Senator Jannie Ha'Nook was a Human female who represented the planet Glithnos in the Senate of the Galactic Republic.


"What possible difference could it mean to me if the relief expedition fails and the Separatists defeat the Republic? If I can't be an ambassador, I can be an ally."
―Senator Jannie Ha'Nook planned to be on the winning side of the Clone Wars[1]

Known for seeing everything in terms of how it might affect her, Ha'Nook was a ranking member of the Security and Intelligence Council. Despite her independent bent, she voted in favor of the Emergency Powers Act near the end of the Separatist Crisis. Before the Clone Wars begun, she became one of Palpatine's advisors in the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.

In 22 BBY, the Supreme Chancellor summoned Ha'Nook, Senator Shayla Paige-Tarkin, Mas Amedda, Sly Moore, Armand Isard, and Sate Pestage to a meeting in his apartment to discuss sending a relief expedition to Praesitlyn after the Separatist attacked the world. While Ha'Nook was skeptical of the intelligence supplied to them by the pirate Zozridor Slayke, she was also deeply unnerved by the idea of diverting so many resources to the world without a full vote of the Senate. Because of her resistance, Palpatine ended the meeting to allow all parties to sleep on the thought before delivering a decision.[1]

An hour after the meeting, Ha'Nook received a call from a cloaked Sly Moore, who disguised herself using a holoshroud. Moore, in the guise of Darth Sidious, made an offer to Ha'Nook to install her in the position of ambassador plenipotentiary to the Sluis sector if she agreed to vote in favor of Palpatine's planned assistance at Praesitlyn. Ha'Nook was influenced by Moore's bribery and Force persuasion, and agreed to support the Chancellor without calling a vote in the Senate.[1]

In 19 BBY, the final year of the war, Senator Ha'Nook, along with Janus Greejatus, Sly Moore, Sate Pestage, Sim Aloo, Armand Isard, and Vice Chair Mas Amedda, attended a meeting in the Holding Office in the Senate Building. As the overlong meeting ended, they passed by the members of the Loyalist Committee as they waited to petition the Chancellor for the end of the Enhanced Security and Enforcement Act.[2] After the Battle of Belderone, Ha'Nook met with the Chancellor's advisors and the Jedi High Council to discuss capturing Count Dooku at Tythe. Ha'Nook, with Sly Moore at her shoulder, again voiced her displeasure at diverting any more troops from the Core, but was overridden by the Chancellor's support for the Jedi Taskforce.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

In Star Wars Annual 2009, her name is misspelled as "Senator Ha'Nouk".[4]



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