Jamson Freller was a Human male from the planet Esseles, and leader of the Esselian New Order Party. He continually opposed Esselian Hall President Cambira Ralle.


On 36:2:8 GrS, Freller held a press conference in Alabar asking Ralle to voluntarily retire. The conference was covered by Deena Mipps, reporter for Darpa SectorNet.[1]

As the Core Worlds suffered a recession during the rawmat shortage of 1–2 ABY, Freller capitalized on Esseles' flagging economy. In statements such as those he made in an interview with Damatal Holonews, he targeted Ralle's policy of allowing non-Humans to be employed in strategic manufacturing jobs on the world. This attack made substantial inroads against the Forad Party's coalition government with the Cardean Party, as well as against Forad itself.[2]

In the Esselian Hall election held during the New Year Fete Week of 2 ABY, Forad lost its holding of the majority of the Esselian Hall for the first time in two decades, with Freller's party making significant gains. Freller jubilantly celebrated the gains at a gathering held at the Nurumbal Shrine, and later called for a new Presidential election.[2]

Within a month, terrorist attacks by the anti-Imperial group known as the Faceless at Grande Hyet and Tralee had further stirred up the political situation on Esseles, leading to a strike by the the Guild of Offworlder Skilled Laborers and an exodus of aliens from the world. Following the Faceless attacks, Freller made a statement outwardly supporting President Ralle, though it also cast doubt on Ralle's motivations so close to the Presidential election.[3]


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