Jamson Caglio was the male Human who served as Moff of the Bormea sector during the Galactic Civil War. While not on the planet Coruscant, Caglio resided in Corulag's capital of Curamelle.

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Caglio rose to his high post, despite his mild manner and Old Republic sensibilities, by being useful to the Emperor, while not displaying dangerous ambitions. He was an early supporter of Palpatine, and spent most of his time on Coruscant advising him, leaving day-to-day operations of sector government to Governor Zafiel Snopps of Corulag.

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Caglio supported Gerald Weizel's appointment as Governor of Chandrila. This was a significant victory for Weizel's patron, Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus, as Caglio had been a longtime supporter of one of Tigellinus's opponents, Grand Moff Traeda.

He was the father of Vastin Caglio.

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