"Colonel Bremen, I want to talk to you a minute."
"If it's about Mara Jade, Solo, I don't want to hear it."
Han Solo and Colonel Bremen about Mara Jade.[src]

Jak Bremen was a Human male colonel of the New Republic serving as Director of Security for the New Republic Inner Council during the campaigns of Grand Admiral Thrawn against the New Republic around 9 ABY.


Early lifeEdit

A native of the planet Shiffrin in the Outer Rim Territories, Jak Bremen was the son of Kallin Bremen, a farmer who organized a group of disgruntled landowners in peaceful protest against the Galactic Empire's forced acquisition of land for the mining of hfredium. Kallin Bremen was accused of being a "Rebel agitator" and was subsequently executed on the orders of the sector Moff. Jak Bremen, himself only a teenager, fled from the planet aboard a mining transport and eventually settled on a planet in the Outer Rim called Coveway. The hard-working ethic of the people of Coveway had a serious impact on Bremen's personality, and he eventually came to be the colony's constable, enforcing the law, but mostly fending off attacks by dangerous animals. At some point during his time a constable, he married a local woman, and the couple eventually had a daughter.

One time, returning from a hunting expedition, Jak Bremen found that his village had been destroyed, and his wife and infant daughter had been murdered. He tracked the killers to a hidden Imperial garrison established by COMPNOR in order to complete a mission. There, he discovered that the garrison commander was responsible for the killings, having deemed it efficient to complete their objective. Though angry, Bremen was cautious and knew that he had neither the means nor capability to do a thing. So he fled, eventually winding up in another village. Shortly after his arrival, he met with an operative of the Rebel Alliance, who informed him of a strike team that was planning to destroy the Imperial garrison. Knowing the garrison's defense networks, Bremen offered to help them in exchange for transport off-planet—the team agreed, and the Imperial garrison was successful neutralized.

Rebel AllianceEdit

Bremen entered into the Rebel Alliance military and had his first duty station as a security officer aboard the cruiser Starveil, a warship tasked with "hit-and-fade" operations near Wild Space. Due to his previous experience as a security officer, Bremen quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming chief of security aboard the Starveil.

New RepublicEdit

After the Battle of Endor and the Liberation of Coruscant in 6 ABY, Bremen was promoted to colonel and transferred to Imperial Palace Security on Coruscant. He quickly rose to Director of Security for the New Republic Council. Though a competent soldier and security officer, Bremen's security was nonetheless breached when Grand Admiral Thrawn sent a strike team of Imperial Intelligence commandos to intercept and abduct Leia Organa Solo and her infant twins, Jacen and Jaina Solo. He was not punished for the attack, but he was very embarrassed and immediately took measures to tighten security throughout the Palace. He later decided to arrest Mara Jade when she was revealed as an Emperor's Hand and possibly implicated in the attack.

When Coruscant again came under attack, Bremen was placed on the requisitioned courier Messenger to ensure that word of the siege reached the Borderlands fleet.

Personality and traitsEdit

Though not quite a rude man, Bremen was more comfortable at work than socializing. A strict commander, he was well-known for his "by the book" strategies, something that had put him at odds with less orthodox officials within the New Republic, especially Han Solo and General Garm Bel Iblis. In light of these interactions, he was also not one to be awestruck by popular figures such as the Skywalker family or the Solo clan, once being quoted as saying, "Everyone else has done more than their fair share of fighting. And dying." He was fully dedicated to the New Republic, and nursed a deep and bitter hatred towards the Empire (more than likely caused by the murders of his father, wife, and daughter), which explained his hostility towards former Emperor's Hand Mara Jade.



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