"I am not your friend. I believe in the Empire. But the governor is mad and will kill us all to save his ego. My team can assist you—on our terms."
―Major Jaidra[1]

Jaidra was a female human who served as a major in the Imperial Military. When Governor Ubrik Adelhard established the lock down of the entire Anoat sector, Jaidra reckoned that he had lost his mind, and that his action would lead the sector's Imperials to their doom.[1]

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Several months into the blockade, she reluctantly agreed to work with the Smuggler in hopes of eliminating Adelhard.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

In the 2015 iOS video game Star Wars: Uprising, Major Jaidra was one of the many crew members that could be sent on Crew Runs for helpful items.


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