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Jake Lloyd (born on March 5, 1989) played nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace defeating Taylor Wells in the casting for the character, and provided the voice for Anakin in a number of Star Wars video games.


Jake Lloyd, during filming of The Phantom Menace

Jake Lloyd's role as the young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menance brought him fame, however, he was negatively affected by the stressful criticism of his performance in the film. Lloyd also resented the publicity that his role brought him including relentless bullying at school and being interviewed sixty times a day. Lloyd's resentment towards George Lucas led him to quit acting in 2001 and to destroy all his Star Wars memorabilia. Lloyd reprised his role as the young Anakin in five video games.[2][3]


Star Wars[]

Jake Lloyd portrayed Anakin Skywalker in the following productions:

Title Year
Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace video game April 30, 1999
Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace May 19, 1999
Star Wars Episode I: Racer May 19, 1999
Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles April 2000
Star Wars: Early Learning Activity Center August 15, 2000
Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing April 23, 2001
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds November 13, 2001
Star Wars: Racer Revenge February 13, 2002
LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game April 5, 2005


Title Year Role Notes
Unhook the Stars 1995 J.J. First Film
Jingle All the Way 1996 Jamie Langston
Madison 2001 Mike McCormick Last Film


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