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Jake Lunt Davies was a creature concept designer on Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker. For The Force Awakens he designed the Luggabeast, BB-8, Bobbajo, PZ-4CO, the Abednedo including Ello Asty and "Crusher" Roodown, the Happabore, the Rathtars, Constable Zuvio, Grumm, the Steelpecker bird, B-U4D and Rey's speeder. For Rogue One he designed Pao, the A-LT Utility Droid and the SE-2 worker droid. For The Last Jedi he designed the Porgs, the Caretakers, the Thala-siren, BB-9E, Slowen Lo and Dobbu Scay. On Solo he designed Margo, Luleo Primoc, PA-LT4, WG-22, Fugas Fandita, Karjj, Dava Cassamam, Auromae Iselo, Saucer Head and Quay Tolsite. For The Rise of Skywalker he designed D-O, the Aki-Aki, The Eye of Webbish Bog and the Orbak.


On November 15, 2018, Lunt Davies revealed on his Instagram account that his contract for Episode IX had finished marking five years of work on five Star Wars movies.[1] In Episode IX, he made a cameo as a Snivvian, a species that first appeared during the cantina sequence of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[2]


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  1. InstagramIcon.png Jake Lunt Davies (@jakeluntdavies) on Instagram: Jake's Departure from the SW Universe (November 15, 2018). "So this week my contract ended on Star Wars EpIX….which kind of means after 5 years and 5 movies, I've finally finished on Star Wars. As a kid this was my childhood ambition and I still can't believe that I've now actually had this opportunity to be part of and contribute to the legacy of the Star Wars galaxy. Above are a few of the things I designed for TFA, Rogue 1, TLJ and Solo. However as much as I and my concept colleagues @lukedfisher @martin_rezard and Ivan Manzella get to dream up all these characters and ideas, none of it would happen or become reality without the brilliant team we work with under Neal Scanlan's leadership - the sculptors; the mould makers, foam shop and seamers; the fabrication team; the model makers; the mechies, animatronic designers and electronics guys; the hair team; the painters and make-up artists; and the performers that finally bring these creatures to life. Thank you Neal for asking me to be part of the team. Beyond the CFX department I'd also thank Costume Designers Michael Kaplan, @glyn_dillon and Dave Crossman plus the CG artists at @ilmvfx for adding their magic to our work. And thanks to JJ, @riancjohnson, Gareth Edwards, @realronhoward, Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Kathleen Kennedy for going with my designs for your movies. #starwars #theforceawakens #tfa #episodevii #rogueone #thelastjedi #episodeviii #tlj #solo #soloastarwarsstory #episodeix #bb8 #porg #porgs #reysspeeder #luggabeast #conceptdesign #creaturedesign #creaturefx #animatronic #ilmvfx #ambitionfulfilled" (backup link)
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