"What do you have? Something worth trading five million credits for?"
"Yes. By the Cold, I do. Something worth five million credits easy. Maybe more. Something priceless, Fett—"
"Rang. Maxa Jandovar. Janet Lalasha."
―Boba Fett and Kardue'sai'Malloc[3]

A female musician, Janet Lalasha was a Dorenian Beshniquel player who lived during the time of the Galactic Empire. Deemed to be a suspicious individual by the regime, Lalasha was subsequently persecuted and executed, and her music was suppressed by the Imperial authorities. However, when the New Republic rose to power years after Lalasha's death, a chance came for the musician's work to be heard once again.


Janet Lalasha was a female musician who was renowned as an excellent player of the Dorenian Beshniquel—better known as the Fizzz—a single reed wind instrument commonly used in jizz.[4][5] Lalasha lived during the time of the Galactic Empire,[2] an authoritarian government that rose to power in 19 BBY.[6] The Empire was a censorial regime and began systematically hunting down, imprisoning, and executing many musicians and confiscating their music.[5][3] Lalasha was targeted in one such purge[2] by 0 BBY[1] as a "questionable" individual, and the musician was subsequently executed.[2] Following Lalasha's death, the Empire also purged records of her music.[3]

Despite the Empire's success in suppressing Lalasha's music, recordings of her work eventually came into the possession of the fugitive Devaronian war criminal Kardue'sai'Malloc, who admired Lalasha as a nigh-unparalleled Fizzz player.[5] Once Malloc was finally caught by the bounty hunter Boba Fett[3] in 19 ABY,[7] the Devaronian made his captor promise to sell his music collection—including the works of Lalasha—to a contact, in the hope that it could be redistributed across the galaxy.

Personality and traits[]

The works of Janet Lalasha—who was a skillful Dorenian Beshniquel player—were deemed to be a threat to the authoritarian regime of the Galactic Empire.[5][3]

Behind the scenes[]

Janet Lalasha was first mentioned in the short story Empire Blues: The Devaronian's Tale, authored by Daniel Keys Moran and appearing in the 1995 Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina anthology book. Moran later made reference to Lalasha once again in The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett, from the 1996 anthology book Tales of the Bounty Hunters.



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