"I feel a presence in the Force, as if something very old has awakened. Gollin, [sic] you will take a shuttle to this planet. There, you will find whatever is the source of this disturbance and you will bring it to me."
"At once, my lord."
―Emperor Palpatine and Jallar Golin[1]

Jallar Golin was a Human male Emperor's Hand who served Emperor Palpatine during the Galactic Civil War. Born in the turbulent Outer Rim Territories, Golin eventually joined the Imperial Army on Coruscant, where he caught the attention of the Emperor. Palpatine taught Golin how to control his hatred through the dark side of the Force and molded him into one of his Hands. Persistent in his goals and calculating in his methods, Golin made an effective operative for the Emperor. Palpatine later sent Golin on a mission to investigate a disturbance in the Force on the planet Yorgraxx. Once there, Golin surveyed the immediate area and tracked the disturbance to a Sith fortress, where he confronted a mixed group of Rebel Alliance and Imperial personnel.


Jallar Golin was a Force-sensitive Human male born in the Outer Rim Territories. Golin spent the early years of his life surviving as well as he could in the fringes of civilization. He eventually made his way to Coruscant, where he caught the attention of Emperor Palpatine. Golin spent some time in the Imperial Army before finally being trained by Palpatine in the dark side of the Force as one of his Emperor's Hands—an elite group of Dark Jedi operatives answerable only to the Emperor.[1]

At some point shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Palpatine felt a disturbance in the Force caused by the awakening of the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Quorlac Fornayh on the planet Yorgraxx. Palpatine immediately summoned Golin to his personal chambers at the Imperial Palace and instructed him to investigate the source of the disturbance and retrieve it. Golin traveled to Yorgraxx in a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle and landed in a small valley twenty-five kilometers from the source of the disturbance, an ancient Sith fortress. He exited his ship and surveyed his immediate surroundings before returning to the shuttle's cockpit. Once there, he consulted a map display and a sensor readout, and filled in details of the surrounding area. Using this, he was able to determine where the disturbance originated and the best way to reach it. Golin retrieved a modified 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bike from his shuttle's cargo hold and departed eastward for the Sith base.[1]

As Golin approached the entrance to the base, he encountered a joint group of Rebel Alliance and Imperial personnel exiting the fortress. Believing the Imperials had captured the Rebels and were in command, he ordered one of them, Lieutenant Arran Flekk, to provide a situation report.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Report, Lieutenant."
―Jallar Golin, to Arran Flekk[1]

As a result of his upbringing, Jallar Golin harbored a great deal of hatred for most people. Emperor Palpatine encouraged this hatred, for while it made Golin slightly reckless, it also strengthened his ties to the dark side. He served Palpatine out of both devotion and fear, and shared a slight connection with his master through the Force. As an Emperor's Hand, Golin typically dressed in all black> and was ruthless, arrogant, and capable. He was persistent in any task he was given and had an unbroken record of successes. He was surgical in his methods and believed that broad application of force was ineffective in most situations. Golin was a very paranoid individual and was suspicious of most people; he had a tendency to verify every piece of information given to him before stating it as fact and was unlikely to fall for any fabrication if he had reason to suspect the individual supplying him with information. Golin was very painstaking in his work, and to others he appeared menacing and exuded an air of authority.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Jallar Golin was trained by Palpatine to channel his hatred through the dark side of the Force. He was adept at many Force abilities in the realms of Control and Alter, including affect mind, Force strike, Force healing, and telekinesis. He was especially proficient in the Hatred ability,[1] which allowed him to radiate hatred from his body in palpable waves against anyone close to him.[2] Golin also had extensive knowledge of astrogation and was trained in the use of blaster pistols and blaster rifles.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"It is more powerful than I thought, and therefore it must be dealt with somehow. Vader, the Rebels can wait. I have need of you for another task …"
―Emperor Palpatine[1]

Jallar Golin was created for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure Shadows in the Force, written by Robert Wiese and released in 2004. In the adventure, the players take on the roles of a mixed group of Rebels and Imperials stranded on Yorgraxx, and Golin's ultimate fate is determined entirely by their confrontation with him. The players must either talk or fight with him to resolve their situation, or simply flee. If they choose or are forced to fight him, Golin will attempt to distance himself from the players using his speeder bike and then proceed to use his blasters in conjunction with his Force powers against the players. If any of the players get close to him or he finds himself losing the battle, Golin uses his Hatred ability. If the situation becomes even more dire for him, he retreats and surreptitiously follows the players, striking only when their guard is down. If Golin is killed, Palpatine senses his death through the Force and sends Darth Vader to continue the investigation on Yorgraxx in his place.[1]


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