Janine Johnston.

"In 1993 I lucked into the first "Tales of the Jedi" story from Dark Horse Comics, stepping through the door into the world of publishing."
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Janine Johnston is a Canadian artist who has worked on various different genres of comics and roleplaying games. Johnston is known among the Star Wars community for her artwork which appeared in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi.


Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia Janine Johnston starting selling her artwork at the age of fifteen. As she grew older, Johnston began doing freelance contract work for a large number of things, such as television props, compact disc covers, logos, and tattoos designs.

In 1993 she worked in conjunction with author Tom Veitch, and penciled the first issue of The Saga of Nomi Sunrider, which is the second story arc of the Tales of the Jedi line of comics. Aside from her work on Star Wars, Johnston has provided artwork for the comic series Elfquest, as well as a series of comics by author Drew Hayes. Johnston has also done work for Magic the Gathering, Everway & Spherewalker, Warhammer, Legend of the Five Rings, among various others.

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