; even he accepted that his nephew was dead, and did not wish to see others waste their lives saving him. Durron used a desperation tactic, pulling one of the interdictor's singularity shields around with the Force until it sucked itself into its own gravitic effect. Fel was able to use his craft's agility to maneuver through his opponents, and the three were able to make it through the engagement zone against the odds, with Rogue Squadron arriving to eliminate their remaining pursuers.[8]

Fel and Jaina Solo share their first kiss.

Upon returning to base, they were greeted by Antilles's right-hand man, Colonel Tycho Celchu, who summoned Fel and Solo to Antilles's office. While they waited outside it, Fel asked Solo to talk privately. They went down the hall to an empty conference room, where Fel asked Solo why she had insisted on saving him. Solo could only say that she was tired of the death surrounding her before breaking down in tears; Fel took her in his arms, told her he was not going anywhere, and kissed her. When they parted, he sent her back to her quarters to recover, and went to see Antilles in her place. Fel explained that he thought disciplining Solo at this point would damage her emotionally, and that the day's events were an aberration. Antilles was not happy, but agreed that the goddess persona gave him an excuse to withhold discipline, then personally congratulated Fel on his survival.[8]

When the Yuuzhan Vong began a ground invasion, Fel and the other pilots were called to defend the base. Upon discovering that several coralskippers were traveling under the foliage to evade detection, Fel, Solo, and Durron did the same. Fel sneaked into position next to an advancing column, then set down, with Durron and Solo controlling a pair of shadow bombs behind him. Fel, ahead of the others, directed them in placing their bombs along the enemies' path, where the Jedi detonated them like mines, killing two rakamat armored beasts. As they fought, however, the Twin Suns were continually ordered back until finally they were alongside the base itself. All the other units fell back at the same rate, clearing the way for Operation Emperor's Hammer. Antilles had the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya begin an orbital bombardment, completely wiping out the Yuuzhan Vong ground forces now evenly gathered around the base. The attack had been defeated. With Lando Calrissian's successful return from an insertion mission as well, Calrissian threw a massive celebration to which Fel invited his new girlfriend Solo.[8]

The Twin Suns continued flying combat missions against minor incursions and raids as the Yuuzhan Vong forces stood off from Borleias, as well as developing new tactics, such as a missile which launched a spread of ball bearings of the same heat and gravity as proton torpedoes, overwhelming an enemy craft's dovin basals and allowing actual proton torpedoes through. One day, however, Nuruodo approached him, asking him to return to the Unknown Regions with her. She felt they had spent enough time scouting, and it was time to make their report. Fel, however, felt that Borleias would be a key test of Yuuzhan Vong character, and only by riding out the entire campaign could they know how to defeat them. Moreover, Fel felt that his presence was vital there, as any damage he dealt the Yuuzhan Vong at Borleias weakened their ability to strike at the Chiss. He also admitted that he had come to identify with the Republic pilots, and felt they were worth protecting as well as the Chiss. Nuruodo still wished to leave, and Fel reached an arrangement with her in which she would return and file their report after Borleias fell while Fel stayed, to return eventually. If she died before Borleias fell, however, Fel would have to return and report.[18]

Meanwhile, Fel continued his romance with Solo, though pressing military matters kept them from spending as much time together as they would have liked. The Yuuzhan Vong maintained a constant pace of harassment, drawing down Borleias's resources and wearing down the pilots.[18] When Solo suggested that Zekk, a longtime friend of hers with an intense, unrequited infatuation with her, pilot a B-wing she was planning to use in the squadron, Fel told her Zekk was not a good enough pilot and suggested a shuttle pilot named Beelyath instead. In fact, Fel thought Zekk was good enough but wanted Zekk kept well away from Solo.[9][18] Eventually, Fel suggested he and Solo have a talk with Durron, who had been withdrawn from the group. They invited him up to a picnic on the roof of the base, where Solo convinced Durron to engage with the group and assured him that his presence did not interfere with Fel's relationship with Solo.[18]

At long last, Antilles was ready to end the siege of Borleias; he readied an evacuation of the base and sent up the pipefighters, now seemingly fully operational, to draw a Yuuzhan Vong response. The Twin Suns, along with the other elite fighter squadrons, went up to guard the pipefighters and maintain the illusion. However, when the enemy forces arrived to engage them, Fel and the others jumped to hyperspace. They emerged around the Lusankya, guarding it from enemy coralskippers. The massive ship had been damaged badly in the constant harassment, and Antilles had chosen to strip it of many functional systems and turn it into a suicide ram against the Yuuzhan Vong flagship. The forces designated to capture Solo, whom the Yuuzhan Vong wished to have for a twin sacrifice with her brother, pursued them, and the Twin Suns used more of their misidentification techniques to fool the ships into chasing a missile, destroying many enemies. Meanwhile, Lusankya successfully rammed the enemy worldship, rendering the battle a significant, if costly, victory for the New Republic.[18]

Signs of progress[]

"I was hoping you'd get some rest and refit after Borleias."
"So was I."
―Han Solo and Jagged Fel[23]

Nuruodo returned to make her report, and Fel was reinforced with a full squadron of clawcraft, including Nuruodo. They were technically assigned only to scout, but Fel was able to push them into a combat role.[5][23] He was able to keep the unit in known space long after they were supposed to be recalled, and reported back to his father only irregularly.[24] Twin Suns Squadron had already been broken up so that new squadrons could be formed around its members and Fel was given command of a rookie E-wing squadron to train. Fel was eventually assigned to lead his squadrons in patrols of the Hydian Way, which was being mined by the Yuuzhan Vong. Fel found the relentless pace of combat draining, and resented being pulled away from Solo, but performed his duties anyway. The squadron was eventually able to find and destroy the main minelaying ship for one section; later that same day, they rescued the Millennium Falcon from a coralskipper attack. Fel was invited aboard the Falcon, where conversation turned to the Solos' diplomatic mission to the Empire. Fel explained to Vana Dorja, the Imperial commander aboard, that logic dictated the Empire ally with the Yuuzhan Vong—short-term logic. He pointed out that while the Empire would enjoy some benefits of an alliance with the Yuuzhan Vong, those would eventually disappear as the Yuuzhan Vong turned against them or assimilated them into their pain-worshiping culture. Their interests were simply incompatible with those of the Remnant, whereas those of the New Republic were compatible. When the meeting was finished, Fel sent a message to Jaina telling her about it and her mother's feeling in the Force that Jacen Solo had survived his capture by the Yuuzhan Vong, expressing his desire to be with her and celebrate.[23]

Eventually, Fel's unit was rotated to Kre'fey's fleet, where Solo was based, for maintenance. Having felt that Solo's response to him had grown ambiguous in her holomessages, he decided to conduct an experiment, waiting in her quarters when he arrived and seizing and kissing her as soon as she entered. She kissed back before she Force-pushed him across the room and into a shelf. He considered the early lack of opposition a success, and gave a relatively unembarrassed greeting to Jacen, who had been accompanying Jaina. Fel urged Jaina to delegate her work to her junior officers and spend the evening with him. Solo insisted on a game of sabacc, in which she came out far ahead, then relented to Fel's romantic advances. With action upcoming against the collaborationist Peace Brigade government on Ylesia, Fel volunteered to participate and Kre'fey accepted.[25]

In the battle itself, Fel accompanied Solo's Twin Suns down to the surface, clearing several opposing fighter craft along the way. Once there, Solo dismounted to aid in the capture of the Peace Brigade leadership, but Fel was called away when Yuuzhan Vong reinforcements arrived in orbit. Yuuzhan Vong forces which had a managed to remain hidden ambushed Solo's group; Fel returned to the surface to provide air cover. The enemy was at very close quarters to the New Republic forces, so Fel arranged his rookies in echelon to his side, positioning himself along the divider to keep the pilots over enemy territory, then led them in a successful strafing run. With the ground forces free, Fel escorted them to orbit, then joined in the battle against the reinforcements.[25]

Jagged Fel

Fel enjoyed what remained of his time with Solo, but eventually had to return to the Hydian.[23][25] He maintained regular contact with her through holomessages, sharing the events and frustration of his assignment. Solo went on to participate in the Battle of Ebaq 9, in which the Yuuzhan Vong were soundly defeated by a strategy of the venerable Admiral Gial Ackbar's making and Solo herself killed the Yuuzhan Vong warmaster, Tsavong Lah. Meanwhile, newly elected Chief of State Cal Omas reorganized the New Republic into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in a bid to strengthen the government.[23] After the victory at Ebaq 9, Nuruodo returned to Chiss space, causing another Chiss female, Eprill, to take on the role of second-in-command. Within a few months, Fel was stationed on Mon Calamari, the new capital after the loss of Coruscant, and the newly promoted Lieutenant Colonel Solo arrived there as well. Both were assigned to escort the Millennium Falcon on a diplomatic mission to make contact with areas of the galaxy that had been cut off since Coruscant's capture and bring them into the Galactic Alliance. Several of the Twin Suns pilots were split off into a new squadron under Lowbacca while Fel and half his Chiss were folded into Twin Suns to make a complete squadron; Fel and Solo would serve as squadron co-leaders. Eprill was given command of the other half of the Chiss squadron and orders to build a new full unit from it. During the meeting to explain the mission, Solo received a comm call from Tahiri Veila, a distressed young Jedi friend. Fel was among those who rushed to find her; she was only partially conscious and apparently delusional. She was rushed to receive medical care, and Fel and Solo stood watch outside her room as Jedi healers sought to find the problem.[5]

They left Veila in the care of the Jedi, and the next day they sparred in unarmed combat practice; Solo was able to defeat Fel, but he enjoyed simply being with her. He had been feeling stressed by the constant combat and looked on the upcoming mission as a chance to get away from the grind of war and spend quality time with his significant other. After the session, he attended a meeting with Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, who were going on a diplomatic mission to the Chiss and searching for the living planet Zonama Sekot, which they believed to be key to ending the war and within the Unknown Regions.[5] Fel's family and possibly the Empire of the Hand as a whole had recently been integrated into the Chiss Ascendancy itself after a Chiss civil war, and Fel was able to inform them who to contact with their inquiries.[5][15] Fel did not wish to betray the secretive Chiss by telling the Skywalkers too much, but they seemed to know much already and felt it imperative that the Chiss be persuaded to enter the war.[5]

Fel worked with Eprill to decide who of the Chiss pilots should be left in the unit and who should transfer to Twin Suns Squadron. He and Solo worked on their squadron; each would switch off the duties of squadron command every day, and they decided to integrate the units such that half the shield trios had a Chiss leader with two Twin Suns wingmates and half had one X-wing and two clawcraft. While this could be awkward initially, they felt it was the best way to build coherence through the unit in the long term. When the Skywalkers departed for their mission, he helped load the Jade Shadow and saw them off. Three days later, the Millennium Falcon, Twin Suns Squadron, and the Lancer-class frigate Pride of Selonia under Captain Todra Mayn departed for the Koornacht Cluster, where the Galactic Alliance had lost contact with the locals on the border, reports had the xenophobic Yevetha possibly on the attack, and an anonymous informant had warned the Solos there was a trap waiting.[5]

Diplomatic tour[]

"I'm here. And I'm not going anywhere, Jaina. Not until you wake up. You know what that means, don't you? It means that Twin Suns Squadron is unattended. And we can't have that, can we? I love you, Jaina. Please come back to me."
―Jagged Fel, to an unconscious Jaina Solo[14]

During their departure, Fel was deeply disturbed to see what seemed to be intense hatred in Veila's eyes, so strong that Fel instinctively reached for his sidearm. The look quickly passed, however, and he was left wondering about Veila, who was included in the mission. She had once been imprisoned and experimented upon by the Yuuzhan Vong, and he wondered if there might be more to her. He aired his concerns over Veila, couched in more general terms, with Organa Solo, but the older woman insisted the young Jedi Knight belonged on the mission. Fel relented but remained uneasy and resolved to keep an eye on her. The task force made for Galantos, a New Republic world on the outer fringes of the Koornacht Cluster. Fel, wishing to watch Veila, volunteered to be part of the landing party.[5]

