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A jammer was a device used to scramble communications. Existing in various forms and size, it could be used on its own[1] or installed on a spacecrafts, like on the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, and RZ-1 A-wing interceptors, or even on speeder bikes, like the 74-Z speeder bikes. It could range from a small area, like a town,[1] to a whole planet. The Trade Federation used a jamming device to effectively stop communication on Naboo.[2] Jamming devices however, had the habit of cutting off all major and minor communications inside the ship on which the jammers was installed, as well as jamming the enemy, making them very reliant on other ships. Essentially, it also jammed comlinks inside of ships and could jam scanners. The only mean to counter its effect was to disable the device.[1]

Types of jammers[]



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