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James Hong is an American actor, voice actor, and director who voiced Endente in two unreleased episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[1] He returned to voice Azmorigan in Star Wars Rebels.

Hong has voiced characters in many films, animated series, and video games. He can be heard in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, a game published by LucasArts in 2005.

Hong is also known for his appearances in cult films like Blade Runner and Big Trouble In Little China.


Year Title Series Contribution(s) Notes
2014 "In Search of the Crystal" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Endente[source?] Story reel[2]
2014 "Crystal Crisis" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Endente[source?] Story reel[3]
2015 "Idiot's Array" Star Wars Rebels Azmorigan[4]
2015 "Brothers of the Broken Horn" Star Wars Rebels Azmorigan[5]
2016 "The Wynkahthu Job" Star Wars Rebels Azmorigan[6]
2021 "The Elder" Star Wars: Visions The Elder English voice only[7]


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