The local Fia excitedly greeted the group—consisting of Fel, Han and Leia Solo, Veila, the Solos' two Noghri bodyguards, and C-3PO—and led them to their quarters, which Fel swept for listening devices before opening a link with the Selonia. Organa Solo and Veila went out for a walk, with Veila splitting off to reconnoiter the area; however, she had another episode, responding to some unseen attack before collapsing. Fel took a look at the communications network and determined that the HoloNet blackout was the result of only a minor routing error which could easily be corrected; he found it suspicious that it had not. Meanwhile, Solo took off from orbit to search the Koornacht Cluster for news on the Yevetha, whom the Fia had mysteriously assured them were no longer a problem. Fel was to transfer back to orbit to take command of the squadron while she was gone, but due to various delays and his own unease with the situation on the ground, did not. Instead, he went to search where Veila had collapsed; having seen holos of her spell, he thought the episode began after she glanced at something in her hand. He found a small trinket, which seemed to be it, then finally went to ascend to orbit. When he entered his clawcraft, though, a message appeared warning him to leave the world immediately. Filing it away as yet another suspicious occurrence, Fel made for orbit.[5]

Once on station, Fel received simultaneous reports of new arrivals. One group was Solo and one of her wingmates, both damaged by attack from the lone Yevetha survivor of what appeared to be a brutal Yuuzhan Vong attack; the Chiss pilot Miza had died. The other group was a small Yuuzhan Vong force; Fel scrambled the Twin Suns to respond. He and his pilots were outnumbered three to one, but the Yuuzhan Vong had not expected resistance and so were slow to respond effectively. The Galactic Alliance forces were able to cripple the two slaveships sent to seize the Fia, with Fel saving Solo from heavy pursuit at one point in the battle. When the Fian defense fleet—a few squadrons of Y-wings—decided to ally with Galactic Alliance rather than the Yuuzhan Vong with whom they had cut an obviously bad deal, Fel assigned one element to continue the harassment of the slaveships, one to provide cover, and the third to follow him in an attack on the Yuuzhan Vong command ship, which self-destructed when its captain realized defeat was imminent.[5]

The Solos, meanwhile, contacted the mysterious individual who had left the warning in Fel's craft; a member of the large, loose, but very well-informed Ryn Network, he informed them that the Fia had promised resources to the Yuuzhan Vong in exchange for the destruction of the Yevetha and suggested they travel to Bakura next to counteract another attempt at Yuuzhan Vong corruption. When the Fia reconnected to the HoloNet, the task force received news that the Skywalkers' group, including Jacen Solo, had aided the Remnant in successfully driving off a Yuuzhan Vong assault. Fel carried the news to Solo, and shared his concern that the Yuuzhan Vong might try to use the same divide-and-conquer strategy against the Chiss.[5] He also shared his worries about Veila, and the two decided that one would always keep an eye on her.[24]

Colonel Jagged Fel

Solo had the role of Twin Suns leader when they arrived at Bakura. There, an anonymous heckler, resentful of the losses suffered when the New Republic had recruited Bakuran aid eleven years before, interrupted the comm conversation between the Millennium Falcon and ground control. During the conversation, an orbiting ship disgorged Ssi-ruuvi fighters, causing Fel and the Twin Suns to scramble and nearly sparking a battle before it was made clear that the fighters were Bakuran-controlled and serving only as an escort. Upon debarking for a meeting with the Bakuran leadership, the Solos learned that the P'w'eck species, slaves of the Ssi-ruuk who had invaded Bakura decades ago, had overthrown their former masters and were negotiating with the Bakurans for alliance. Meanwhile, in orbit with Selonia, Fel was alarmed when an out-of-control freighter emerged from hyperspace on a course too near the Selonia. He warned it to change course, but with no response he had to resort to physically pushing it out of the way. While he was alongside it, it became apparent that the ship was about to explode and he quickly ordered the Twin Suns away. All survived the explosion, but Bakuran control recorded an escape pod launch just before the detonation. It would be unable to land properly, and so Fel clamped onto it and pulled it aboard the Pride of Selonia, discovering that Bakuran Prime Minister Molierre Cundertol was inside and had escaped from kidnappers. Fel found Cundertol's behavior and explanation for his escape somewhat suspicious, however, and shared his concerns with the Solos.[24]

Fel remained in orbit while the three Solos and Veila dealt with the Bakurans; when Veila had another spell, Han and Leia Solo were able to determine that it was somehow related to the "Riina Kwaad" Yuuzhan Vong personality that had been implanted in her by Yuuzhan Vong shapers earlier in the war, and which they thought she had escaped. She ran off when confronted, and the Solos shared this information with Fel. In the middle of that discussion, however, Fel was informed that a fleet had reverted from hyperspace; the Keeramak, leader of the P'w'eck rebellion, had arrived to seal the alliance. Fel was later informed that Jaina Solo had been observed helping Malinza Thanas, supposedly a violent resistance leader but actually a peaceful protester and Luke Skywalker's sponsor child, escape from custody and was now the subject of an arrest warrant. He was annoyed and worried by this turn of events, but had to remain in orbit to guard the Selonia and make sure the P'w'eck contingent did not cause trouble. While in orbit, he received news of a large explosion at the consecration ceremony that was to mark the alliance; Cundertol was presumed killed. Solo resurfaced, however, exposing the scheme as the work of Deputy Prime Minister Blaine Harris and clearing her own and Thanas's names.[24]

At the end of the ceremony, however, the P'w'eck forces suddenly began disgorging fighters. They were not P'w'eck at all, but Ssi-ruuk who had manipulated the Bakurans into allowing them to consecrate the world so they could wage war without endangering their souls, per their religious beliefs. Fel further realized that the mixed P'w'eck and Bakuran "honor guard" which had been in the sky had been a ruse; the Ssi-ruuvi fighters had locked tractor beams on the Bakuran fighters and were attempting to capture them for entechment. Fel immediately took action, leading the Twin Suns to break up the formation as the Bakuran Defense Fleet moved to attack its betrayers. Fel and his pilots initially had much success, but when a pair of fighters dropped onto his tail, Fel took an evasive route along the surface of a moon to evade them, clipping a canyon wall on his way back into orbit and damaging his fighter; a Bakuran Y-wing was able to destroy his pursuers. By that time, all his pilots had been killed or captured, and the Y-wing was quickly captured by a new set of fighters. He considered self-destructing his fighter to avoid having his soul enslaved to power Ssi-ruuvi machinery, but had no desire to give up when there was still a chance of escape; while he considered this, his fighter was caught in enemy tractor beams. Fel received orders from Mayn to stand down; he did not trust the Ssi-ruuk, but decided not to blow his engines in suicide. As the enemy fighters ferried him in to a capital ship, he noticed that the tractor beams pinning his craft in place were weakening. He quickly realized that the P'w'eck were turning on their masters, this time for real. He and the other captives, now inside the Ssi-ruuvi shields, turned on the Ssi-ruuk piloted fighters before Fel organized an assault on their capital ships. He crippled as much of their offensive power as he could; in short order, both enemy carriers surrendered. The Bakurans and P'w'eck reached a new, genuine treaty.[24]

As soon as he could, Fel met back up with Solo; his brush with entechment had him wishing to spend as much time with her as possible. They watched over Veila, who had passed out once more. The local member of the Ryn network, Goure Conor, arrived with a Kurtzen native and shared his own belief that the Riina Kwaad personality was the source of Veila's problems, and could only be solved be integrating the personality with Veila's, not excising it. Fel stridently objected, but Goure insisted it was the only way; he also suggested they travel to Onadax next. The Kurtzen performed a spiritual cleansing ceremony in the hope that it would help Veila recover, then left.[24] Fel was among those who sat watch at Veila's bedside in shifts to make certain someone would be there if she awoke. At Onadax, Han and Jaina traveled through the city, but had difficulty contacting the Ryn agent Goure had said would be there. When riots broke out across the city while Jaina was still there, Fel was worried for her safety. He was briefly alarmed when the Selonia lifted off, but soon discovered Solo had been recovered; he simply hadn't been informed of it over the comm.[14]

Fel's Chiss pilots integrated with those of the Galactic Alliance in Twin Suns Squadron.

On Onadax, Han Solo had been able to pick up at the last minute Droma, a Ryn he had once partnered with earlier in the war. Droma revealed to them that Generis, one of two major communications links with the Unknown Regions—and thus the Skywalker party—had fallen to the Yuuzhan Vong and the second, Esfandia, was under attack. The group immediately set course for Esfandia, with Fel making the jump in his clawcraft while Solo stood watch over Veila. Upon arriving there, they found overwhelmingly large numbers of Yuuzhan Vong, but in very short order a pair of Star Destroyers jumped into the system under Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. They opened contact, and the Galactic Alliance forces began aiding the Imperials, targeting the yammosk-carrying command ship Kur-hashan. Heavily outnumbered, the battle was not easy, but Fel and his pilots began making headway against the Yuuzhan Vong.[14]

When the northern enemy flank proved more resistant than Pellaeon would have liked, the Grand Admiral requested that Fel's three best pilots help root out the yammosk he suspected was there. When Fel requested further instructions on how to accomplish this, Pellaeon simply told Fel to "surprise" him. Taking the challenge to heart, he sprang upon a wild scheme to disable the cruiser and the corvette in the north flank, one of which had to house the yammosk. Fel faked being disabled and went into a death roll toward a disabled Yuuzhan Vong gunship; just before striking it, he fired and was able to come to a stop inside the hole he made; to the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, he appeared to have crashed and died. He used his own engines to push the hulk while trimming away internal mass with his lasers to make the ship easier to move. He guided it between the cruiser and the corvette before destroying the gunship, sending large fragments toward the two enemy capital ships. The debris still had active dovin basals, preventing the Yuuzhan Vong ships from destroying the wreckage before it collided, damaging the ships and creating weak points Pellaeon's TIEs quickly exploited. Fel rode one piece to the corvette and into it, burrowing through the ship with his lasers and doing enough damage to cripple the ship before cutting his way back out.[14]

That victory was enough to force a stalemate, with the Yuuzhan Vong withdrawing to the other side of the planet and each side keeping the other from inserting pilots into the atmosphere in search of Esfandia's mobile relay station. Fel, his clawcraft scorched by his tactic, returned to the Selonia for maintenance. On landing, he learned that Solo was in a coma after attempting to aid Veila; he immediately rushed from his cockpit to be with her. The chief medic was unsure what had happened, but theorized that Veila's two personalities were fighting for dominance within her psyche, and Solo had joined with Veila in the Force to help her, but had not come out. Fel was heartbroken at the thought of losing Solo, and admitted to himself that he loved her. He demanded to be left alone with her, then took her hand and began speaking. He told her he would not leave until she awoke, and confessed his love for her. Inside her mental meld, Solo heard him and took strength from his words, joining with Veila to integrate the two personalities, creating a new, merged personality in Veila's body. Fel was vastly relieved when she woke up.[14]

