Jango Fett's code was a series of simple guidelines that the bounty hunter Jango Fett developed for himself during his long years as an agent-for-hire. He was committed to raising his son, Boba, in the tradition of his code and frequently drilled his credo into the young boy's head as he was growing up. Jango recorded portions of his code into a holobook and left it to his son as part of his legacy. Boba Fett, who had always worshiped his father, diligently committed the code to memory.

Precepts of Jango's Bounty Hunter code[edit | edit source]

  • Trust no one, but use everyone.
  • A bounty hunter must always be ready to go anywhere and face any danger.
  • No friends, no enemies. Only allies and adversaries.
  • Always be polite to a client.
  • A bounty hunter never complains.
  • The bounty hunter is free of attachments.
  • Life feeds on death.
  • Vary your routine. Patterns are traps.
  • Never call attention to yourself.
  • Say no more than necessary.
  • Always be polite. Especially to your enemies.
  • He who hires my hand, hires my whole self.
  • Do that which you fear most, and you will find the courage you seek.
  • Imagination is a warrior's most important weapon.
  • A bounty hunter never gets distracted by the big picture. He knows it's the little things that count.
  • Never tell the whole truth in a trade.
  • A favor is an investment.
  • Money is power.
  • Watch out for things that go too well.
  • If you must die, do so with valor.

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