Jai Raventhorn was a Human female Rebel commando. In 2 ABY she lead a Rebel team to Bevell Three to capture four Imperial agents, but the mission was compromised: only Jai escaped. The four Infiltrators commandos whom died included Leong. As a propaganda measure rather than a reward, Jai was promoted to Master Sergeant. At one point, she was engaged to Krül, but he perished before the couple could get married.

Two months after the Battle of Endor she was captured by Imperial forces on Zelos II. After an interrogation she shared a prison cell with freelance mercenary Dirk Harkness, whose mercenary group, Black Curs, she would eventually become affiliated to some degree. Her younger sister Morgan Q. Raventhorn was Rebel SpecForce major who died in the Battle of Endor.

Jai owned a Class 720 freighter called the Doomsayer.



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