The Falcon had gone to ground on Esfandia during the battle in order to search for the relay station; after finding it, they were able to get a message to the Galactic Alliance forces giving their position, but the enemy force were sufficient to prevent a landing. Instead, the group made use of Veila's new integrated personality to contact B'shith Vorrik, the enemy commander, from a Yuuzhan Vong hulk and convince them that the Kwaad personality had won and Veila had turned traitor to the GA. Vorrik allowed the hulk to make landfall, with Fel, Solo, Twin Suns pilots Jocell and Enton Adelmaa'j, and Imperial pilot Arth Gxin also stowed aboard. In environment suits to protect against Esfandia's freezing and unbreathable atmosphere, they sped from the landing site on speeder bikes toward a meeting spot with a contingent from the base, led by Han Solo. The group rigged a transponder with mines as a trap, then had Veila call it in as the location of the base. Fleeing to an area from which they could ambush the Yuuzhan Vong that would converge on the location, they waited for the Yuuzhan Vong to arrive and trigger the mines. When the did, Fel and the others flew out to engage them. When Jaina's bike crashed, Fel helped Veila and Droma protect her from oncoming forces. He volunteered his bike for Droma to take the injured Solo back to the base, leaving him on foot with Veila. The two cut their way out until Han Solo and Adelmaa'j picked them up and took them back to the base. However, when the charges on the transmitter refused to blow remotely, Fel returned with Veila to trigger them manually. There they found Eniknar, the base crewman the Solos had suspected of being a traitor. Honest but mortally wounded, Eniknar volunteered to stay behind and trigger the damaged controls, which had lost the capability to program a delay before the explosion.[14]

With that, they fooled Vorrik into thinking the base had been destroyed; Pellaeon completed the victory in space, destroying the enemy fleet. After the battle, Fel was placed in charge of organizing the Ryn fleet which had showed up to aid Pellaeon, then put to work leading cleanup efforts to keep the battle debris from plummeting to Esfandia's surface. With the victory there, the tour was declared over, and the task force returned to Mon Calamari to rest and recover.[14] With the tour concluded, Solo was restored to sole command of the squadron, in which Fel continued flying.[26]

Winning the war[]

"Thank you for everything you did at Coruscant—flying support for the Falcon and all. Mara told me she had to stop you from searching the Citadel for me."
"I might have disobeyed if the escape vessel hadn't launched."
―Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel[27]

Twin Suns Squadron was placed under the command of General Antilles and based aboard his flagship, the Mon Mothma. Fel flew at Duros, where Antilles's task force, unknown to all but the general himself, was merely a distraction to draw off Yuuzhan Vong forces and allow the reconquest of Fondor. When Lensi, a Duros member of Rogue Squadron, confronted Solo with complaints about the plan, Fel defended her, his uncle, and the battle plan, calling it a tactical necessity and suggesting Lensi look at it from a wider perspective.[26]

Antilles's fleet was next sent to participate in the reconquest of Bilbringi. That fleet would be the first in, reconnoitering the area and transmitting the ideal jump destinations for fleets under Pellaeon and Kre'fey; unified, the three fleets would secure the system for use as a staging point to take back Coruscant. When the group dropped into the system, however, they found the HoloNet down, sabotaged by a new Yuuzhan Vong bioengineered weapon. Surrounded, outnumbered, and interdicted, they could not summon their reinforcements. The fleet made for the in-system interdictor and the ships around it, with the out-system group sending a wave of coralskippers towing metal-chewing grutchins. The grutchins covered the capital ships and could not be dislodged, threatening to sabotage the fleet. Antilles ordered a highly unusual tactic; the best pilots, including Fel, would fly extremely close to the capital ships' hulls, burning the grutchins off with their exhaust. With pinpoint piloting, the tactic was successful.[26]

When Antilles's sensors detected an old Golan II defense platform, he sent Twin Suns to investigate it for possible reactivation and also to send a courier to Kre'fey and signal him to approach. Solo tasked Fel with taking two other pilots to carry the message to Kre'fey. However, the battle was decided before Kre'fey and Fel made it to Bilbringi; Solo was able to use the Golan against the Yuuzhan Vong fleet and Antilles pulled off a victory. Fel and Solo returned to Mon Calamari for a brief period of recreation before their next mission.[26] Fel transferred out of Twin Suns and took back command of Vanguard Squadron, which had been filled out by more Chiss reinforcements, including Nuruodo.[27]

Fel continued flying in operations alongside Solo's Twin Suns, and was assigned to assist them in the rescue of an important convoy of prisoners, but was held back at Mon Calamari when worries arose of enemy action against the Galactic Alliance's capital. When Solo returned from battle, he met her and attempted to comfort her, as she was distressed over the fact that her parents had not reported back for some time after going to Caluula, which was now under attack.[27]

When Mon Calamari came under Yuuzhan Vong assault, Vanguard, Twin Suns, Rogue, Scimitar, Blackmoon, and Wild Knights Squadrons were stationed at the outer-system point designated Iceberg III. Fed targeting information on the enemy fleet by a swarm of probe droids, Vanguard, Twin Suns, and Rogue Squadrons were assigned to destroy several tentacle-shaped formations of coralskippers and small craft extended from the main battle group. Fel was in the first wave, clearing out approach lanes for the others. The capital ships counterattacked down those lanes and the tentacle formations shifted, however, destroying many Galactic Alliance fighters, including half Fel's squadron. The fighters, most of them damaged, were ordered to retreat and clear fire lanes for friendly capital ships; Fel cut exit routes for his comrades, then had the Twin Suns form up on him and led them to help Solo escape. He then retreated in-system with the rest of the fighters and regrouped, but the Yuuzhan Vong retreated shortly thereafter when Zonama Sekot, found by the Skywalkers, jumped into the Coruscant system, terrifying the Yuuzhan Vong.[27]

Fel piloted the distinctive Nssis-class clawcraft during his time with Twin Suns Squadron; his clawcraft was wrecked in the liberation of Coruscant.

Solo was sent to Sekot as part of a Jedi contingent, and Fel took over Twin Suns Squadron as his decimated unit was once more folded into it. The unit was attached to the Fourth Fleet under Pellaeon and stationed on Right to Rule in preparation for the recapture of Coruscant. He personally requested the mission leading the assault and escorting the ground forces to the surface along with the Rogues, Wraith Squadron, and the Taanab Yellow Aces.[27]

Fel led his pilots through openings in the Yuuzhan Vong defenses created by Pellaeon's ships, but lost his first transport to dovin basal mines. The second craft he and his now much-reduced squadron were assigned made it through. Fel covered its landing, but was brought down by ground fire and crashed into a Vongscaped forest. Page's Commandos rescued him and reported his survival to control. Page's men joined with the Wraiths and local Yuuzhan Vong resistance forces led by Shamed Ones who saw the Jedi as their salvation, and armed Fel for ground combat. They secured a landing site in the capital district, and Fel was relived to see Solo land safely and greet him before going off into battle. Fel himself was shuttled to Westport, where he was put in the cockpit of a spare X-wing. He did not care for the X-wing, less nimble than his craft even when not in atmospheric conditions, but dutifully provided air cover for the assault on Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane's palace. When Luke Skywalker killed Shimrra in his throne room, the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered. Fel put down and searched for Solo, but she and her brother had gone missing inside the palace. He nearly went in to look for her himself, but Mara Jade Skywalker convinced him to fly escort for the Millennium Falcon, which was taking a wounded Skywalker back to orbit. At that moment, the pinnacle of Shimrra's Citadel, an area fitted as an escape craft, launched into orbit with the Solo twins aboard it. Fel and the Falcon pursued, and were able to safely recover them. Fel put down on Coruscant while the Falcon proceeded to Sekot; Fel would not see Solo for several more weeks amid the chaos and work of ending the war.[27]

With their victory, Fel—his clawcraft repaired or replaced—was assigned to escort Yuuzhan Vong ships to Zonama Sekot, where the surrendering forces were contained on the living world. Fel was able to confirm that Solo was in Middle Distance on that planet, and received permission to land and finally speak with her; he was able to relay a message through Talon Karrde to have her await him. They met in the snow, embracing each other before walking hand-in-hand to see the sights.[27] Fel invited Solo to go back with him to Csilla to meet his family, which had now been reduced by Chak's death in the Unknown Regions during the later years of the war, but Solo regretfully confessed that she could not go.[15][27] Fel felt wounded, and sensed that she had decided to end their relationship, but she explained that the time was simply too tumultuous for her and she needed to attend to her duties and have time to sort out their relationship. Fel told her that their relationship might work out after all, as he had been assigned by the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force to liaison with the Galactic Alliance and would remain in the known galaxy after going back to visit his family. The pair decided to continue their romance.[27]

Fighting friends[]

"Don't apologize. The fault is all mine. I should never have made the mistake of thinking Jedi had honor."
"Jagged, we—I—want you to know that I still love you. And I always will. But if you can eject, you should do it now."
―Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo[28]

Fel and Solo had had a strong relationship, enough for marriage to be considered a possibility, but they eventually drifted apart as Solo had difficulty maintaining her bonds with others after the war.[15] She chose to end the relationship, though each still retained feelings for the other.[15][28] Sometime after that, Fel was recalled to the Ascendancy, where he took up a position as a commander in the Expansionary Defense Fleet.[15]

In 35 ABY, Fel was given military command of a fleet under the supervision of Aristocra Chaf'orm'bintrano and sent to intervene in a border dispute with the Killiks, a hive-minded insectoid race which had been rapidly expanding for several years and even absorbed several families of Chiss into their hive mind. The Ascendancy considered them a significant threat, and when they moved to Qoribu, threateningly near to Chiss space, the Ascendancy responded. Fel's fleet unleashed defoliants on Qoribu to rob the Killik Colony of its food supply and starve out the enemy. The Chiss were greatly distressed when seven Jedi, including Solo, showed up to fight for the Killiks—called by mental compulsion from the Colony's leader, UnuThul, a Jedi formerly known as Raynar Thul and a friend of the Jedi in question.[15] Consultation revealed that these Jedi were acting independently of any larger authority, reassuring the Chiss government but making Fel feel no better about facing his former comrades—he had flown and fought alongside each one of them during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[15][17][14][26] He remained committed to performing his duty, however.[15]

Fel prepared a trap for the Jedi, sending defoliator ships and letting the Jedi, in their sensor-invisible StealthX fighters, attack and reveal their position before uncloaking a Chiss Star Destroyer and releasing a swarm of clawcraft. The Killiks engaged more heavily than they ever had before, throwing swarms of their dartship suicide craft against the Chiss while the Star Destroyer attempted to capture the Jedi fighters with tractor beams. The effort failed when a massive, relentless wave of enemy dartships battered down the Star Destroyer's shields and hulled it, destroying the ship. As the Killiks retreated, Fel commenced rescue operations. When the Millennium Falcon and Jade Shadow showed up to take the Jedi home the Falcon and some Jedi in StealthXs remained behind to search for Lowbacca, who had gone extravehicular; they claimed they wished to help find Chiss survivors. Fel did not trust them and set an ambush around the Wookiee Jedi, testing them. Lowbacca warned them away from it, but in moving to rescue him they exposed their true motives. Fel had his pilots take Lowbacca into custody and communicated with the Solos, apologizing for the deception but maintaining the Chiss right to detain the Wookiee.[15]

Fel's clawcraft engage Jedi X-wings over Qoribu.

