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Jaguada's moon was the sole moon of Jaguada, which was the only inhabited planet in the Jaguada system. The moon possessed a Type I atmosphere, which was breathable by Humans.


Jaguada's moon was once a part of the Sith Empire,[1] and the ancient Sith built large temples on the moon's surface. In 25 BBY, Dooku turned these temples into Separatist communications facilities, using equipment that had been hauled there by Jula Shryne. At the end of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire apparently left the moon alone, although they occupied Jaguada itself.[2]

A month after the war's end, Roan Shryne, Olee Starstone, and several other Jedi survivors of Order 66 arrived at one of the temples, using equipment there to access the memory core of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Their activities were not only detected by the Imperial Security Bureau, which ordered the stormtroopers on Jaguada to target them, but also woke the B1 battle droids and droidekas within the temple that had been shut down following the war's end. The assorted smugglers and Jedi reactivated the droids, reprogramming them to kill all of the stormtroopers that had arrived.[2]


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