Jander Graffe was the Imperial Moff of Darpa sector.


Jander Graffe was a male Moff who served the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.[1] Prior to 0 BBY,[2] Graffe was assigned to control a sector in the Outer Rim Territories where he established a reputation for imposing the Emperor's will with an iron fist and direct applications of fear and aggression.[1] Around 0 BBY, Graffe was personally assigned to control the Darpa sector in the Core, which was one of the sectors comprising the Ringali Shell, by Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor was concerned that several planets in the sector—Ralltiir in particular—were showing signs of Rebel sympathies, and knew that Graffe was capable of handling any problems that arose.[1] Graffe immediately ordered an Imperial force to invade and blockade Ralltiir to cleanse the world of Rebels. The leader of the occupation, Lord Tion, turned the planet over to Governor Dennix Graeber, a protégé of Graffe's who has been transferred to Ralltiir at the Moff's request.[3] Graffe and Graeber shared a desire to oppress their populations and enforce harsh laws. Unlike Graffe, who was bound by the needs to keep his sector running smoothly, Graeber was able to apply force to the Ralltiiri population.[1]

Based on Esseles, Moff Graffe lived in the official Moff's residence,[3] Esprix Estate.[4] Graffe's new position in a Core World sector forced the Moff to moderate his approach. He clashed with several local governors about his methods, but they dared not confront him directly.[1] In 0 ABY, Graffe was busy replacing the bureaucracy on Esseles established by Senator Gabrial Atanna due to the dissolution of the Imperial Senate.[2] Members of the Esselian New Order Party worked closely with the offices of Moff Graffe and Governor Griff Takel to coordinate pro-Imperial events on Esseles. During his tenure, Graffe attempted to persuade Governor Phadreas Kole of Rhinnal to bring his world more into the Empire, but did not make much headway.[1] Since the Governor's inactivity did nothing to threaten the Empire, he was left alone.[3]

In 1 ABY, Rebel forces on Esseles shut down the Calamar Power Plant in Calamar, which threw the city into chaos. Moff Graffe urged Governor Takel to investigate the matter immediately.[5]

During the Galactic Civil War, Emperor Palpatine issued secret orders to his Core World Moffs. To raise taxes in their sectors, Moffs were ordered to instigate alien-led "riots", which could then be used as the justification for a new security tax. Graffe convened a meeting of government officials and pro-Imperial supporters to plan the acts on Esseles.[4]

Local NewsNet reporter and Alliance spy Deena Mipps learned of the meeting, and led a group of Rebel agents to secretly record the conference. After bypassing security and the Moff's two Chiba DR-10 protocol droids, they recorded the discussion about harming alien residents on Esseles, and later broadcast the holovid to embarrass the Moff.[4]

With support for the Rebellion growing, Graffe intended to commit a series of atrocities, and blame them on the Alliance. He contacted Garthus Hal, an Outer Rim criminal that Graffe had met earlier in his career on a backwater posting. Hal's targets included bombing a monorail station and blaming it on an alien power, destroying a concert hall in the name of Alderaan, and killing several popular Podracers at the Togatto Speedway. The citizenry called for protection, and the Alliance was forced to send a team after the bombers to stop them from doing any more damage.[4]

Graffe protected the bombers, making it hard for the Alliance team to find them. However, they switched their attention from the bombers to the Moff himself, following Graffe to a meeting with Hal in New Calamar. The Alliance team then neutralized the threat once the bombers had been located and identified.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Jander Graffe was totally loyal to the Empire, and was eager to employ its edicts and decrees against the populations he was assigned to rule.[3] Although allowed a freer hand in the Outer Rim,[1] he had to rein himself in to keep the Darpa sector under control by using more political methods.[3] Graffe was considered to be a dark and twisted individual.[3]

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In Galaxywide NewsNets in Star Wars Adventure Journal 3, his name is spelled "Jander Graff".



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