When a Hapan fleet arrived in Qoribu space to protect the Killiks, the two fleets took up orbits over opposite poles, but Fel held a fleet element in reserve to strike once the battle began. Solo, still with the Killiks, had become convinced that the Dark Jedi Lomi Plo and Welk were controlling the Colony in secret, and sent Fel a message through the Force as the Killiks prepared a preemptive attack warning him of the danger; Fel prepared and felt newly convinced that the Jedi might be able to resist the Colony's mind-warping influence after all.[15]

The Millennium Falcon entered the system shortly thereafter, and Fel hailed it but was surprised to find himself speaking to Dukat Aleson Gray, the commander of the Hapan fleet; the Falcon had put both on a conference channel. The Solos informed him of the existence of the Gorog nest of Killiks, controlled by Plo and unconsciously influencing the other Killik nests. The Jedi were striking at the hidden Gorog base on the moon Kr, causing Gray to detach ships in support of the attack. Fel could not allow his potential enemy to move into a forward position, and demanded Gray recall his ships. When Gray would not, Fel sent some of his own forces to counter Gray's. Fel did not wish to have a battle, but his superiors were unwilling to take the risk of allowing Gray to gain position. The two fleets began exchanging fire over Kr, and the Killik swarm soon joined the attack. Fel had his ships retreat, pretending disorganization. The Killiks would not be lured out, however, and so Fel formed his fleet back into a defensive posture just out of Hapan range.[15]

The Skywalkers and their Jedi routed the Gorog nest on Kr, and the Solos were able to convince UnuThul to accept their offer to relocate the Killik nests to the Utegetu Nebula. Aristocra Formbi agreed to call off the attacks and guarantee the Killik borders once the move occurred, and in addition Fel demanded the release of Lowbacca. He had to personally guarantee the Wookiee's parole, returning the captive in exchange for an assurance that Lowbacca would never again take up arms against the Chiss.[15] The Chiss appreciated Fel's efforts to defuse the situation and leadership during the battle, and he was promoted to the rank of captain.[15][28] During a holographic conversation between Formbi and the Solos, Jaina Solo requested to speak with him. Fel was somewhat disturbed to see Zekk with her, having joined with her under the effect of the Killik hive mind. They thanked him for releasing Lowbacca, but their method of speaking as one left him rather disgusted and unnerved, and he quickly ended the conversation.[15]

One year later, however, the Killiks again began expanding toward the Chiss border. Chief of State Omas dispatched the Fifth Fleet to blockade the Utegetu Nebula in hopes of appeasing the Chiss; the Chiss demanded the migration be stopped within ten days and the Killiks currently present on the border be removed within one hundred before the Ascendancy took action itself. Jacen Solo, however, had had a vision of an impending, galaxy-consuming war, and felt the only way to prevent it was by provoking the Chiss into eliminating the Killiks immediately. He gathered a group of Joiner Jedi, including his twin sister, to secretly attack the Chiss position at Supply Depot Thrago, telling them that the Chiss were preparing a preemptive strike against the Killiks in order to win their support. Fel analyzed holographic records of the StealthX attack, and was convinced that he unmistakably spotted Jaina Solo's flying style in the attack. The Chiss were willing to hold the Galactic Alliance and Jedi Order blameless for the attack, but insisted they could no longer trust them to handle matters.[29] The Chiss went back to war with the Killiks, Fel once more leading the strike force.[28][29]

From his flagship, the Fell Defender, Fel led an assault against the Iesei nest of Killiks on Snevu, which was resisted by several Jedi, including Jaina Solo. When an experimental parasite bomb meant to eliminate the Killiks was dropped against the nest but failed to detonate, Fel took a drop ship to the surface to completely vaporize the dud bomb and leave no evidence for the Killiks to analyze. Solo used the Force to damage the drop ship's weapons and topple it onto its side, then kept the Chiss commandos from triggering the vape charges they had deployed. Fel was able to exit the wrecked ship and set off the charged before fleeing for cover; the explosion successfully destroyed the bomb and Fel was able to make it back up to his orbiting forces, which had come under attack by the Admiral Ackbar, a Galactic Alliance Star Destroyer the Killiks had stolen. The Iesei were decimated, however.[28]

The main front of the battle moved to Tenupe, a key world sitting on a hyperspace route into the heart of the Colony. There, the Ascendancy committed two-thirds of its forces in the war to the battle and were able to land troops on the ground. There, they inflicted massive casualties on the tactically deficient Killik swarms, but the insects had millions more hive members to continue the fight. The Chiss were forced to retreat, but kept their withdrawal gradual and had much territory to back across, allowing the Killiks to gain territory at incredible cost. Artillery-delivered insecticide greatly helped them hold the Killiks back, though the Chiss took significant losses as well and were eventually forced to withdraw to an island chain and fortify it against the Killik advance, which lacked the strength to take it.[28]

Fel was tipped off that the Solos were going to arrive to negotiate with the Killiks and attempt to aid them in a mission against the Chiss to display to the Ascendancy just how difficult it would be to win the war. He took Zark Squadron out on patrol to capture them when they arrived, at which point he attempted to persuade them to give up peacefully. Han Solo led them on a long chase before Fel's task force finally corralled him and forced him to surrender. The Solos were able to escape, however.[28]

Meanwhile, Fel planned to allow his forces to be defeated, infecting the Killiks with a deadly parasite at the same time. Within a year, all the Killiks would be dead as the parasite spread through their nests. Fel personally escorted the defoliators that would be used to deliver the parasite, engaging Jaina Solo and Zekk in a dogfight as they attempted to bring the ships down. Fel damaged both their ships before Solo hailed him; he bitterly informed her that Lowbacca's actions against the Chiss had cost his family heavily, damaging their honor and their finances as they were held accountable for his attacks. Solo apologized, telling Fel she still loved him, but she could not let the Chiss exterminate the Killiks. She opened fire, but Fel was able to evade her in a desperate Clawcraft Spin. As the two Jedi Joiners continued against the defoliators, Fel drew together more clawcraft and ambushed them, but the Gorog Joiner Alema Rar had sneaked up in a StealthX and was able to destroy the defoliators without the Chiss knowing of her presence. Two parasite bombs survived intact, however, falling toward the jungle floor. He pursued them with several other fighters, attempting to detonate the bombs by firing on them, but the recently-escaped Millennium Falcon dropped onto his tail; Leia Organa Solo had no desire to kill the man who had almost become her son-in-law, and warned him to eject before opening fire on him. Fel evaded for only a few seconds before being forced to eject.[28]

Hunter in exile[]

"I'm no longer a colonel, no longer an ambassador. No longer a citizen of the Chiss, no longer even a member of my father's house. Technically, that suggests I'm no longer even Jagged Fel."
―Jagged Fel to Luke Skywalker[9]

Fel survived, but landed in a deep and inaccessible rift. Meanwhile, Skywalker was able to destroy the Gorog nest and capture UnuThul, removing him from the Colony and ending the Killik threat. With the battle over, the Chiss dispatched rescue craft to find him, but no ships could access the rift. A team was sent into the inhospitable jungle on foot to rescue the downed captain.[28] The recovery team perished in the deadly jungle, and the Chiss decided any further action to recover Fel would be too costly. Fel's father was able to finance a private rescue effort, but that too failed. Jagged recovered the comm unit from that party after their deaths, but their ship had gone. He followed tracks back from the ship and found a cave where Alema Rar, former Night Herald of the Gorog nest, had been living after she had been assumed killed in a duel with Leia Organa Solo. Rar had killed the crew and stolen the ship. In her cave, he found a Twi'lek memory cord which was later translated to provide a record of her experience on Tenupe. It also focused on Rar's intense desire for revenge on Organa Solo. When a second private rescue effort arrived, he was able to contact them with the comm set he had salvaged from the first party and was successfully rescued. He had spent a total of two years in the jungles of Tenupe, fighting to survive and living like a castaway, coming into conflict with Killiks who had been left behind in the evacuation of Tenupe as well as many other jungle creatures.[30]

Jagged Fel

Fel's family had been unable to pay the bills for the damages inflicted by Lowbacca, however, for which they had been personally responsible.[30] As punishment, Fel was permanently exiled from the Ascendancy; even his technical membership in his family was revoked.[30][9] If he returned, his entire family would be dishonored instead of him only. His and his family's shame and the complete destruction of what had been a promising military career infuriated him, and he remained bitter at the Jedi and Solos for their actions, though he could not bring himself to hate them. Fel took up a career in the known regions as a bounty hunter, attempting to track down Rar and keep her from ever restarting the Gorog nest. If he could eliminate her, much of the dishonor lying on the Fel family would be alleviated. He also sought to track the Solos down and warn them that Rar was on the loose and coming after them; he considered it to be repayment for Organa Solo's warning to eject before she fired at him over Tenupe. He also decided that they would be good bait to draw out Rar.[30] Fel put much effort into tracking Rar and researching her abilities; her talent for making those she met forget she even existed made her very hard to trace, and Fel was able to develop for himself a device which used electric impulses to stimulate his short-term memory and counteract Rar's memory-wiping skill, among several other items of specialized gear which he collected over time.[6][9] He kept his beard and longer hair instead of the close-cropped military cut he had earlier preferred; he was, after all, no longer in the military. The longer hair also helped disguise his scar.[30]

In 40 ABY, as the Second Galactic Civil War grew in intensity, Fel sought out the Solos. He still retained highly-placed contacts in the Galactic Alliance, who informed him that Admiral Nek Bwua'tu predicted that Corellia, whose cause the Solos had joined, would attempt to recruit Hapan support. Fel anticipated that the Solos, who had long known her, would be sent as emissaries and so proceeded to Hapes. There, the pair were suspected in an assassination attempt against Tenel Ka Djo and fled with Aurra Sing, the true would-be assassin. Fel followed a Hapan Security agent to Telkur Station in the Hapes Cluster, which he predicted to be their likeliest destination based on its seedy reputation. His guess proved correct, and there he found the Solos on the run. His survival was news to them, as the Chiss had maintained that his status was a military secret despite their repeated inquiries. He passed on his warning about Rar, told them of his recovery and status with the Chiss, and also warned them against drinking the beverages provided to them; the bartender was the Hapan agent he had followed there. Fel departed shortly before the security agents moved to capture the Solos, but with Sing's aid they fought them off and escaped.[30]

Some time later, Fel went to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he demanded to be admitted to see Luke Skywalker. His use of the alias Twinsins Thlee alerted Skywalker to the fact that it was Fel, who had sometimes flown as Twin Suns Three. Fel greeted the Jedi Grand Master and his wife cordially before explaining his situation to them. He presented them with copies of his memory-reinforcing device as well as a security program which would analyze security holocam input to recognize and track Rar; when the Skywalkers explained that she was also using a holocam-disrupting Force technique, he was confident that the program could be adapted to also track the interference caused by the technique. This would also prove helpful in tracking Lumiya, the Sith Lord the Skywalkers were currently searching for. When the Skywalkers asked to repay him for the aid, Fel requested only that they provide him with resources to hunt Rar; as a private citizen, his access to funds and transportation was far more restricted than he had been used to in the military. On his way out of the temple, he passed Solo in the hall but ignored her until she recognized him and asked if he was not even going to greet her; he responded that he had not intended to, turned, and left.[9]

An awkward partnership[]

"That's a man with not enough to live for."
―Mara Jade Skywalker to Luke Skywalker, speaking of Jagged Fel[9]

The Skywalkers decided to fully fund Fel's pursuit of Rar and assigned a team of Jedi to support him—Solo and her good friend and longtime admirer Zekk. Fel was unhappy with the grouping, but could hardly complain after Skywalker's generosity. He assumed that Skywalker had excellent reasons for partnering the three, and decided to simply make the best of it. Fel informed Solo of his situation, and she was somewhat taken aback. Fel didn't want to discuss it, however, and instead insisted they begin planning sessions. Skywalker assigned Fel an office as well as an X-wing, and Fel filled it with exercise equipment which the group used while brainstorming. Fel and Zekk frequently exercised together in an unspoken competition, each sore at the other over Fel's prior relationship with Solo. They installed the monitoring software around Coruscant, but received no flags; Fel decided that the Solos, not Skywalker, must be Rar's target despite her recent attack on the Jedi. They continued operating out of the Coruscant temple, looking to track her, and during that time Fel shared with Solo his theory that her position as the Sword of the Jedi indicated that she would have some significant role in defeating the current Sith. Zekk confronted him during the discussion, his jealousy of Fel boiling over. Fel admitted that he had deliberately blocked Zekk from joining Twin Suns on Borleias due to jealousy, and an argument began with each accusing the other of being overly interested in Solo. This was broken up when Fel received a signal from their tracking program—Alema Rar had been spotted aboard the converted Star Destroyer Errant Venture, which was now in orbit over Coruscant.[9]

Alema Rar, Fel's quarry.

