"You might go to a hundred smugglers' bars and ask a hundred fellow spacers, but you will never hear a good word paid to ol' Jak Sazz. 'What's nastier inside, his mouth or his ship' is a topic that never goes away. I mean everyone's got an opinion. Really, we're always talking about this—just so he don't hear you, or you might get to find out. If you ask me, you're luckier if he eats you …"
Lo Khan[1]

Jak Sazz was a male Ab'Ugartte who frequented the Byss Bistro on the Imperial Freight Complex above the planet Byss. Unsociable and unhygienic, Sazz was often mocked and looked down upon by those around him. He made a living performing almost any job asked of him, including smuggling, slaving, and spice-jacking. He carried around with him a large hydrospanner that he nicknamed "Grivooga." Sazz considered Grivooga his only friend, carrying the tool around with him everywhere he went and having frequent conversations with it. He was known to be a good cook, although he often ate his food live. Sazz was also known for beating to death with Grivooga a crewmate who had once ridiculed him. Despite Sazz's unusual lifestyle, he was respected for his many abilities. In 10 ABY, he was present at the Byss Bistro when the New Republic infiltrated the Emperor's Citadel on the planet.


Jak Sazz was a male Ab'Ugartte, a little-known species not known for their congeniality, although Sazz was considered an outcast even among them. Sazz's only friend was "Grivooga," an oversized hydrospanner he constantly talked to and carried around everywhere. He typically used Grivooga to repair his old starship, as well as to pummel live food. Sazz frequented the Byss Bistro, a cantina on the Imperial Freight Complex above the planet Byss, where his bad hygiene often kept the other bar patrons as far away from him as possible.[1]

Sazz was considered a lowlife by many denizens of the underworld, and even the Hutts were reluctant about contracting him for work. He never refused any paying job and had done work as a smuggler, a slaver, a spice-jacker, and a garbage tech aboard a media cruiser. Lando Calrissian had constantly joked that Sazz would even haul unshielded antimatter for the right price, until Sazz took it seriously and kept pestering Calrissian to see if he had any. A crewmate of Sazz's once mocked the Ab'Ugartte about his relationship with Grivooga. Sazz, not possessing much of a sense of humor, beat the crewmate to death with Grivooga and cooked them for a meal. This deterred future crewmates and partners from making quips about him and Grivooga.[1] Sazz was present at the Byss Bistro in 10 ABY after Emperor Palpatine's resurrection in a clone body,[2] and, later, shortly before the New Republic attack on the Emperor's Citadel on Byss.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Jak Sazz often ate his food live.

Jak Sazz was well-known for his unhygienic lifestyle. He was never known to bathe and preferred consuming only live food. He was the subject of many jokes among his colleagues, though he had no sense of humor himself, and some argued that his continued existence was proof that entropy was winning in the universe.[1]

Despite this, many still respected Sazz's abilities. Sazz's close relationship with Grivooga was well-known, and many people made bets that he even carried the hydrospanner into the turboshower with him, though since there was never any evidence that Sazz had ever used a turboshower, many of these bets remained uncollected.[1]

Aside from being able to carry out almost any type of job, Sazz's other talents included cooking, astrogation, starship repair, and archaic starship piloting.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jak Sazz first appeared as a background character in the fifth issue of the 19911992 comic book series Star Wars: Dark Empire, written by Tom Veitch and illustrated by Cam Kennedy. He was given a name and full background in the 1993 Dark Empire Sourcebook by Michael Allen Horne. Sazz returned in 1995 in the fourth issue of the sequel series to Dark Empire, Star Wars: Dark Empire II. He was also given entries in several encyclopedias, including: the second edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, the Star Wars Encyclopedia, and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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