The three proceeded to the Errant Venture, where they linked up with the Solos, Lando Calrissian, and the Antilles family, all on the run from the Confederation and Galactic Alliance alike and currently aboard the Venture. Booster Terrik, the captain of the luxury casino ship, was also in the group, as were his daughter and son-in-law, Mirax and Corran Horn. They ran analyses of the continued sightings, hoping to pin down a pattern with which they could plan an ambush. When they were ready, Zekk served as a decoy to allow Horn to sneak up on Rar. They confronted her and flushed her into a corridor where Leia and Jaina Solo moved against her, driving her down to her ship to escape. There, Fel, in full armor, was waiting. Rar shot one of her poisonous darts at him, but the armor protected him and allowed him to shoot her in the shoulder before she Force-pushed him away. She escaped in her ship due to a Galactic Alliance military program which kept the bay doors from being closed if GA personnel were aboard, much to Fel's disappointment.[9]

When the Galactic Alliance got news of a major Confederation meeting at Gilatter VIII, Fel and his team, the Skywalkers, Horn, and Durron all scouted the system in StealthXs for the Galactic Alliance ambush. The meeting turned out to be an ambush by the Confederation's new supreme commander, Turr Phennir—a former Imperial ace who had once served as Soontir Fel's second-in-command. Fel may or may not have participated in the actual attack, but Jacen Solo, in his role as head of the Galactic Alliance Guard, was able to warn Galactic Alliance Supreme Commander Cha Niathal of the ambush and turn a defeat into a draw.[9] The Skywalkers continued tracking Lumiya as Fel's team sought Rar. When Mara Jade Skywalker discovered disturbing evidence that Jacen Solo was working with Lumiya, Solo killed her in a duel on Kavan and secretly became the new Dark Lord of the Sith after Luke Skywalker tracked down and killed Lumiya in a duel on Terephon, thinking she had been the killer.[31] Skywalker's son Ben was able to prove that it had not been Lumiya, however, and suspicion fell on Rar, who was known to use poison darts such as the one which killed Jade Skywalker.[10][31]

Solo was distraught by the loss of her aunt, and Fel attempted to help comfort her.[10][31] Solo had grown tired of the romantic competition between Fel and Zekk, with both men's antics annoying her; in the wake of her aunt's death, she insisted they leave her alone and told them she was interested in neither.[10] They did not attend Jade Skywalker's funeral but instead kept tracking Rar, as Skywalker was unwilling to let the trail go cold. Rar had acquired an unusual Force-sensitive ship, and while Fel kept the group's StealthXs, he insisted on changing motherships frequently in order to be less conspicuous. When Rar wounded an entire freighter crew at Roqoo Depot, they were able to pick up her trail and follow her to Ossus, the site of the Jedi Academy. Ossus and Roqoo Depot were in a straight line with Kavan, strongly suggesting Rar had been involved in Jade Skywalker's death. On Ossus, the group was able to spot her likely landing site in the forest, and Zekk was dispatched to watch over the ship in his StealthX while Fel and Solo investigated the Academy. Landing in the Academy's hangar, they found it strangely empty and immediately suspected something unusual had happened. They proceeded to the flight control center, where Solo, acting on her danger sense, drew her lightsaber, causing several flight controllers to fire on her with stun bolts. Fel and Solo stunned the men before their commander Galactic Alliance Guard Major Salle Serpa, entered the room and explained that Jacen Solo, now co-chief of state after arresting Cal Omas, had dispatched him and a brigade of men to guard the Ossus Academy. Solo and Fel immediately perceived that Jacen meant to hold the Academy's students hostage, and when Serpa shot one of his own men to make a point about his dedication, they decided he was dangerously unbalanced and psychopathic. Only Jedi Masters Kam and Tionne Solusar and six inexperienced Jedi Knights were present, not enough to protect the younglings from the brigade, and Solo and Fel felt compelled to hand over their weapons as Serpa demanded and remain with the students.[10]

While the pair were inside the Academy, Zekk reported the escape of Rar's ship. He remained in the forest, however, providing a secret asset against Serpa's troops. Fel spent two weeks looking after the Academy's teenage students while Solo served as a dorm mother for younger students; along with the other adults, they helped quietly train the students in evacuation drills and prepared for action if Serpa moved against them. One night, Serpa received news of Luke Skywalker's desertion of an important task force after suspecting Jacen Solo of having used Ben Skywalker in the assassination of Omas. Serpa's troops began using coma gas against the adults and rounding up the students in a central courtyard. Snipers killed the young Jedi Knights on patrol and were lined up on the dormitories if any other Jedi were to emerge. Fel was able to defeat the soldiers who would have gassed him, as were Solo, the Solusars, and the other young Jedi Knights. Tionne Solusar was able to stride up to Serpa and demand an explanation, but he shot and began torturing her, attempting to draw out the other Jedi, who were too disciplined to rush out. Fel was able to sneak into Solo's dorm, and covered her as she took out a sniper team and appropriated their longblaster. Solo then killed the sniper and spotter on her building's roof as Kam Solusar and the other Jedi lost control and rushed out to aid Tionne Solusar. Fel was able to pinpoint the other sniper positions as they cut the others down, and with Solo they picked off the other snipers as the students turned on their captors. Zekk, sneaking in from the jungle, dismembered Serpa as the GAG major held a blaster to a student's head. With the threat neutralized, Fel and Zekk remained behind to secure the Academy while Solo left for Kashyyyk, where Skywalker and the Jedi leadership were making a stand against Jacen Solo, who was bombarding the world for sheltering the Jedi. The Jedi were now outlaws, and Skywalker began the formation of a new axis of resistance centered around the Jedi, Wookiees, and Hapans.[10]

When the Ossus Academy was finally evacuated, Fel proceeded to Kashyyyk with Zekk, where they rejoined Solo and aided the Wookiees and Solo's parents in fighting the wildfires raging across the planet after Jacen Solo's attack. While at Maitell Base, Solo trained furiously, preparing for a confrontation with her brother. They were surprised when Rar, seemingly whole once more, attacked Han and Leia Solo and the Wookiee Lumpawaroo aboard the Millennium Falcon, then vanished. Fel helped repair the damage caused during her attack and swept the ship for evidence, turning up no sign the Twi'lek had even been on board other than the damaged hyperdrive. Solo connected this to a Sith technique earlier experienced by Ben Skywalker in which Lumiya created phantom representations of other beings; harming them caused the same harm to be inflicted on some other being to which the specters were linked through the Force. Speaking with the elder Solos as well, they decided to raid Jacen Solo's shuttle, the only ship with the coordinates of Lumiya's asteroid base, where they thought they might find Rar. He also mentioned his theory that Brisha Syo, the woman who led Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker to the asteroid, had not been Lumiya's daughter as the Jedi suspected. Citing the lack of evidence of her existence outside the time Solo and Skywalker encountered her, he suggested she had been Lumiya herself or one of her agents in disguise.[6] She had in fact been Lumiya, though no one outside Solo knew that.[32] When Fel mused on Syo's single purpose, Organa Solo suggested he saw himself as having his one purpose left in life and with nothing to live for after Rar would be killed. Fel was offended by the comment and stormed away.[6]

Not much later, Han Solo received a large, mysterious case. Fel was there when it was opened, showing a set of Mandalorian iron crushgaunts and a set of torso armor, a sarcastic gift from Boba Fett, whose daughter had been killed by Jacen Solo. When Han rejected the expensive, lightsaber-resistant gift, Fel took it instead with Han's permission, thinking it could be useful against Rar. He incorporated the armor into the suit and helmet he already wore and began thinking of techniques with which he could maximize the advantage given to him by the armor and crushgaunts. When he was ready, he interrupted Jaina Solo's practice with Zekk in order to test them. Using training lightsabers, they sparred; Fel was able to deflect a lightsaber blow with the crushgaunts and then grab and destroy Solo's saber with the tremendous force exerted by the crushgaunts. Solo, not knowing Fel had the armor, was irate at being tricked and launched a strong Force push at him, knocking him into a tree with enough force to possibly have hurt him without the armor. Fel confronted her about it, accusing her of being too tightly wound and a poor Jedi; he told her that she needed to relax more and stop constantly training. In fact, he suggested that her training was ineffective because she was preparing for a straight lightsaber fight when Rar and Jacen Solo had unusual powers and techniques that she needed to be able to counter and respond to with unique skills of her own. As her technical superior on the mission, he ordered her to take the day off. Zekk approached him afterward, congratulated him on finally getting through to Solo, and confessed that he was proud to serve alongside Fel.[6]

Honor restored[]

"You have one purpose left to you, and when that's done you wonder if you're just going to vanish, leaving no trace behind."
―Leia Organa Solo to Jagged Fel[6]

Relatively soon, the group was ready to execute their data raid on Jacen Solo's shuttle. Using Lando Calrissian's yacht Love Commander, they entered the Anakin Solo with Fel, Jaina and Han Solo, and Zekk all inside a sensor-stealthed compartment and inside the Force-nullifying sphere of an ysalamir. Organa Solo, the only one outside the compartment, acted as if she was engaged in one last attempt to reason with her son and kept Jacen occupied, talking on the bridge. Meanwhile, the four stowaways emerged and took control of the small hangar in which they were berthed. Jaina Solo downloaded the information from Jacen's shuttle while Zekk sabotaged the tractor beams and placed a tracking device on the ship. Fel and Han Solo took control of the hangar's external doors so they could neither be locked in nor unexpectedly depressurized. With their mission complete, Organa Solo made her way back and the group took off. Just as they did so, however, another projection of the undamaged Rar appeared in the ship. Zekk engaged it, careful not to actually harm the deception, while Fel took sensor readings which confirmed that this Rar was in fact a phantom and not physically present. When Rar realized that they had caught on and were not willing to harm the phantom, she ceased the attack and dissolved the phantom.[6]

Jagged Fel, ready for combat.

When they returned, Fel worked on creating an integrated suit of armor. He used his existing helmet and, with the cooperation of Luke Skywalker, made a cortosis-alloy-laced flight suit capable of standing up to an hour of vacuum exposure. With the Mandalorian iron gear, he was well-protected from lightsaber strikes. Fel added to the suit a backpack with a maneuvering thruster that could propel him through low gravity and a new blaster pistol, oversized for use with the crushgaunts and containing an explosive device which would detonate if the blaster were ever too far from his person. The suit was ready by the time Talon Karrde's organization analyzed the data from the shuttle and determined the probable location of Lumiya's asteroid.[6]

With Fel in an X-wing, Jaina Solo and Zekk in StealthXs, and Han and Leia Solo in the Millennium Falcon, they collectively proceeded to the coordinates, where they found the hideaway. Fel was able to land his X-wing underneath the habitat and enter it through the unpressurized access passage between the habitat and the tunnel network beneath it. Fel crept into the habitat and dismantled multiple booby-traps before opening the hangar door to permit Solo and Zekk entrance. Descending into the cavern network, in which the Jedi sensed Rar, they were attacked by a flock of phantom mynocks, one of them tied through the Force to Fel himself. He split off from the group, hoping to draw some phantoms away and divide Rar's concentration; four phantom mynocks followed him. He refused to kill any of them, and was ensnared by the tail of one and dragged through the tunnel system, bouncing off the rock walls and breaking some ribs and his left leg in the process as well as picking up a fractured left elbow, a neck injury, and internal injuries. When Zekk drove off Rar's Sith Meditation Sphere, she lost concentration and ceased the projections. Fel, released, noticed that the asteroid had begun breaking up; a mysterious frigate outside had placed explosives designed to destroy the asteroid. He made his way to Zekk, who had broken down after using the dark side to drive off the ship. Unable to help him, Fel moved down the railcar track to Solo, who had just begun fighting with Rar. Telling her of the impending depressurization, he ordered her to take Zekk and leave; with his suit standing up to vacuum far longer than theirs, he would take his chances staying behind and making sure Rar died—with him if need be. Rar used the Force to batter him with debris and took his blaster from him. As intended, the blaster detonated, destroying Rar's arm and allowing Fel to close and grab her neck with his crushgaunt. Just before dying, Rar mentally pleaded with him to remember her as she had been before her maiming and her turn to the dark side.[6] Fel, who had flown alongside her in those days, agreed, and then crushed her neck.[6][26] Though badly wounded, he was able to make his way back to his fighter and make contact with the others, who fed him navigational data for a rendezvous at nearby Bimmiel. There, they transferred Fel to the Falcon for medical care and brought him to the secret Jedi base on Endor for a full recovery.[6]

There, Fel was given bacta treatment and recovered. With Rar dead, Fel was now completely severed from his family and the Chiss Ascendancy, leaving him depressed and feeling without purpose. Solo asked him to stay on with the Jedi as a pilot, and Fel made her answer honestly as to whether they were still friends—not romantic partners, but genuine friends. Solo answered yes, convincing Fel to stay on. She and Zekk were the only people with which he was truly friends. Fel recovered in time to participate in the Jedi raid on the Anakin Solo in which they planned to seize Allana, Tenel Ka Djo's daughter captured by Jacen Solo, to compel Hapan cooperation. Han Solo reluctantly granted him control of the Millennium Falcon, with Jedi Master Kyle Katarn as his copilot, for the team's extraction. Fel put in sufficient time in flight simulations to gain a strong feel for the craft, and when the Jedi team infiltrated the Anakin Solo during the Galactic Alliance's attempt to capture Centerpoint Station, he held back until signaled, then flew through the Star Destroyer's opposing fire to dock and pick up the Jedi strike team, then depart again with Han Solo as his copilot. The team rescuing Allana had been successful, as was the team sabotaging Centerpoint, which destroyed itself, removing the superweapon from the galaxy. They returned to Endor, where Jaina Solo told Fel that she was preparing to leave at some point and confront Jacen. Fel wished her well, admitting that Jacen Solo was a target beyond his skills.[6] In his conversation, however, he sparked the idea in Solo that she should seek out training from Boba Fett in order to gain unconventional skills and techniques to use against Jacen.[6][33]

Fel unhappily remained on Endor, wishing to be more involved in the action. He received a notice from Solo when she arrived safely on Mandalore, but was left worrying for her safety with Fett with no way to check on her, which grated on him. When Ben Skywalker arrived on Endor his father put him in charge of organizing the evacuation to a new location in the Transitory Mists, while the Jedi struck at Jacen Solo at Fondor. Fel helped him do so, rounding up personnel and making assignments. When the Jedi returned and Skywalker was ready to present the information he had gathered about Mara Jade Skywalker's death, including a recorded confession from Jacen Solo, Fel arranged an open comlink to Jaina Solo for the presentation and was present as Skywalker laid out the evidence that confirmed Solo was the killer and a Sith Lord, calling himself Darth Caedus.[33] Shortly thereafter, they evacuated to the Shedu Maad in the Transitory Mists of the Hapes Cluster.[11][33]

New responsibilities[]

"You could end the war, Commander Fel."
"Seen in that light, I really have no choice."
―An unidentified Moff and Jagged Fel[11]

Fel served as part of the Jedi's decision-making team and was present with Han and Leia Solo and the Jedi Council when Jaina Solo returned from her training with Fett. At that meeting, it was decided to send Jaina to kill Caedus, a development which had Fel highly worried for her safety. Afterward, Fel flew in Jedi raids on the supply convoys coming from the Roche system, which had been conquered by the Imperial Remnant and was under the control of the Moffs, as well as acting independently after Pellaeon had been assassinated by Caedus's apprentice, Tahiri Veila. When it was learned that Caedus was on Nickel One in the Roche system, attempting to bring the Moffs under his control, the Jedi resolved to attack the system and insert Solo during the battle. Fel flew one of the Jedi faction's Skipray 24r Blastboats into battle against the Imperial Star Destroyer Harbinger, escorted by Mandalorian Bes'uliik fighters. After hours of battle, Fel took his blastboat and joined the Solos, Skywalker, Zekk, and several other Jedi in extracting Jaina Solo. When they landed, Fel fought furiously to recover Solo, who had been badly wounded in a duel with her brother. Driving her stormtrooper pursuit away, they evacuated her to the Hapan ship Loyal Dragon for medical treatment.[11]

As she recovered, Fel helped her in her physical training. However, in relatively short order, Caedus discovered the secret base's rough location using an obscure Force technique and assembled a fleet to attack. The Jedi arranged an ambush, and Solo infiltrated the Anakin Solo and killed Caedus. Fel served as the Millennium Falcon's gunner during the battle, and was part of the party that boarded the Anakin Solo after Caedus was killed, taking control of the ship. Fel was the first individual to find Solo, cradling her brother's body in the Star Destroyer's medical waste disposal room. When he tried to move Caedus's corpse, the grief-crazed Solo lashed out at him with the Force. Fel left the body alone after that, comforting the seriously wounded Solo and sharing a tender moment. Solo instructed him to see to it that Zekk, her wingman during her infiltration, was recovered; he had disappeared during the attack. In short order, her family arrived and she was evacuated to a hospital ward.[11]

Fel and Han Solo then joined the Jedi Council in storming the fortified cabin in which the Moff Council was hiding aboard the ship. To Fel's great surprise, Skywalker dictated peace terms to the Moffs that forced them to accept Fel as the new Imperial Head of State. The young man was shocked and overwhelmed at the sudden offer to lead a major galactic government, but Skywalker had deliberately kept him in the dark to make it clear that Fel was not making a political move for himself. His sense of duty bringing him to only one conclusion, Fel reluctantly accepted control of the Moff Council as the best way to negotiate a peace and bring the Imperial Remnant into the process of reestablishing a credible Galactic Alliance while keeping the ever-plotting Moffs in line. Solo, however, was upset at the easy treatment of the Moffs, who had released a nanokiller that he believed had killed his secret grandchild, Allana, and threatened to execute them on the spot. He was talked down only after forcing the Moffs into supporting an Imperial Mission to relieve poverty across the galaxy.[11]

Fel saw to it that a search party was arranged for Zekk, though it proved unsuccessful. He then became embroiled in the peace negotiations between the Jedi, Remnant, Galactic Alliance, and Confederation. The talks resulted in a peace agreement that elevated Natasi Daala to the position of Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance when Admiral Nek Bwua'tu turned down the job.[11] Six months after the end of the war, Zekk suddenly resurfaced, safe and partnered with Hapan special agent Taryn Zel. They refused to speak of what had happened, but Zekk's friends were happy just to know he had survived.[34]

Though he disliked the minutiae of politics, Fel took well to the position, corralling the Moffs and leading the Remnant through a stable period. Though relations with the Hapes Consortium remained tense, Daala's Galactic Alliance was eager for mutual cooperation.[12] He faced opposition within the Empire from the power-hungry Moffs and from critics who thought him unsuited to the Empire, more Chiss than Human—a charge not helped by his choice of the Chiss Kthira'shi'ktarloo as his assistant and head of security. From them he received the private and unflattering nickname "Duusha", for a type of cheese that was blue within and colored differently on the outside. The demanding and unrewarding nature of politics wore heavily on Fel, who wanted nothing more than to return to the life of a starfighter officer, and he took to keeping a private flight simulator in his chambers for relaxation.[34] Fel also renewed his romance with Jaina Solo. While Solo remained a Jedi in the Galactic Alliance, Fel managed to engage in romantic assignations with her frequently enough.[12] Though the Moffs believed Fel's grip over them was weak and plotted to take advantage of what they felt was his overconfidence in his political security and distraction with his romance with Solo, Fel was aware of their schemes and took advantage of their own overconfidence to remain secure, letting them underestimate him.[35]

Conspiracy and crisis[]

"It's change. I'm trying to change the way the Empire thinks of itself, of Palpatine, of the way the Moffs have done things for generations, of the Jedi. People who try to effect change are lucky if they aren't…lucky if they have any success at all. Lucky if they're remembered fondly."
―Jagged Fel, to Jaina Solo[34]

In 43 ABY, Fel participated in the initial stages of the Unification Summit, which sought to reincorporate the Remnant, the Confederation, and Hapes within the Galactic Alliance. Arriving over Coruscant, he received a Galactic Alliance designation aboard his flagship, the Star Destroyer Gilad Pellaeon. There he met with Senator Tiurrg Drey'lye in order to discuss preliminary details for the summit, but he took a break from the talks as soon as possible in order to spend private time with Drey'lye's bodyguard, Solo. Before they began romancing, he suggested that the Empire ought to have an official Jedi presence, providing advice, protection, and a positive public Jedi face for the Remnant's citizens. When Solo expressed her belief that the Galactic Alliance might not sanction such activity, he suggested that she leave the Jedi and found her own order in the Empire.[12]

Jagged Fel, Imperial Head of State

Fel then attended the summit itself, but after the opening ceremonies it was enlivened by the arrest of Grand Master Skywalker during a recess. Daala had him arrested on charges of dereliction of duty in failing to prevent Jacen Solo's fall to the dark side, all as part of a political ploy to exercise control over the Jedi. As coverage of the Jedi, including a bizarre rampage by an insane Valin Horn, dominated the press, Fel made quiet progress in the unification talks. When Skywalker accepted a plea bargain of ten-year exile and retirement from the Jedi Order, commutable or pardonable if he could find the cause of Darth Caedus's fall and show how to prevent future recurrences, Fel was among many well-wishers who saw him off from Coruscant.[12]

Soon thereafter, Fel and Solo visited Tahiri Veila, who had rejected both Jedi and Sith and was living as a bounty hunter. Fel found it hard to forgive her for her past actions, but was gracious as the pair asked Veila for her insight on Caedus's fall to the dark side, which had become an issue afresh with Skywalker's exile. Veila opined that Jacen Solo had at some point been broken, and Lumiya merely reshaped him as a Sith.[12]

In order to resist Daala's attempts to exercise control over the Jedi, Solo was given interim Master of the Order Kenth Hamner's tacit permission to run a covert group. She created a secret association of Jedi, dubbed Darkmeld. Fel was among the few non-Jedi to serve in the group, lending untraceable Imperial funding to the group. When one of the Darkmeld conspirators, Tekli, spotted Seff Hellin, a Jedi who had earlier been detected experiencing symptoms similar to Valin Horn's before disappearing, outside the prison in which Horn was kept frozen in carbonite, Fel was mobilized. Along with Solo, Veila, and Winter Celchu, he set up surveillance on the Armand Isard Correctional Facility in the belief that Hellin would be moving to free Horn. Fel and Celchu reconnoitered the area outside the prison in which Hellin had been working, disguised as a simple maintenance worker. They found that he had gained access to a riot tunnel between the prison and a nearby police station, which would provide a covert access to the prison once he could override the security on the prison entrance.[12]

When Hellin was ready for his attempt, Fel donned the suit of armor he had used against Alema Rar and confronted the unstable Jedi beside Veila. Hellin was able to deflect one of Fel's stun shots into Veila, knocking her out and forcing Fel to carry her to safety when Hellin threw a thermal detonator at them. The blast collapsed the tunnel and cut them off from Hellin and the prison. Fel had to order Celchu to call in full Darkmeld reinforcements if they were to salvage the situation. Working around the rubble, Fel and Veila made it into the prison just as Hellin was attempting to release Horn from carbonite. Using his Mandalorian armor to fend off Hellin's lightsaber strikes until Veila could disarm him, they forced the mad Jedi to flee without achieving his objective.[12]

Solo arrived in time to knock out and snatch Hellin, making a getaway in a speeder piloted by Mirax Terrik Horn, a Darkmeld backup. Retracing his path back to the riot tunnel, Fel picked up Celchu, whom Hellin had knocked out in his escape, and stole a security speeder with Veila. They set off in pursuit of Terrik Horn's speeder. They knocked several security speeders out of the chase before climbing under the transport used by several bounty hunters contracting for Daala who had proven a particular irritant to the Jedi. Fel used his crushgaunts to rip apart their speeder's undercarriage, disabling their craft. With the pursuit disabled, the two Darkmeld teams rendezvoused.[12] After cleaning the stolen security speeder of evidence, they dropped Fel and much of the remaining evidence off at the Imperial embassy, where Fel had made sure to have his double, Karn Valanti, providing him with an alibi.[12][35] Though suspicion fell on the Jedi, nothing could be confirmed, and Fel escaped scrutiny.[12]

As Fel remained on Coruscant and continued to court Solo, the couple were increasingly harassed by the press, especially journalist Javis Tyrr. In order to escape scrutiny, the pair took to using a set of doubles whom they left inside the private rooms of restaurants such as the Indigo Tower while Darkmeld members covertly ferried them to nondescript locations in which they could romance privately. After Solo was publicly humiliated due to the exposure of her role in Darkmeld and Daala's ultimatum that she and other Jedi apologize for their role in the proceedings and be interviewed by the hostile Tyrr, Fel sneaked into Solo's apartment in the Jedi Temple with a gourmet dinner. He comforted her over the meal, and at its conclusion he proposed marriage. Shocked, Solo happily agreed.[35]

News of the engagement went over well enough with Solo's family, and Fel continued negotiations with the Galactic Alliance, seeking to bring the Empire into the Galactic Alliance as an autonomous state. As the Unification Summit talks continued, Fel overheard Daala's aide, Wynn Dorvan, speaking of her desire to hire a company of Mandalorians to supplement the bounty hunters she was already using as anti-Jedi enforcers. He would have liked to have shared the information with the Jedi, but knew that if he leaked the information, Dorvan would know he had betrayed the Alliance's secrets and the negotiations would fall apart, possibly leading to war. Fel resolved to keep the information to himself, feeling it was in the greater interest.[36]

Fel and Solo continued to steal private time whenever they could, and it was during one such instance at a secluded speeder gate to the Jedi Temple that the couple encountered Jedi Knights Yaqeel Saav'etu and Bazel Warv. The two Jedi had just succumbed to madness, but Solo's parents arrived, armed with tranquilizer pistols, and rendered the pair unconscious before they could do any harm. Fel helped rush the pair into the Jedi Temple, but not swiftly enough to avoid being recorded by Galactic Alliance Security. A squad led by Captain Atar attempted to serve arrest warrants, obtained instantly through Daala's manipulation of the courts. Fel immediately challenged Atar, using his diplomatic status to force the captain to focus first on releasing Fel's limousine and driver, Baxton, then remained nearby to intimidate the captain into restraining any possible use of force. The Jedi, questioning the legitimacy of the arrest warrant, locked Atar out of the Temple. Fel was left in his speeder with Jaina Solo, but Atar ordered that they be prevented from leaving. While Baxton attempted to persuade a Duros officer to remove his blockade of the entrance and let Fel's diplomatic speeder leave, Solo noticed in the Force that Fel was holding something back from her and forced him to admit to his knowledge of Daala's desire to hire Mandalorian warriors, deciding they should not keep secrets as fiancées. He did so only after swearing her to absolute secrecy. As they waited to leave, Tyrr arrived and attempted to recover a spy droid he had been using to obtain recordings from within the Jedi Temple and which had recorded Fel and Solo's highly sensitive conversation. Solo secured the droid, preserving the secret for the moment and giving the couple yet another reason to dislike Tyrr. Atar then arrived, reassured them that Tyrr would do nothing illegal, and allowed them to leave.[36]

After examining the droid, Solo urgently summoned Fel. Arriving to meet her in the Jedi Temple, Fel ran into Han and Leia Solo, who had been contacted by Dorvan with the Mandalorian information and now knew that Fel had kept it secret from them. Feeling hurt and betrayed, the couple expressed their anger, saddening Fel, but he remained convinced that they would understand his position once their initial anger wore off. Before he left, Jaina Solo told Fel what she had discovered: that Moff Drikl Lecersen had supplied Tyrr with the droid and was clearly conducting espionage against both Fel and the Jedi. Solo let him present the evidence to Daala, showing her how Lecersen had been manipulating the situation against the interests of both the Jedi and Daala.[36]

Fel and Solo share a kiss.

The Jedi Council, also informed, barred Fel from visiting the Temple. Fel met Daala, hoping to convince her to drop the charges against Tahiri Veila, who had been arrested for Pellaeon's murder. They observed Veila's arraignment, in which Fel was disgusted by Daala's naked political manipulation of the judicial system. He rebuked her for doing so and urged her to consider the opposition the Senate would offer if she continued to abuse her powers; he counseled that she should dissolve her rigged Court of Jedi Affairs entirely. Daala largely dismissed him, but was outraged when he revealed Lecersen's spying. However, it did not dissuade her from continuing her agenda to control the Jedi.[36]

Disappointed in Daala, Fel concocted a plan by which the Jedi could strike back against the negative media attention they had received. Jaina Solo led a contingent of Jedi into a secret Galactic Alliance Security blockhouse near the Palem Graser Office Tower, with a writ signed by Daala's Jedi Affairs judge, Arabelle Lorteli giving them visitation rights for the Horn siblings, frozen in carbonite. They brought the media with them, exposing the secret prison and revealing that the Horns were being displayed in the executive office as trophies. Galactic Alliance Security was tarred, the Jedi appeared more sympathetic, and Daala was humiliated when, on arriving, she unintentionally called Lorteli's competence into question before she knew it was her judge who had issued the writs.[36]

While spending time with Solo and hoping that her parents would forgive him, Fel was informed that Tyrr had in fact obtained the recording of his conversation with Solo about the Mandalorians, and broadcast it on his program, Javis Tyrr Presents: The Jedi Among Us. Though Fel was disgusted with the news, and its exposure would create several political problems for it, his response was to vow that politics would not come between himself and Solo.[36]

The breach between himself and the Solos soon healed, and negotiations with the Galactic Alliance continued. As Fel took refuge from his concerns one evening in his simulator, he smelled sleep gas in his breath mask. He immediately exited the sabotaged simulator and singlehandedly fought off multiple men in stormtrooper armor attempting to capture him before his security detail came to his rescue. Investigation showed that the men had been ex-soldiers hired as mercenaries and led by a suborned Lieutenant Oln Pressig, one of Fel's security chiefs. Furious, Fel was forced to relocate from his embassy quarters to the hotel he used for assignations with Jaina Solo as he attempted to figure out who had been behind the attack; he concluded it was unlikely to be Lecersen, who preferred more subtle plotting.[34]

Conflicting duties[]

"I shouldn't have asked this of you. I shouldn't have asked you to bend so far you'd break, and that's exactly what I did."
"Jaina, I'm sure there's some other—"
"We're not going to be able to make this work, Jag. No matter how much we want to. Our duties are always going to come between us. This is something I have to do…just like your refusing to help is something you have to do. I'm sorry."
―Jaina and Jag, right before ending their engagement[37]

Around the same time, Daala decided to press charges against Cha Niathal, who had retired after the war, for dereliction of duty in facilitating Jacen Solo's rise to power. Rather than be the subject of a trial, Niathal took her own life and received a state funeral service on Coruscant that Fel attended. After the funeral, Han and Leia Solo returned to Coruscant from a mission to Dathomir and were assigned by Daala to negotiating a peace between the Galactic Alliance and Jedi, currently in a standoff over another mad Jedi. Fel arranged to have dinner with the whole family, including Amelia—supposedly an orphan girl the Solos had adopted after the war, but actually Allana Solo, Jacen Solo's secret daughter by Tenel Ka Djo, publicly thought dead after the Battle of Shedu Maad—at the Pangalactus Restaurant, an elite destination known for its projection of a wide range of immersive holograms on the walls of its dining rooms. There, he found that Daala had already learned of their meeting and demanded a new dining room, careful to maintain his security. As they dined in the room, which Fel had arranged to show an Alderaanian scene for Organa Solo, the side wall blew in and an attacker rushed inside. Fel, Han Solo, and Fel's security personnel immediately shot him dead, but he was followed by two YVH droids. While Fel fired on the droids, Jaina disabled one. Leia knocked another one off-balance, allowing Fel and the others to shoot into its micro-rocket compartment and destroy it.[34]

Fel was furious, suspecting Daala's possible involvement, as the Solos did, or that of the Moffs. Once he returned to the embassy and the investigation of the incident was complete, he began bringing potential suspects into his office for interviews. With Jaina Solo and her Force senses in the next room, he asked questions without accusing them, hoping to provoke a reaction. His first subject was Lecersen. Feigning concern over a power vacuum should he die, Fel innocuously asked Lecersen whom he would support to succeed him. The Moff said he had no answer but would work on a list, and Fel reminded him that the reactionary Imperial co-conspirators of the assassin, Kester Tolann, were being assassinated and whoever was working with them had earned the dangerous enmity of the Solos, whose child Amelia had been endangered. From Lecersen's unwillingness to put himself forward as a candidate for Head of State, Fel concluded that the man was not yet in a position to secure control of the Empire, but would bear continued watching.[34]

Fel had meanwhile been pressing Daala to abolish her special Court of Jedi Affairs. After Nawara Ven, the preferred lawyer of the Jedi, was rejected by the court and Tahiri Veila dismissed Mardek Mool, Jaina Solo approached Fel for assistance in finding Veila a competent defender. Though Fel could not act officially, he reached out to his contacts and found Eramuth Bwua'tu, a prestigious retired defense attorney who was willing to take on the case. Soon afterward, Daala disbanded the Court of Jedi Affairs and returned Veila's case to the regular court system.[37]

Head of State Fel

Soon afterward, Solo again approached him, distressed. She explained that Luke Skywalker was facing a serious threat to the galaxy and the Jedi had prepared a StealthX wing to assist him, but could not leave with the Galactic Alliance monitoring the Jedi Temple. Just that day, Daala had issued a threat to the Jedi and their families if the two latest mad Jedi were not turned over to Galactic Alliance custody, and Solo was adamant that the Jedi had to launch. She asked Fel to do something to distract Daala and allow the launch, or send Imperial forces to assist Skywalker. Fel was concerned that such actions could spark war between the Empire and Alliance, but Solo revealed that the threat involved the Sith. Despite a deep desire to help his fiancee, Fel reluctantly concluded that he could not in good conscience risk embroiling the Empire in a diplomatic incident of that magnitude. At that moment, his Chiss assistant Ashik interrupted to show that Daala had placed the Jedi Temple under siege by a large contingent of Mandalorians, complete with armored vehicles and spacecraft. Fel vowed to do all he could to get Daala to end the siege, but insisted he could not send ships. Solo responded by breaking off the engagement, stating that they would be unable to make their relationship work in the long run, as their duties kept coming between them. Heartbroken, Fel accepted that the relationship was doomed and let her walk away. He immediately informed her parents of that fact, as well as the siege and his worry that Solo was going to leave to aid Skywalker alone.[37]

She did leave, and the Jedi did come under siege, with a young aide to Kenth Hamner killed on live HoloNet by Mandalorian commander Belok Rhal when she emerged to negotiate.[37] During the siege, however, the mad Jedi suddenly ceased displaying symptoms. By demonstrating the affected Jedi to be cured, the Jedi Council was able to force Daala to call off the siege, and Jaina Solo soon returned to Coruscant. Meanwhile, the Unification Summit continued, and with the assassination attempts against him, Fel's political capital had increased to the point at which he was able to compel the Moffs to accept joining the Galactic Alliance.[38]

Shortly after a broadcast that depicted Rhal and a unit of Mandalorians, widely believed to be in Daala's pay, murdering a reporter on the HoloNet during a massacre of anti-slavery demonstrators on Blaudu Sextus, Daala summoned Fel to her office on short notice, where, when the attack at the Pangalactus came up in conversation, Daala insisted she had nothing to do with the assassination attempt. She did admit that she was backing the Mandalorians on Blaudu Sextus, but Fel rejected her request for Imperial aid in putting down the growing movement against slavery and the slave revolts she expected to erupt. Daala was sure the Jedi were backing the anti-slavery movement Freedom Flight in an attempt to destabilize her government, but it was Fel's counsel that, if she wished to avoid political and public relations trouble, to cease opposing the freedom campaign. He was shocked when Daala insisted that the Jedi were duplicitous and revealed a report showing that the Skywalkers and Jaina Solo had been seen apparently cooperating with a large group of Sith on Klatooine. Fel agreed to provide Imperial forces in exchange for Daala withholding the recording of Solo allowing a group of Sith to go free, but intended only to stall for time until he could warn the Jedi.[38]

Fel in 44 ABY

Fel approached the Solo family at the earliest opportunity for him to do so secretly, three days later. He used his intelligence resources to locate them on stakeout for a planned raid to free the Horn children, whom Daala refused to release, from carbonite. He went alone after a meeting in the same building from which they were spying and asked Jaina Solo to explain the Jedi's seeming collaboration with the Sith. She related that the Skywalkers had been forced to enter a temporary alliance with the newly emerged Lost Tribe of Sith while attempting destroy Abeloth, an ancient entity of enormous Force power and malevolent intent who was responsible for the madness among the Jedi. Luke Skywalker had thought he destroyed her, and her hold over the Jedi seemed to be gone, but recent information had revealed that Abeloth had in fact escaped, and the Skywalkers continued to hunt her. Fel was highly concerned about both Abeloth and the existence of thousands of Sith, and advised the Jedi to launch immediately, before Daala realized Fel had no intention of providing Imperial forces and she revealed the Jedi's cooperation with the Sith to the public. To provide a distraction, he had the Gilad Pellaeon preparing for departure and was about to leave, making it clear to Daala that negotiations were suddenly falling apart. Though he had won the struggle with the Moffs to join the Galactic Alliance, Fel realized that he had no desire to bring the Empire under Daala's authority, and broke off the deal. Han and Leia Solo were grateful to Fel, and left him to speak with their daughter, who was likewise impressed. Fel and Jaina Solo were able to tentatively reconcile. Solo returned to wearing Fel's ring, but the pair were not certain that the engagement was still on, only that they would attempt to work out their issues.[38]

The Jedi launched, and the Solos freed the Horn children while Fel's departure provided a distraction. Fel, though, did not leave the planet immediately, remaining in orbit.[38]

After Natasi Daala was chased off by the Jedi, Fel returned to Imperial Space. With him was Tahiri Veila, who wished to atone for murdering Admiral Pellaeon. Daala was determined to reign by killing Fel, and Fel reached a stalemate and Abeloth, in the form of Lieutenant Lydea Pagorski, persuaded Daala that a general election would serve her best. Head of State Fel ordered Admiral Vitor Reige to be the third candidate of the election, to split the military vote. He sent Tahiri after Abeloth and authorized the bombardment of the Moon Maiden on Hagamoor Three, where Tahiri and Boba Fett defeated one of Abeloth´s bodies. Fel's enemies used that as ammunition to show the populace that Fel didn't play fair by destroying Daala´s center of operation on Hagamoor Three. Fel admitted that, but he also pointed out that Daala was involved in droch experiments led by Moff Getelles who had his laboratory on Hagamoor Three. So Vitor Reige was the only choice as new Head of State and Fel was glad to be free again. As a combat pilot, he helped save the Solos and a clutch of Barabel hatchlings.[39]

The Imperial Mission's work aiding worlds devastated by the Yuuzhan Vong War served as an important way of earning goodwill and a key element of Fel's Victory Without War initiative, which looked to spread Imperial influence and win hearts and minds throughout the galaxy.[40]

Fel, now no longer the Imperial Head of State, married Jaina in the hangar of a Hapan Battle Dragon after the defeat of the Lost Tribe of Sith and Abeloth.[41]

He later worked with the Jedi Order on Shedu Maad as a combat instructor. He was involved with a training exercise with Bhixen when word reached Skywalker about trouble in the Rift.[42]

He later joined with his wife and the Solos/Skywalkers at the Red Ronto when they announced they were going to go on a state of retirement.[42]

A revived empire[]

Eventually, Fel was declared the first Emperor of the newly revived Empire.[13] He later founded the Imperial Knights, who swore fealty to him, and who were later led by his descendants. Jagged Fel's position as Emperor was later taken by his son.[13]

By 138 ABY, the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Jagged Fel was named after him and used as the personal flagship for his grandson, Emperor Roan Fel. After the attack on the Hidden Temple, it served at the Battle of Coruscant as part of the combined fleet of the Empire-in-exile, Galactic Alliance Remnant, and remnants of the Jedi Order in order to bring an end to Darth Krayt and his Empire.[43]

Personality and traits[]

"I am not loyal to the Chiss because my parents were accepted by them, or because I have grown up among them. I'm loyal because they embody traits I admire and respect; they make those traits part of the very fiber of our society. Traits such as strength in the face of aggression, such as acknowledgment of duty before self-interest. The Chiss, however, are not the only people with admirable traits, not the only ones who deserve to survive the Yuuzhan Vong, and not the only ones I identify with. Not anymore."
―Jagged Fel to Shawnkyr Nuruodo[18]

Fel with his wife, Jaina

Fel, raised among the Chiss, was brought up in a culture of strict discipline and devotion to duty, values he fully internalized. Though he entered the academy as a relatively brash young man, he quickly settled into the Chiss routines of discipline and stood out among his comrades for his military skill and devotion.[4][7] Fel was always relentlessly honest with himself and openly considered and admitted his flaws; if one was pointed out to him, he took no offense but sought to rectify it.[17] Fel also developed intense self-confidence and direct manner of speaking, which caused many others to consider him arrogant.[4][8][17][23]

During his time in the wider galaxy, fighting alongside the New Republic, however, Fel loosened up, breaking his emotional distance, engaging in dry humor, and indulging his earlier penchant for risk-taking and acts of heroic bravado. He began to strongly identify with the galaxy his parents had left, just as much as he did with the Chiss, and even grew willing to defy Chiss orders in order to stay and fight for it.[8][18][24][14] His return to Chiss service after the war, however, returned him to a strict sense of duty in which he was willing to fire on friends in the line of duty, though he made every effort to avoid having to do so.[15][28]

When Fel was dismissed from the Chiss military, he was crushed by the loss of his career and family.[30][9] He found a purpose in tracking Rar, but once she was dead he felt aimless, without serious connections or purpose in life. Only Jaina Solo's promise of friendship gave him true links with someone.[6] He was given an entirely new purpose in life and many more responsibilities when he was appointed the Imperial Remnant's head of state.[11] Though he disliked politics, he felt a strong sense of duty to lead the Empire and keep the Moffs in check, and was able to treat the heavy burden of leadership with humor.[12] Only that sense of duty kept him in politics when he yearned to return to the cockpit, but the boring, draining, and unrewarding aspects of politics left him feeling hollow and unfulfilled.[34] Fel recognized that many thought of him as stuffy and humorless, and acknowledged that his attempts to act dignified generally made him overly formal. He only felt truly comfortable loosening up in private, however.[12] As a leader, Fel was idealistic, looking to preserve justice and do what was right, but he was also adept at political maneuvering in the interest of what he believed to be right.[36]

Fel had been somewhat attracted to Solo as soon as they met, but only began romancing her as they served together on Borleias, after her brief brush with the dark side.[4][8][17] Fel openly admitted to himself that she would not be considered suitable in typical Chiss society, but was drawn to her nevertheless.[17] He felt uncomfortable with public displays of affection as he was wary of making social missteps due to his limited experience among the Chiss, but was more than willing to make up for it in private.[8][24][25] After Solo's comatose spell aboard the Pride of Selonia, though, Fel gave up his reservations and instead determined to make the most of any time with her.[14]

Fel was hurt when the two drifted apart, and far more hurt when Solo and her Jedi friends fought against him. Her assimilation into the Killik hive mind and especially her Joiner bond with Zekk disgusted him, and he remained intensely bitter when her actions caused him to be exiled from Chiss society and he lost all he had ever known.[30][9][15][27][28] As he returned to work with Solo, however, his anger abated, and seeing Zekk's efforts to grow close to her, he once more began chasing her affections himself.[9][10] As he saw her push herself harder and harder, he grew concerned and attempted to make sure she did not lose herself to her relentless drive to improve herself. In doing so, he finally made peace with Zekk, placing his worries for Solo above his attraction to her. When Rar was killed, he wanted to know if he was truly friends with Solo, if he had some reason to live with Rar gone; she promised that she was indeed his friend.[6] By the end of the war, the pair were close, and he considered himself friends with Zekk.[11]

After the close of the Second Galactic Civil War, Fel and Solo struck up their romance once more, sharing private rendezvouses when he could escape his duties as head of state for the Empire. Though Fel longed for the two to spend their time together permanently, both felt that they had to continue their responsibilities to the Empire and the Jedi, alternately. They resolved to attempt to make their romance work as it stood.[12] As they spent more time together, however, Fel decided to propose to Solo, who accepted.[35] When it became clear to Solo that their respective duties would continue to come in the way of their relationship, however, she broke it off. Though Fel loved her intensely, he accepted her decision that the romance would not work out in the long term.[37] He remained personally devastated by the loss of her love, though, and the couple soon attempted a tentative reconciliation.[38]

Behind the scenes[]

Jagged Fel's miniature figurine

The character of Jagged Fel was created by Michael A. Stackpole for The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide II: Ruin; Stackpole had created his father, Soontir Fel, years earlier.[4][44] Over the course of the New Jedi Order series, Fel was developed as the main romantic interest for Jaina Solo, but after that series the pair was broken up and a romantic triangle grew, with both Fel and Solo's Young Jedi Knights love interest, Zekk, competing for her affections.[4][9][10][15][17][18][14][28] Fate of the Jedi: Outcast settled that competition, showing Fel and Solo dating once more; in the next novel, Fate of the Jedi: Omen, they became engaged.[12][35] The fifth novel, Fate of the Jedi: Allies, saw their breakup,[37] though Fate of the Jedi: Vortex and the subsequent Fate of the Jedi: Conviction saw the reinstitution of their marriage plans.[38][45]

Kathy Tyers originally included Fel in the prologue of her New Jedi Order novel The New Jedi Order: Balance Point, but was asked to remove him by her editors.[46] Nonetheless, a clawcraft remained present in the sequence.[21]

Fel was slated to appear in the novel Blood Oath, which would cover his early days in control of the Empire among other plotlines.[47] However, the novel was canceled before publication due to extensive delays in receiving the manuscript from author Elaine Cunningham.[48]

When the existence of a foundational Fel emperor was revealed in Star Wars: Legacy 0, fans immediately began speculating that Jagged Fel was that emperor and that Jaina Solo was his empress, due to the timing of the lineage's three generations, the white streak of hair common to the Fel royalty, and the Fel line's acquisition of Force-sensitivity by the time of Star Wars: Legacy.[40][49][50] Legacy of the Force: Invincible stoked this speculation by placing Jagged Fel in charge of the Imperial Remnant, and the mystery was finally resolved when Legacy (2006) 33 revealed that Jagged Fel had indeed been the first Fel emperor.[11][13]

Despite his white streak of hair being strongly associated with his scar, only a few existing canonical depiction of Fel has the white streak present.[51] Two others show his scar prominently but lack the white streak. The reason for this omission is unknown.[3][24]



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